God Shall Restore You: Psalm 23

We have come to a season of total restoration! Psalm 23:3 reminds us that God shall Restore You! Okay, maybe you’ve heard this so many times. The wait has been long, and the warfare has been …

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Take Care of Yourself before Others: Is it Selfish? – Haly’s Life Story

Is taking care of yourself before others very selfish? Or is it wisdom from God?  Proverbs 4:23 says that ABOVE ALL ELSE, we should guard our hearts, for it is the wellspring of life.  My …

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At Your Command Things will Happen – Haly’s Life Story

We, sons of God, should see manifestations in our lives. God does not want us to beg, but His desire that at our command things happen! Have you noticed that the phrase is “At your …

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You shall Lack Nothing: Psalm 23

You shall lack nothing is a beautiful and encouraging promise for us. It stirs our hearts in the right direction and causes us to leap joyfully.  So we say Amen when we read it or clap …

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Be Satisfied with What you Have NOW! – Haly’s Life Story

Be satisfied with what you have NOW, my friends! Great things are coming! God is transitioning us! That’s good news! But there is always a but. And that “but” is waiting. Waiting is the hardest thing …

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