Is One Penny Worth Anything? – Haly’s Life Story

So, is one penny worth anything? 

In the past, when I saw coins on the road, I just passed by. 

Those were just coins, not too significant, worthless… Until…

Teaching That Helped Me to Value Small Things

Around June last year, I was listening to a teaching, and a speaker said that we should be very attentive to what God was showing us, even if it was one penny on the road. We should pick up that coin.

I felt the Lord was telling me not to ignore His signs and one penny too. And not to look at one penny as a worthless thing. 

Money also has a voice, and they have a destiny. One penny can bring multiplication into our lives. And we should not ignore it.

Pay Attention to Small Things

I said, “Lord, I am willing to pay attention to all the details, and if it is one penny on the road. I will pick it up. 

You know our precious God. 🙂 He did listen and put me to the test 🔥 straight away 😅.

My First Test Day

The same day! No, you hear me right. THE SAME DAY! I went for a walk, and when I was crossing the road, guess what? Yes, there was one penny at the crosswalk. 

For a millisecond, I felt uncomfortable in the presence of many people. Also, cars had to stop and wait for me to cross that road. And I had to bow down and pick that penny! “No, God! Please, NOT NOW! Please!”, I cried out. 

It was a millisecond, but it was like half an hour! I am laughing now, but not at that moment.

All the insecurities came to the surface. That’s great! I know what I need to work on now. 

During my inner talk with the Lord, I did pick up one penny and thanked God for it. I said it loudly that the one penny was going to multiply as God said.

One Penny Manifested a Multiplication

The next day, I had to meet one girl from Ukraine at Euston Station in London.

I love walking, so I chose to walk. It’s just one hour from my home, not a big deal.

I walked towards the Kings Cross Station, and near the bus stop, I saw a £10 note on the road. The strangest thing was that people were at the bus stop, and no one saw £10.

I picked it up. Then within seconds as I kept walking, there was £5 note. I picked it up.

“One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring.” – Orison Swett Marden

The Lord told me that one penny could bring multiplication, and exactly that happened in my life. God did not only tell me that, but He showed me that. I saw it with my own eyes! I touched it with my hands!

God Sent an Answer to My Request

Since that story, I picked up a few pennies last year. But in the beginning of this year, I did not find any coin.

A few days ago, as I was walking, I said, “Lord, I have not seen one penny for a long time. Show me one penny.”

Maybe you think, Haly, why one penny? Why not ask for more? But that one penny is like one precious stone to me now, and it is worth everything!

As I was walking back home, near a shop there was – guess what? Yes, there was one penny on the road!

Some people might say that it was a coincidence, but I do not worry about what others think. I know, and I know that I am a co-creator with God. We can create together. Unexpectedly, things do manifest in my life.

And so they can manifest in your life too! It’s about trust!

What Can We Take from my Story?

I do keep a few one pennies as a reminder of God’s Word to me.

They look small, insignificant, and worthless to this world, but I know they can bring the harvest.

It’s not only knowing. It was a supernatural experience!

One penny was multiplied and brought £15, or £15 was a 149900% increase of £0.01 💷! Just think about that!

And God does continue blessing me in other ways.

I just want to encourage you to pay attention to small things or little details. We always want big and want it right now. But if you are trusted with small things, you can also be trusted and promoted with big things. (Luke 16:10)

The Bible tells us that as we handle the riches, be they small or big, with integrity, we will be trusted with the eternal treasures of the spiritual world. We will see an increase in wisdom, knowledge, strength, health, wealth, property, salary, and more.

And that’s my desire for you! 

I hope my story has encouraged you! And if you have a story, please leave it in the comments below!

May you see an increase and abundance in your life today and always!


Haly ❤️

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