Rise Up on Wings: Soaring as Eagles in the Sky – Prophetic Word

“Rise Up on Wings: Soaring as Eagles in the Sky” is a Prophetic Word for today, a captivating Christian journey that urges us to embrace our untapped potential and reach new heights. Through the symbolism of eagles, this empowering exploration reminds us that faith and resilience enable us to conquer obstacles, spread our wings, and ascend spiritually. Discover the joy of rising above limitations and soaring with purpose in this extraordinary spiritual expedition.

It is time for the children of God to soar up like eagles. 

They shall mount up with wings as eagles. Isaiah 40:31(KJV)

You’ve probably heard this many times, and you’re thinking Nah! This is not for me. I have been waiting too long and am too tired to hope again. I am settling here. 

But the Lord wants you to know that this word is for you. Your season of waiting is over, and He needs you to prepare your heart because anytime now, God will cause you to go up higher. The promise you have been waiting for is here, and you need to be ready because things will change suddenly and speedily!

4 Important Things about Eagles that Apply to Us in this Season

The eagle has been mentioned several times in the Bible. Meaning there is something unique or exciting about eagles that we need to know. This is more so in this season when God calls us to soar up with wings like eagles. 

We will explore four key aspects that God points out for us to understand about eagles as we enter the new season. 

Let’s get started:

1. Eagles Soar During a Storm

Unlike other birds, which fly when there is no storm, eagles soar higher during a storm. The storm propels them to go up higher than other birds. 

What does this mean for us? 

Do not sit back and do nothing just because the storm is raging. Yes, the warfare has been on another level, but God is calling you to soar. Let the storm propel you to greater heights where God is taking you. 

The storms of life are not meant to hinder your growth but to act as stepping stones to your spiritual, physical, mental, financial, and emotional growth. Do not fear to step out in this season. You may have failed before, but you have backing from heaven. So fly!

Remember, it is not by might or power but by the Spirit of the Living God. 

2. Eagles Fly Alone

God created us to relate with others, so it is only standard for us to want to belong and fit in. But just like eagles who fly alone, you must fly with people God connects you to this season.  

God has been separating some of us from the crowd for a great reason.

You may wonder why someone walked out on you, or you no longer connect with a particular friend. You may feel guilty because you no longer fit in some circles. But God is separating you from that group of people not because you’re better than them but because it is time for you to soar. 

Don’t hold onto a relationship that God is calling you out of. Lay it at the altar and let God lead you to the right people. Stop holding on to that business, job, town you’ve been living in, or thought pattern. It is time to see, think, and do things as God does. 

 3. Eagles Have a Clear Vision

In contrast to humans, who typically have 20/20 vision, eagles have an impressive 20/5 vision, enabling them to perceive distant objects with remarkable clarity. Eagles can see clearly and spot their prey from a distance, such as two miles away, making it difficult for them to miss their target.

• Perceive with Clarity

The eagle’s remarkable 20/5 vision holds spiritual meaning for Christians. It symbolizes the ability to see things clearly – discerning God’s guidance and gaining a deeper understanding of His plans for our lives. Just as the eagle sees with precision, we can seek spiritual clarity and perceive God’s purpose with a focused and attentive heart.

Do not sit back and do nothing just because the storm is raging. Yes, the warfare has been on another level, but God is calling you to soar.

• Embrace God’s Call

This season, God wants His children to focus on the big picture without missing out on the small details God reveals. Stay mindful of the direction God is guiding you this season, but do not miss the small details along the way. They will help you move in the right direction. 

God wants to give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places. Remain focused on Him through prayer and Bible study. Consecrate yourself and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Stay faithful to your calling even if it seems like everyone is far ahead. 

Focus on God’s big picture, charge forward as the Spirit leads, and seek the honor that comes from God, not men (John 5:44).

Rise from a position of defeat or discouragement to renewed strength and dignity through the help of the Lord. - Haly Ministries Quotes

4. Eagles Don’t Eat Dead Things

An eagle only hunts a live animal. It doesn’t eat dead stuff.

We have been going through so many things in the wilderness. Deep things that God has been dealing with in our lives. But as we enter this new season, we must leave the past behind and embrace the new things we have learned in the wilderness.  

You cannot bring the past into the new. New wineskins are for new wine.

Leave the past behind, my friend. Stop dwelling on it! It’s important to look forward and not turn back, a child of God. Remember the story of Lot’s wife (Luke 17:32).

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How to Soar Like an Eagle: Moving Forward

You may be wondering, what do I do moving forward?

Here is what the Lord says to His children – Prophetic Word:

‣ Hope Again

To my children who have lost hope, I need you to trust Me and hope again. Yes, I know it has been challenging. It seemed like things were about to turn around, only for everything to come crashing down. This has left you wounded and traumatized, but now is your time for vindication. Your day of salvation is nigh, and I will hasten it. 

Enlarge your tents and wait expectantly for Me.

‣ Build Your Faith

Spend time in My Word, study the promises I gave you again until they become alive. 

The enemy would like you to look back to Egypt, but it is time for you to be strong and courageous. Fight through the fear and doubt with My Word. Remember, everything will pass away, but My Word will remain forever. It changes not, and nobody can steal the promises I have given you, not even the devil.

You are the only one who can reject what I have in store for you.

‣ Love Again

The betrayal has been real. Those you thought were for you turned against you. Your name has been slandered, and you have been mocked for My name’s sake. 

Child, I know it is hard but love again. Remember, vengeance is Mine. 

Love others as I have loved you, and forgive those who have betrayed you. I will give you a new tribe of friends and acquaintances. Feel free to make new friends or partner with people in businesses. 

Has the local church hurt you?

Do not fear to find a new church. Your time of Isolation is over. It is time for you to gather together with other believers. I will help you find the right community—people who worship me in Spirit and Truth. 

3 Bible Verses to Meditate on: Rise Above Adversity and Walk in the Strength of the Lord

Micah 7:8 (NIV): "Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light."

Isaiah 60:1 (NIV): "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you."

Psalm 3:3 (NIV): "But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high."

Children of God, it is time for you to ARISE and SHINE!

God will not force you to do it. You need to step out in faith and do what He tells you this season. Will you do that? Will you get up and try again? Will you build that business, love, forgive, and find a place to commune with other believers again?

The choice is your beloved of the Lord. 

May you rise up on the wings of eagles, strengthened by the Lord’s presence and guidance, shining brightly with His glory and experiencing the uplifting power that lifts your head high.

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