Rise and Prophesy: Transforming Dry Bones into Life

People of God, the Spirit of the Lord is upon us today! For too long, many of us have felt like dry bones – lifeless, disconnected, and without hope. But take heart! The Lord is calling His people to rise and prophecy, to declare His transforming power over the dry and weary places in our lives and world.

Just as Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones in the valley and God breathed new life into His people, the Spirit is inviting us to partner with Him and speak forth resurrection power. Where we see dry bones of despair, let us prophesy hope! Where there are dry bones of division, let us prophesy unity! Wherever the Enemy has sought to scatter and destroy, the Lord is commanding His prophetic people – you and me – to prophesy life and restoration.

The Lord is calling us to awaken, align, and declare that dry bones will live again! Let us answer the call. Let us prophesy life over every dead and dormant place. Let us rise with holy boldness and partner with the Lord of Resurrection power. Surely, He will breathe again!

1. Arise and Speak Resurrection

God is calling you to arise and speak resurrection over the dry and dormant places.

This is your Ezekiel 37 moment. Don’t focus on natural circumstances. Partner with the Lord and declare, “Dry bones, come alive!”

Where there is despair, prophesy hope! Where there is sickness, prophesy healing! Where there is division, prophesy reconciliation!

It’s time for God’s army to arise. Through your bold prophetic decrees, dry bones will live again! Resurrection power is being released.

So arise, mighty warrior! Allow Christ’s power to flow through you. Proclaim “Awake!” to the dry bones. Partner with the Lord of Heaven’s Armies to bring breakthrough.

Together, we will see God’s glory cover the earth. Arise now and speak life! The time is now!

2. Rise and Shine in God’s Glory

The glory of the Lord is rising upon you! Gone are the days of hiding in darkness and shade.

Your season of obscurity is over. The King of Glory is calling you out of the shadows and into His marvellous light. It’s time to rise with wings like eagles and soar in the strength of your God.

A breaker anointing is coming upon you to demolish every hindrance and limitation. The stone has been rolled away. Nothing can keep you bound any longer.

Shine forth in the splendour of Christ within you! Radiate the beauty, power and majesty of your God. Let His light permeate you through and through, igniting a fire in your soul.

It’s time to shake off the old, put on the new, and emerge from the cocoon transformed and free. The whole earth is waiting in eager expectation for the rising and shining of God’s holy ones.

Arise, child of the Most High! Take your place among the luminaries of Heaven. Let His glory rest upon you. Shine brightly for all to see. Your light has come!

3. Create an Atmosphere for Accomplishment

It’s time to create an atmosphere for accomplishment. The Spirit is releasing a strategic anointing to transform environments and make room for breakthroughs.

Begin to declare that the atmosphere around you is shifting. Old clouds of discouragement are dissipating. Fresh winds of enabling grace are arriving. Watch the environment begin to change as you decree it.

Command the release of divine strategies and kingdom connections into the atmosphere. Declare that doors of opportunity are swinging wide. As you prophesy, a way will open where there was no way.

Now is the time for advancement. The Spirit is releasing divine blueprints, supernatural wisdom and insight to build, expand and conquer new terrain. Declare that the atmosphere is pregnant with purpose.

As you partner with the Spirit to shape the atmosphere, you will give birth to a long-awaited promise. The environment around you is responding to the call for increase. Victory is in the air!

So prophesy life-giving words daily. Shape the atmosphere around you for accomplishment. Great things are already unfolding in the invisible realm. Declare it so, and watch it manifest!

4Prophesy Hope in the Face of Hopelessness

Though despair and darkness seek to overshadow, God’s light prevails. Open your mouth and declare it so!

Where situations seem impossible, prophesy God’s power to make a way. Declare promises over problems. Speak life and possibility into dead ends. Your words carry resurrection power – believe it!

When voices of defeat and gloom arise, let your voice ring out louder. Lift your prophecy over nations, cities, and hearts. Dispel hopelessness with the blazing truth of Christ in you.

Friends, we carry fountains of living hope within. Rivers of joy and promise flow from the throne. Release them freely by the Spirit’s decree. Where hope has died, watch it live again!

