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This word is the most important for us right now. More than any prophecy, this season’s call from above is to rise higher, spread your wings, and soar into the purposes God has for you.

As Christians, we are called to live our lives with Heavenly vision, fixing our eyes on the glory of God rather than earthly measures of success. Yet it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and making judgments based on money, talents, status – the things that boost our egos rather than our faith.

In these moments when we start to feel envious, petty, or less-than, we have a choice: will we continue spiraling downward into self-pity, or will we spread our wings and catch the wind of God’s spirit lifting us higher? Will we peck at measly crumbs of validation, or feast on the abundant blessings God has already poured out on us?

You are the Head, Not the Tail

There is a saying that every coin has two sides – heads and tails. As Christians, the Bible tells us we are called to be the “head” side of the coin, not the “tail” (Deuteronomy 28:13).

In my native language, we refer to these two sides as the eagle (head) and the tail. When we fixate on what others have or can do, we become like tails – grounded, scraping the dirt, focused on earthly things. But God wants us to be eagles – soaring, eyes lifted towards His kingdom, embracing His purpose for our lives.

This choice between eagle or tail is one we face every day. Will we remain tails consumed by jealousy and self-pity? Or will we flip our perspective to live as eagles dependent on God’s strength?

The Bible reminds us that in Christ, we are destined to soar like eagles across the expansive skies of God’s purpose. But we must make the choice – the choice to ascend higher. We must flip our coin from tails bogged down by envy to heads held high by faith.

Will you choose today to be an eagle, not a tail? Will you answer God’s call to ascend into the freedom of His purpose? The sky is open before us!

Don’t Peck at Crumbs, Feast on God’s Bounty 

It’s easy to look at people who earn more and spiral into envy thinking:

  • If I made that much, I could finally afford that house/car/vacation
  • It’s not fair that they earn more when I work just as hard
  • If I had their salary, my life would be so much better

But those thoughts lead to discontentment and ingratitude. God has carefully curated your life’s circumstances according to His purposes. 

There is a powerful story about a widow, who only had a handful of flour and a bit of oil left. In her desperation, she could have clung to her last crumbs. But instead, she fully trusted God and shared what little she had with the prophet Elijah. Despite her lack, because the widow gave selflessly, her jars remained filled (1 Kings 17: 7-16).

Instead of pecking at crumbs of self-pity, feast on the bountiful blessings He’s already given you:

  • You have a job to provide for your needs – thank God for His provision
  • Your true worth isn’t found in a paycheck but in Christ – rejoice in your identity in Him
  • God rewards faithfulness, not dollar amounts – keep serving Him with integrity

Rather than envy, think of ways you can earn more through righteous means:

  • Ask for a raise or promotion at work by highlighting contributions
  • Develop skills and experience to qualify for better positions
  • Seek God’s wisdom on ways to boost income through a side business or project

When you flip feelings of envy to gratitude and solutions, you stop pecking at crumbs and learn to feast on the abundant blessings God has for you. Flip the coin – how can you earn more for the glory of God, not just to compete? 

This season, fix your eyes on Him, not what others have.

Spread Your Wings, Don’t Envy Another’s

To “spread your wings” means fully enjoying the gifts and talents God has given you instead of coveting what He’s given to others. It’s about rising to your fullest God-given potential instead of remaining grounded by envy.

An eagle’s wingspan can reach up to seven feet wide. For the eagle to soar, it must fully extend those massive wings to catch the wind and ride air currents high above the earth. Eagles are meant to glide through the skies, not stumble on the ground.

In the same way, God has carefully crafted each of us with specific gifts and talents meant to lift us higher in pursuit of His purposes. But sometimes we limit ourselves by not fully utilising those gifts.

So fly high, my friend! Don’t waste time looking back or down. Just keep your eyes fixed on the One who made you and knows you best. - Haly Ministries Quote

It’s natural to encounter people who are gifted in ways you wish you were. You may see a colleague effortlessly lead meetings, while you struggle with public speaking. Perhaps a friend composes beautiful music, while you can barely hold a tune. It can be tempting to covet the talents of others while doubting your own.

But the truth is we all have unique gifts tailored to fulfill God’s purposes. Rather than allowing seeds of envy to take root, nurture a spirit of humility and gratitude.

‣ My Story

I can resonate with all the above struggles, as I was raised in a dysfunctional family where it was difficult to find out what I was created for. Without God and my grandmother’s faithful prayers, I may not have discovered my purpose. 

But sometimes those old thoughts of envy still try to creep back in. When they do, I remember 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” I stop those envious thoughts and redirect my focus. 

God brought me through my upbringing to become who I am today, and I am blessed. By His power, love, and discipline, I can move past my past and fully spread the wings He has given me. My journey is proof that no matter what your background, God can lift you up on eagle’s wings!

‣ Here are Some Ways to Flip your Mindset:

When you catch yourself envying another’s abilities:

  • Pray for the person you envy, asking God to continue blessing how they use their gifts for His glory. Praying for them fosters compassion.
  • Make a list of your strengths and talents that others likely admire in you. Count your own blessings first before looking at what others have.
  • Consider how your skill set complements those with different abilities. Together we reflect God’s diversity.
  • Avoid comparisons on social media that promote envy; instead, use that time to cultivate your own gifts.
  • Set faith-centered goals oriented toward personal growth, not competing with others.
  • Ask a mentor how you can further develop your strengths with excellence to bless others.

Real contentment must come from within. You and I cannot change or control the world around us, but we can change and control the world within us. – Warren Wiersbe

No matter how talented someone may seem, they cannot fulfill the unique purpose God has for your life. Spread the wings God gave you without reservation. When thoughts of envy take flight, redirect your focus heavenward to all you’ve been gifted.

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Keep Your Eyes Heavenward, Not Earthbound

It’s so easy to get caught up chasing earthly measures of success – promotions, bigger houses, more accolades and awards. But as followers of Christ, we are called to live by different standards. Colossians 3:2 tells us to “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” 

This doesn’t mean we can’t work hard and achieve. But it means those things should not be our focus. Any success we attain is a gift from God, not something we’ve earned by our own merit. Everything we “achieve” on earth is temporary. Only what’s done for God’s kingdom will last.

So, recommit to keeping your eyes fixed on heaven. When disappointment comes from not getting that promotion, ask God to show you opportunities to glorify Him right where you are now. When you’re tempted to compare your small home to someone else’s, remember that an eternal inheritance awaits you in heaven. 

The world will try to attract your gaze downward with empty promises of status, wealth, and fame. But we belong to a different kingdom! The one of unconditional love, abundant grace, and divine purpose! Keep seeking that Kingdom first, knowing that God will supply all your needs if you trust Him. 

Aim for rewards that will endure beyond this life. Allow your roots to go deep in God’s Word and works. Then you will weather life’s storms without wavering, eyes anchored firmly on Him.

Food For Thought

As we walk this journey of faith together, there will be high mountaintops and low valleys along the way. Times we feel we’re soaring with wings like eagles, and times we feel grounded in doubt or envy.

Whatever this season holds, remember who you are: a beloved child of God adopted into His family. You bear His holy image within. Our Father has gifted you specially to play your unique part in His Kingdom’s work. No one can fulfill your purpose but YOU.

So fly high, my friend! Don’t waste time looking back or down. Just keep your eyes fixed on the One who made you and knows you best. He delights in you and is guiding your flight path – to heights of joy, growth, and blessing you’ve never imagined.

Wherever His winds may carry you, He’ll be there, filling your wings with strength. You are the head, and you were born to soar!

Spread your wings 🕊! The sky is calling!
God go with you, always!
Blessings upon your journey,
Haly 💞

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