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June 2023 – Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word

3 June 2023
2 June 2023

1 June 2023

God has great things in store for every one of you.

May 2023 – Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word

31 May 2023

Most people give up when they’re on the verge of their breakthrough. Don’t be one of them.
30 May 2023

Believe what God is telling you and to follow His leading irrespective of how you feel or what you did in the past.
29 May 2023

Let go of the past and embrace the new thing that God is bringing forth in your life.
28 May 2023

Rest in God and get to know Him.
27 May 2023

God wanted to have an intimate relationship with the children of Israel and make them a great nation, but they were stuck in the past. 
MOVE ON from the Past!
26 May 2023

God wants you to let go of the past. He wants you to focus on what He is about to do in your life. 
25 May 2023

Trust God irrespective of what you've been through or what you’re going through.
24 May 2023

The wrong mentality caused the children of Israel to live in the wilderness longer than they should have. Change your mindset!

23 May 2023

Don’t set your mind on the past. It blocks you from receiving God's best.

22 May 2023

Remembering past testimonies will encourage you to keep standing firm in faith in difficult times.
21 May 2023

We shouldn't remind ourselves what we have done wrong every day. We should forgive ourselves and accept the forgiveness God has given us.
20 May 2023

The enemy wants you to believe that dwelling in the past is an excellent way of being remorseful for what you did. But that is not true.
19 May 2023

 The truth is you cannot change what happened. If anything, dwelling on it will only leave you feeling defeated and anxious about life.
18 May 2023

The Holy Spirit, who is your Helper, is the One Who is with you and always ready to help you.
17 May 2023

God is changing us - His people, and He is making us fit for these days. 
16 May 2023

If there is no truth, peace, faith in the news, why do you continue listening or making yourself worn out and completely exhausted? 
15 May 2023

 If something unpleasant happened in your past, or you are not happy with yourself, with your results, or you feel that something is missing in your life, whatever it is – it CAN BE rewritten!
14 May 2023

 God is building something powerful within you and in your life from scratch. 
13 May 2023

God is taking you to the NEXT LEVEL of understanding His Love, experiencing His power, and using the weapons God has given you.
12 May 2023

I am your compassionate and loving Father, and I say to your hopelessness, ‘ARISE!’  I say to your Relationship, ‘ARISE!’. I say to your sick body, ‘ARISE!’ Arise My Child!
11 May 2023

God is the only solution you need, for He is your SOLUTION, for He is your RISEN HOPE!

With God, all things are possible. Trust in Him and find the strength to overcome any obstacle.
10 May 2023

Everything that is happening in your life matters to God! You Matter! You are important! 
9 May 2023

You have been trying to find comfort, but the only comfort you can find is in Christ. He knows how to comfort, for I AM The Comforter.
8 May 2023

Your hope is not going to be buried. God is involved in your future, and He will not leave you. 
7 May 2023

God is touching your life. He is  touching your broken heart. He is touching your forgotten dreams. He is touching your sick body. He is touching your broken relationship. 
6 May 2023

It is hard, but you are not alone. God is in the midst of your situation. 
5 May 2023

You will see your family returning back to God. Your house will be filled with laughter, with unspeakable joy.
4 May 2023

The doors of new opportunities are wide open and you will enter in. You will find the true meaning of life.
3 May 2023

You will walk in God’s favour. Wherever you go, you will find His favour.
2 May 2023

God’s Kingdom is full of light. Through His light, God sees you as the head. Through His light, God sees you above. Through His light, God sees you prosperous in whatever you do.  Through His light, God sees you healed and delivered from all your oppressors.
1 May 2023

The more you spend time in God’s presence, the easier it will be for you to understand what God wants to do or is doing and what He expects from you.

April 2023 – Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word

30 April 2023

When we choose to hold on to what God wants us to leave behind, we may walk through the wrong doors and experience tough times. So, let go of what God is telling you, however difficult it is.
29 April 2023

God has great plans for your life, but you need to cooperate with Him for these plans to manifest.
28 April 2023

The doors are open to learn different things about life. Take a chance and have fun!
27 April 2023

The Lord will defend you and show you how to avoid hidden dangers. All you need is TRUST.
26 April 2023

God’s Grace empowers us in every area of our lives.
25 April 2023

 The presence of God is more vital than the promised land itself. Moses knew that.
24 April 2023

God is not just somewhere outside and only comes when you ask Him. He is omnipresent! God is always present in your life, ALL THE TIME!
23 April 2023

Philippians 4:8 encourages us to think about true, noble, praiseworthy, and pure things. Choose your thoughts!
22 April 2023

It’s in Christ that we get the wisdom to deal with different situations because Jesus is our wisdom.

21 April 2023

Understanding God’s faithfulness keeps us grounded in Him, which in turn, causes us to live successful lives.
20 April 2023

God is the God of the valleys and the mountains. So do not fear, for God sees you and He is with you.
19 April 2023

God is active in your life whether you feel it or not. He's always ready to help you when you are stuck in life.
18 April 2023

Never undermine yourself, and think God loves others more than you and that you don’t deserve His love and grace. YOU ARE VALUED!
17 April 2023

The parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son show us how God relates to us personally, even when we mess up.
16 April 2023

Through Christ, we gain access to doors of hidden treasures and riches stored in secret places.
15 April 2023

You were created for success! Rely on God to guide you. He knows how to lead you in every decision you make.
14 April 2023

God wants you to experience a permanent success in life, not temporary.
How? Make Jesus your all in all!
13 April 2023

Be connected to Christ, the Good Shepherd. We can’t do anything apart from Him.

12 April 2023

Stand firm from the point of victory until the promises of God are fulfilled in your life.

11 April 2023

God has already made you victorious through His Son, Jesus.

10 April 2023

No matter how knowledgeable you are, you should always seek wisdom from God. 
Especially in this season when spiritual warfare is intense.
9 April 2023

God knows the end from the beginning and how you can safely get from one point to another. DO NOT fear!
8 April 2023

For us to be healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, we need to allow God to heal our hearts from old wounds and mistakes.
7 April 2023

For restoration to happen, we must let go of the old.

6 April 2023

God will not let us down but will help us as we go through different seasons in life.

5 April 2023

God wants us to overcome creative block. Receive God’s new ideas and be co-Creator with Him.
4 April 2023

If you know that God is for you and with you, then why should you fear? 
Trust God! Everything is going to be alright.
3 April 2023

Do not be afraid to look at things from a different perspective.

2 April 2023

Hope is the assurance or confidence we have in God. 
It keeps us believing that God will come through when circumstances say otherwise.
1 April 2023

Your recovery will come quickly, and the Lord's splendour will guard you from behind.