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Greetings, everyone, and welcome to the Haly Ministries website.

The Meaning Behind Haly

You might be wondering about the significance of the name “Haly.” Well, let me unravel its profound meaning. According to Wiktionary, “Haly” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this ministry. It signifies “holy, bringing health; healthy, whole; consecrated, saintly, godly, ecclesiastical.” Additionally, it is my shortened name.

My Unique Journey: A Humble Beginning

Let me tell you about my life journey that started in Ukraine, Crimea. Unlike many, I was raised in a dysfunctional family. And the odds of achieving success were not in my favour; this belief was my own, not God’s.

I say this because, from a young age, my family faced numerous challenges and hardships that could have derailed my life. Finances were always tight, and our home life was chaotic and unstable.

‣ World Without God

I was not raised in a Christian family. My parents never discussed God, my school never mentioned Him, and society never spoke of Him. 

On the contrary, we were taught that God did not exist. We followed our own religious beliefs and lived a superstitious lifestyle, with God seeming distant from our hearts.

The society and culture I grew up in, under Communism’s shadow, were spiritually bankrupt. God was mocked as a fairy tale, and those with faith were scorned. Everything reinforced the idea that I was worthless and my life would remain in a rut.

In every aspect – family, school, social, cultural – the odds seemed stacked against me. By worldly standards, the probability of me overcoming my circumstances to find purpose and success was extremely, extremely low. But inside I was a relentless fighter! I battled for a life filled with more than just getting by.

‣ My Grandmother’s Influence

The first person who introduced me to God was my grandmother. While her knowledge was limited, she often shared compelling healing testimonies of people who had experienced miraculous recoveries through prayer. 

She urged me not to believe my school’s claims of God’s nonexistence but to trust in the stories that clearly demonstrated God’s reality and His ability to heal any ailment. These healing accounts served as tangible proof of God’s existence. I still remember some of those stories, reminding us all of the immense power our testimonies hold and how they can change someone’s life.

‣ A Stirring in My Heart

From that point on, my child’s heart was stirred. I yearned to learn more about the Lord and witness people being healed through prayer. I earnestly asked God to reveal Himself to me. 

In our culture, some families adorned their homes with numerous icons, each representing a different deity. One day, I still remember vividly, I was standing in my grandmom’s yard, baffled and confused. I cried out to the heavens: “Which icon truly represents You, God? Who are You? Why do You appear so differently in each one?”

‣ Seeking Answers

Unfortunately, these questions weren’t answered overnight, much as I wished they were. However, the day eventually arrived when Orthodox churches opened their doors to the masses in 1980s – a miracle in itself. 

Meanwhile, Protestant churches remained underground. I was so hungry for the Truth that I decided to search for God in an Orthodox church but left disheartened. I couldn’t comprehend why there was a long line to worship an icon of Mary while the figure of the dying Saint on the Cross received only very few visitors. 

So, I chose to go against the crowd. Whenever I visited the church, I poured my heart out to that Saint, sharing my life’s highs and lows. I may not have understood the full Redemption story, but I sensed something unique about Him.

Then, a significant moment occurred when a movie called “The Jesus Film” was shown in cinemas. It was the first Christian movie about God made accessible to the public. My friend and I eagerly rushed to watch it. At the film’s conclusion, there was a prayer inviting us to give our hearts to Christ, and I wholeheartedly welcomed this moment. It was only Christ who had preserved my life up to that day. 

As I watched that movie, a profound realisation washed over me. I finally grasped the identity of the Saint on the Cross and the presence I had felt while visiting the Orthodox church. It was none other than Jesus Himself, who loved me unconditionally and had paved the way for my salvation! 🙌🌟👏

Interestingly, all my first encounters with God took place in Russia, as strange as it may sound. In Ukraine, my journey with God continued.

A Divine Revelation

Three years later, the Protestant Church was allowed to exist again, and numerous new churches sprang up. Witnessing this answered prayer brought immeasurable joy. At last, I held my first Holy Book – the Bible – in my hands! You would see my face. I was rushing home with a smile on my face. And since then my life completely changed!

‣ Desire to Serve and Witness Miracles

Because of my grandmother’s healing stories, I always wanted to serve God and witness prayer miracles. God fulfils our desires, and I’m deeply thankful to Him for opening doors to the United Kingdom 🇬🇧, providing opportunities, and leading me to a renowned ministry where I learned more about healing through prayer and saw incredible results. 

I met people from around the world and visited many places, something I could never have imagined growing up in a challenging family. Without Jesus, thriving or even surviving would have seemed impossible from a human perspective, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Haly Prophetic Worship Evening

Despite my dysfunctional upbringing, God lifted me out of obscurity into a life of purpose and destiny beyond anything I could have imagined. With Him, truly nothing is impossible. He delights in taking the least qualified and using them for His glory.

