You shall Lack Nothing: Psalm 23

You shall lack nothing is a beautiful and encouraging promise for us. It stirs our hearts in the right direction and causes us to leap joyfully.  So we say Amen when we read it or clap …

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Be Satisfied with What you Have NOW! – Haly’s Life Story

Be satisfied with what you have NOW, my friends! Great things are coming! God is transitioning us! That’s good news! But there is always a but. And that “but” is waiting. Waiting is the hardest thing …

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Is One Penny Worth Anything? – Haly’s Life Story

So, is one penny worth anything?  In the past, when I saw coins on the road, I just passed by.  Those were just coins, not too significant, worthless… Until… Teaching That Helped Me to Value …

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The Promise of God’s Presence: The Lord’s my Shepherd Psalm 23:1

Proverbs 3:6 says that we should acknowledge God in all our ways. He is not just somewhere outside and only comes when we ask Him. If God lives in us and we are in Him, …

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Psalm 23 – 7 Benefits and Why it is Important in This Season

The Bible is full of amazing promises. Every verse or chapter helps to shape our lives in one way or another. But if we are to be completely honest, there are those books, verses, or …

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