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Get ready for God to blow your mind and overflow your cup! You’re not gonna want to miss this – it’s time to expand your territory and capacity to receive all of Heaven’s outrageous blessings! God is taking His people to a whole new level of increase and abundance. But first, He’s reforming some crooked paths to make room for this historic outpouring…

In 2019, God gave me an important message about transferring wealth to bless His people abundantly. In that message, He also reminded us to keep seeking Him first and foremost. In 2019, God also said that a New Wave of Reformation is Coming.

God led me to some office buildings where financial banks operated. There, I boldly proclaimed God’s promise in Proverbs 13:22 – “The wealth of the wicked passes to the righteous.” This made me think of the Exodus story – how God powerfully delivered Israel from poverty and oppression in Egypt to become a prosperous nation.

When I first shared this video, many liked the prophetic word, feeling the Spirit’s stirring. But talk must lead to action. In 2020, God challenged me to walk the walk by living out this prophetic word, even when circumstances seemed uncertain and daunting.

The Call for Righteous Reform in Banking

Now, God is on the move in remarkable ways! He is ready to transform the banking system as we know it. We’ve heard alarming reports of banks closing accounts of people who stand for Biblical truth or hold alternative viewpoints. But refusing service and silencing customers is not the proper role of banks – they should be helping people, not picking sides.

Over time, corruption has crept in and certain banks became very crooked. It’s as if massive walls of dishonest gain were constructed. But God can knock down any wall, like He did to the walls around Jericho in the Bible. In the end, what’s right and fair will win. Even if it takes time, God will make wrong banks fall and good banks stand.

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Exposing Corruption and Ushering in Justice

Many big company CEOs want people to think they are selfless do-gooders. But God sees everything! Now He is showing their sneaky, greedy actions to everyone and making things right again. God will use brave people to speak out against the banks’ corruption and lies. If you are someone who stands up against evil that tries to call itself good, I respect and admire your courage. Don’t be afraid to roar like a lion on behalf of what’s right!

When justice sleeps, injustice creeps. Now is the time for justice to awake, overtake, and remake!

These are times of reform, when God is testing banks like fire tests gold. He is looking for banks that will do what is right, moral and fair. This is a chance for them to clean up their act and earn back people’s trust.

What is Reformation?

Reformation means making good changes to fix issues and make things better. Reformation can change and reform banks to match God’s values of fairness and honesty.

Why God Uses Reformation?

God cares deeply for all His children and wants the best for them. He uses reformation to guide and lead them in the right direction. Reformation is a way for God to bring positive changes in the world. It helps people grow spiritually and morally.

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How Would We Benefit If Banks are Reformed?

God lovingly designed the systems of this world, including banking, to benefit humanity. Though banks have strayed from God’s ideals, He can transform them through reformation to once again bless all people.

Part of God’s plan is for us to steward resources wisely, care for one another, and cultivate a just society marked by mercy. The reformation of banking can powerfully assist in fulfilling these godly aims. 

Truly, the coming reforms are an answer to prayer, moving banking into greater harmony with our Christian faith. They will bring blessings into our societies through financial systems guided by the hands of a loving God.

God is moving to bring reformation and restoration to unjust systems and unethical practices so that righteousness, justice, and integrity flow like mighty rivers in the realms of finance, government and society.

What are the Fruits of this Transformation? 

1. Fairness and Justice

Reformed banks would be more committed to treating all customers fairly and justly. They would avoid practices that exploit or harm vulnerable individuals, reflecting the biblical principles of justice and compassion.

2. Ethical Financial Practices

A reformed banking system would make ethical financial practices a top priority. It would steer clear of shady investments or transactions that go against Christian values. This aligns with the idea of stewardship and using resources responsibly.

3. Supporting the Needy

Reformed banks can play a significant role in supporting the less fortunate and those in need. By providing access to financial services and supporting community development banks can actively live out Jesus’ call to help the poor.

4. Honesty and Trustworthiness 

Trustworthiness and honesty are essential qualities in a reformed banking system. Christians highly value truthfulness and integrity. Therefore, a transparent banking system would reflect these important values. As a result, reformation can rebuild trust in the financial sector, encouraging others to feel confident about using banking services without fear of deception or exploitation. In fact, with increased transparency, customers could feel assured that they will be treated fairly, not misled or manipulated.

5. Stewardship and Responsibility

Reformed banks would be more cautious and responsible in their lending practices, preventing individuals from falling into excessive debt. This aligns with biblical teachings on avoiding financial burdens that can hinder one’s well-being.

Reformed banks could also encourage responsible financial management and stewardship, helping people use their resources wisely.

In all these ways, God’s use of reformation shows His unfailing love and commitment to guiding humanity towards a more just, righteous, and compassionate world.

Change Starts Small, but God Grows It

The world isn’t perfect, so making all these big changes in banks might seem impossible right now. But God often starts small and makes those changes over time. As we pray for banks to improve, we’ll start seeing good steps in the right direction. A few banks choosing to be honest and fair can influence many more to follow. Furthermore, new laws can encourage banks to care about people over money. 

Real change takes time, but as we partner with God, remain faithful in prayer, and do our part, we will see increased reformation transforming the financial sector. So let’s not lose hope or stop persevering for righteousness. The Spirit is stirring revival in the banking system. Let’s keep praying, believing, and boldly declaring that reformation will come, even if only one step at a time. Without a doubt, God is able!

Closing Message

God is on the move, bringing reformation and transformation in the financial sector and beyond. He is testing hearts and uncovering injustice, paving the way for truth, ethics, and compassion to prevail.

As Christians, we have a vital role to play during these changing times. We must draw close to God, stand on His Word, and let His Spirit empower us to be courageous and uncompromising.

Righteous reform starts with each of us examining our own hearts and motivations. Are we living out kingdom values in practical ways? Do our actions align with our faith? We must humbly seek the Lord and allow Him to refine us into His image.

In addition, we are called to boldly confront corruption and injustice when we encounter it. This may mean speaking uncomfortable truths in love, advocating for the exploited, or challenging ungodly systems. The path of reformation is not easy, but we follow in the footsteps of spiritual giants who changed the world.

Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We thank You for the promise of reformation and transformation You are bringing to the banking system. Lord, we know that every good gift comes from Your hand. You are working even now to bring justice, integrity and fairness to this important part of society.

Give us wisdom and discernment to walk in step with Your Spirit during these changing times. Help us to stand courageously for what is right and just. Empower us to be agents of hope and positive change in the financial sector.

We look forward to the day when banks are guided by Your values of compassion, honesty and service to others. 

May You receive all the honour and glory as banking is reformed for the good of all people. We eagerly await the greater heights You want to bring Your Church and society to in the days ahead.

In the powerful name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Lastly, let’s support one another in prayer and encouragement as we walk this journey. Share this message with friends, leave comments to uplift fellow reformers, and continue proclaiming God’s promises over society. He wants to use each of us powerfully.

Shalom, Haly 🙏💕

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