Let faith arise as you boldly prophesy. God Most High is breaking strongholds of despair. Lift your gaze – the victory is at hand! Darkness trembles at the prophetic sound. Prophesy hope and keep prophesying, come what may. Our King of Glory has won the day!

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5. The Power of God’s Breath in Your Life

The same Spirit who hovered over the waters and breathed life into Adam is alive in you! His wind, breath and life-giving power are actively flowing through your innermost being.

Position yourself to welcome the infusion of His breath daily. As you spend time communing with the Lord, allow His Spirit to deeply fill your lungs. Breathe in the resurrection life, power, wisdom and destiny He desires to impart.

Then, release that divine breath into atmospheres of death and darkness around you. Speak forth the prophetic words on your lips to shift realities in the name of Jesus. Dispel doubt, despair and hopelessness with the breath of heaven.

You are called to be a mighty wind of God – bringing change, breakthrough and new life everywhere you go. Move in step with His Spirit within you. Release His supernatural breath into every dry and barren place.

Partner with the Breath of Life today! Drum up the winds of renewal, revival and awakening. With Christ alive in you, no obstacle can remain. Demonstrate His kingdom and power through the miraculous breath He provides.

6. Transformation through Words and Faith

What you consistently speak forth in faith becomes the reality produced. Open your mouth wide and prophesy redemptive change.

Declare that broken systems are being overhauled. Prophesy that corrupt structures are collapsing as new foundations of righteousness and justice emerge. Call forth a mighty move of God’s reforming Spirit across your neighbourhood, city and nation.

Boldly announce where Christ’s light is invading new territory. Declare the shifting of mindsets, attitudes and cultures according to God’s desire. Release the sound of reformation, revival and awakening. Speak it forth until you see it manifested.

Your words of faith are bringing Heaven to earth. As you align your speech with God’s vision, miracles unfold. Keep prophesying until dry ground springs forth new life. Continue speaking as obscured potential manifests into reality.

Partner with the Creator to call forth things that are not as though they already are. Let faith-filled words craft a new future. Speak forth with bold conviction until every promise is fulfilled. Through your voice, dry bones live again!

7. The Power of the Prophetic Mouth: Unlock Destiny this Year

We have entered the New Jewish Year 5784, connected to the letter Pey (number 80), picturing an open mouth. This year is the year of prophetic utterance, supernatural speech, and bold declarations of our King!

More than ever before, we must allow the Holy Spirit to flow through our mouths. As we yield our speech to Him – divine strategies, prophetic words, and declarations of a breakthrough will be released.

This is not a time to hold back or mute our voices. The mouth of the righteous will abound with wisdom. We must speak forth God’s heart and His plans into the atmosphere.

As we partner with Heaven through our prophetic decrees, dry bones will come alive! Dead places will resurrect! This is a year of awakening, revival and reformation ushered in through the power of our speech.

So open your mouth wide! Allow the prophetic rivers of the Holy Spirit to flow unhindered. Partner with the Ancient of Days to call forth things that are not as though they already are. Release creative sound and watch the transformation unfold.

This year will be remembered as a year of miracles, signs and wonders – released through the mighty weapon of our mouth. Arise people of God, and boldly PROPHESY!

Reflection: The Call to Arise and Prophesy

Friend, you have been uniquely equipped by the Lord of Hosts to carry and release His prophetic words that shift realities. The breath of life and creative power of the Almighty resides within you!

This is your hour to leave timidity behind. Prophesy life, hope and transformation into the atmospheres around you. Be bold and unwavering as you declare the Kingdom of God. The world needs your voice!

Will you answer the call to arise and prophesy in this crucial hour? Will you allow God’s heart to flow through your mouth? The choice is yours. But know that great eternal reward awaits those who welcome the prophetic call.

Go forth in confidence that the Holy Spirit is with you. Wield your words wisely and powerfully on behalf of the King. A sleeping Church and hurting world await the mighty prophetic sound within you. Arise and prophesy, beloveds! Your time is now!

I bless you with courage, faith and heavenly strategies as you advance God’s Kingdom through your prophetic words. Yours is an inheritance of life and Spirit. Believe it and act on it! Arise and prophesy!

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