21 Days of Fasting (Day 4) – From Lamentation to Revelation

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I finished reading the book of Jeremiah and Lamentations, and today started the book of Ezekiel. Honestly, I always felt the book of Jeremiah was a long, very long and heartbreaking book. The good news is we do not need to be stuck in lamentation. The Lord wants us out of lament moving to a revelation of Who He is and who we are in Him. 

In the first chapter of Ezekiel, we discover that Ezekiel was captive, far away from his family and friends. Because of that, he probably felt lonely, isolated, uncertain about his future. I think he had an encounter with the Lord during the isolation, wanting to see God and experience God’s glory. God always answers our prayers, especially if we first seek His kingdom. I believe Ezekiel did just that. He sought the kingdom of God. 

Child - Choice of Direction

So many times we can find ourselves in a place of isolation and uncertainty. Maybe you see your life moving in the opposite direction. You wanted it to turn right, but unexpectedly it turned left. For Ezekiel, it was the same. His life was turned upside down. Maybe in his early years, he planned and thought everything would be all right. Then in his twenties, there was a huge life storm experience which changed the direction and brought him to a land of strangers. Ezekiel is a good example of what to do during uncertain and isolated times – seek the Lord above all else. 

He came to the end of himself. He evaluated Who was the most important in life, and the Lord rewarded him. The heavens were opened to Ezekiel, and in a vision, he saw the reality of Heaven and God. What was hidden was revealed to him by His Heavenly Father. 

Yes, life can bring storms, but those storms should not rule your life. If you focus on earthly things you will always be frustrated. You need to feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm, fill your thoughts with heavenly realities, set your mind on things above, not on the natural realm.

Our problem is that we give so much attention to what is happening around us. We are frustrated, trying to find the solution, the plan, the escape path.

Today, there is a choice. Do you want your life to be ordinary? Or do you want to have an extraordinary life in Christ? What are you settled for? Do you want the next year to be the same? Do you want to see yourself through the eyes of the natural realm? Or… Are you willing to pursue God’s Kingdom and see things from a heavenly perspective not earthly?

There is so much more out there. The Lord wants to reveal Himself to you. You also can see creatures, wheels, hosts, elders, a cloud of witnesses, wisdom, God… If Ezekiel experienced it, how much more we, in Christ, should experience it? 

I hope your choice is a heavenly realm. You do not need to die to see the Heaven, you can see it now, you can see it today. Just focus your thoughts, your mind on the above and ask the Lord to show you His mysteries, the unseen. Ask Him to open heaven. May the eyes of your heart be opened and enlightened as you seek God and His Kingdom.

If this word has spoken to you and encouraged you, please leave your message in the comments below. I would love to hear what the Lord is saying to you about your future and 2020. Stay blessed!

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2 thoughts on “21 Days of Fasting (Day 4) – From Lamentation to Revelation”

  1. Your words are always encouraging and uplifting! This one was very timely for me personally. Even when I was a young child I asked God to see angels and see heaven on earth. I do not want my life to be ordinary, and have always felt He has more for me, but I do feel stuck. I will read Ezekiel too. Have a Peaceful and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Heidi, I would encourage you to read Ezekiel and Revelation when John saw the vision too. The Lord wants us to see. If you pursue this, you will see, hear and understand the things of God. Who is hungry will be satisfied – the promise from our Father. Have a blessed Christmas and the greatest new year! We are born for such a time as this! Blessings, Haly


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