Though my beginnings seemed unpromising by human standards, God saw my potential. When I surrendered my life to Him, He overturned every obstacle and objection until His will was accomplished.

I share my story to testify that your past does not have to predict your future. God has great plans ready to unfold. Trust Him completely and watch as He transforms your life into something extraordinary!

By the way, I am still residing in England. God knew all the struggles concerning Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Crimea in advance. In His providence, He directed my steps away from the strife ahead of time 🙏.

Discovering God’s Hidden Gems in Scripture

Looking back, my life has been so fulfilling. I have zero regrets. God blessed me with amazing mentors – remarkable Bible teachers and prophets – who saw my potential. They recognized the prophetic gifts God had put in me and pushed me to step into that calling.

Their encouragement was like a key that unlocked something powerful within me. It set me on a path to release God’s truths to transform the nations. Those mentors helped uncover hidden treasures within Scripture that I never would have found on my own.

‣ Exploring the Depths of Scripture

Have you ever wondered what hidden gems are tucked away in the ancient words of Scripture? I sure did! My curiosity went into overdrive when a teacher first showed us how to explore the depths of the Bible.

He took familiar verses and illuminated new layers of meaning. It was like discovering a secret treasure! Just by looking at the original Hebrew words and their nuances, these passages came alive with fresh revelation.

I was blown away! Who knew there were such profound mysteries concealed beneath the surface? It was like peering into a deep well – the deeper you look, the more treasures you uncover.

From then on, I was hooked on going deeper with Scripture using Hebrew word studies and context. I began unearthing all kinds of spiritual gems. It was like striking gold – God’s timeless Word contained such riches! I wanted to share these profound insights with everyone.

The same verses I’ve read a hundred times are now bursting with new wisdom. When you take time to slow down and ponder each phrase, it’s amazing what the Spirit can reveal. I’m still mining the depths of Scripture, and the treasures never run out. There’s always more to explore!

‣ A Passion for Prophetic Insights

As I continue to grow and learn daily, this journey has kindled my passion for sharing hidden insights from a prophetic perspective, breathing new life into the Bible’s pages. Gifted with prophetic insight, I am eager to unveil the profound truths and wisdom hidden within the original Hebrew text. When we dig deeper into God’s Word, we unearth incredible treasures that make the Scriptures come alive.

Together, We Are Stronger

‣ Global Mission

Driven by the sight of countless individuals seeking answers, enduring struggles, and facing pain, I made a bold decision to establish a worldwide ministry. 

I firmly believe that Haly Ministries is God’s idea. Initially, I hesitated, thinking it was solely my endeavour. However, God persisted. He surrounded me with prophetic individuals who encouraged me to take the first step.

‣ Supportive Community

If you ever feel lonely, confined, broken-hearted, or unwell, remember that we are here to support one another, to succeed together, to uplift, pray for, encourage, and edify one another. This site is a platform for love, just as Jesus loved us – not a place for division.

‣ Building a Tribe of Overcomers

Let’s connect and form a community of overcomers! We conquer because Jesus has already overcome the world. We are stronger when we stand together in one spirit and one mind. In unity, no sickness, disease, infirmity, depression, anxiety, or fear can prevail.

Jesus declared, “For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20, KJV)

‣ Reach Out to Us

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Additionally, consider subscribing to our Weekly Prophetic Word newsletter for regular updates and insights.

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Together we are stronger! 💪
Haly 🌻❤️

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  1. Hello Haly,
    What a wonderful, inspiring and truly amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It gives me hope that God will completely heal and deliver me too, and use me for his glory. I found your site today because I wanted to know what 5784 meant. I was so blessed by your post explaining this. May God continue to bless your ministry and use you for His glory!

    • Shalom Carol,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I’m so glad my testimony could give you hope – our God is a God of miracles and healing! 🙌🏼 He wants to use you powerfully for His glory too. I’m honoured I could help explain the meaning of 5784. 🙏🏻✝️🤗

      Lord, Renew Carol’s strength when she feels weary. Draw her close to You in the midst of trials. Anchor her hope in Your goodness and love. Lead her through every difficulty into greater intimacy with You. Thank You for sustaining her with Your presence, power and everlasting love. Amen. 🙏🏼


  2. Dear family
    plz pray for our minister
    he would continue strong in Word of God
    he would have wisdom in all he do
    his health strong and indefatiguable stamina
    Gods provision and blessing for Oleg his family and our church
    protection for Oleg from every direction
    Gods direction and guidance for Oleg his family and ministry
    thank you


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