21 Days of Fasting (Day 2) – Rest in God’s Promises

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Rest in God’s Promises

Here is the 2nd day of 21 days of fasting and prayer. Why is Haly Ministries fasting for 21 days? 

1. We, as a ministry is hungry for more of God. Today I asked the Lord to show me the science of supernatural. Then after the prayer, in the vision I saw a huge book was opened. I asked, “What is that?” The Lord answered, “This is a revelation. I am imparting My revelation on those who seek Me and My Kingdom.”

2. In the past month, the Lord was reminding me of the numbers – 777. If you multiply 7 unto 3, you will get 21.

3. The Lord brought me again and again to Daniel 10, who fasted for 21 days.

4. In April this year, I gave a prophetic word for May. I talked about numbers 777 and God’s supernatural provision for the new season.

I love number 7. It’s got so much depth in it. All the numbers in the Hebrew alphabet have a deep meaning, but number 7 is powerful. It talks about the completeness, fullness of God, stability, rest.

If you go through the Bible you will find many 7th in the Word. Here are a few examples:

Number Seven - Golden Colour
  • 7th day of rest, called Shabbat when we rest in the finished work of Jesus
  • 7 days of creation
  • 7 feasts of God
  • 7 Spirits of God
  • 7 churches in Revelation
  • 7 golden Lampstands
  • 7 seals
  • 7 trumpets
  • 7 eyes of the Lord
  • Wisdom has seven pillars. (Pr. 9:1)
  • We must forgive our brothers/sisters 7 x 7 times. (Mt. 18:21; Luke 17:4)
  • 7 in Sound
  • 7 Colours of Light

Those are just a few examples. The list can go on and on.

The 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Zayin. The shape of Zayin is like a sword. Jesus came with His sword, the Word, and defeated the enemy. You can’t add to Christ’s work. But you must be aware of principalities and powers, the devil, who prowls around LIKE a roaring lion. You should stand against him and resist his every attack using the Word and at the same time resting in what Jesus has already done. 

The danger for us is when we decide not to rest. I would like to encourage you to rest in Christ’s finished work, rest in His promises for you, rest in His fullness, rest in His completed work over your life. And if you need to take a sword against principalities and powers, take it and say what God says about you, what God says your life, what God says about your situation. 

Prophetic Word:

The Father is saying, “There is no division in Me. There is no confusion in Me. I am the beam of light which pushes out the division and confusion. You cried for help but saw no results. It does not mean I did not speak. I tried to communicate, but your wound was so deep that you could not hear, could not understand, could not receive. 

You rejected the message not because you wanted to, but because you did not know how to receive. The receiving action starts with believing in My desire to bless you. There will be a wind of change – I am changing your circumstance for good. There will be some shaking – I am changing the way you think. Those are the walls of your self-protection and self-security which come from your past. You might see yourself the least of the least, but I see you the greatest among the great.

The past did not treat you well, but I know how to heal. I am your healer – I will heal your past life wounds. You will experience new transformation and rehabilitation. You will also see things will start shifting, something will be removed and replaced with My promises.

I am your solution. I am your life. I am your rest and full provision. In Me, and only in Me, you can find the security. This world has nothing to offer, but I have the best offer, Me and My faithfulness. Come to Me and rest in My love. Do not look back.”

If this word has spoken to you and encouraged you, please leave your message in the comments below. I would love to hear what the Lord is saying to you about your future and 2020. Stay blessed!

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