Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer for a Job – The TRUTH

It’s easy to get disillusioned when you have prayed for a job for a long time and still wake up unemployed. 

You are left wondering why God is not answering your prayer for a job. You may be asking, “Is God hearing me? Has He chosen to ignore me? Does He not care?” The list of questions is endless, and at the end of the day, you walk away from your prayer closet with no answer. 

You do not see the answer for a job for a few reasons. Your wishful job does not align with the will of God. It could be your wrong motives that stop you from getting the job you want. Or you need to give God time to prepare things before you get that job.

Before we go into details, let us start with some nuggets of wisdom that can shed light on – why we don’t always see the answers to our prayers.  

God will Enlighten You Regarding your Situation and point you in the right direction - Haly Ministries Quote (a man looking through binoculars)

How Should We View Our Unanswered Prayers?

There are many reasons that would explain why we don’t see answers to our prayers. We can find the answers in the Bible. When we meditate upon the verses that talk about prayer, we can get some answers that will set us free. 

One thing we can be sure of is God hears our prayers. He doesn’t ignore them. 1 John 5:14 says that the confidence we have in God is that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 

The key phrase is “if we ask according to His will.” This is the first thing you need to check when you pray for a job. Is your prayer in accordance with God’s will?

Do Not Lose Your Heart

Rather than ask, “why doesn’t God answer my prayer for a job?” a better question would be, “what is God’s answer to my prayer for a job?” God answers all prayers, and sometimes we don’t recognize His answers because we are not paying attention to them. You can easily miss God’s answer to your prayer when you are focused on how you want Him to answer you. 

Something we usually overlook in prayer is the waiting period. Some prayers call for waiting for God’s appointed time to answer your prayers. Maybe your prayer for a job requires you to wait on God so that He can bring it to pass at the right time. 

In the meantime, don’t give up on praying because your answer is on the way. In Luke 18:1, Jesus told us that we always ought to pray without losing heart. 

It’s okay to ask God why you are not seeing an answer for your prayer for a job. This is not a lack of faith but asking God to show you if there is anything standing in the way of your answer. Once He shows you, you can then know whether you need to change your prayer or continue to hold on in faith. 

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer for a Job?

If you don’t see an answer to your prayer for a job, check your prayer against the following four things and see if they shed some light

1. God’s Will

Is your prayer in line with God’s will? You may be praying for a job that is not in line with God’s will. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the job you are praying for, however, maybe it will only serve your desires and not the purposes of God over your life. 

Maybe God wants you to start your own business? I have told many times that God wants to raise Christian entrepreneurs or successful investors. Would you like to be one of them? 

2. The Appointed Time

You may be wondering why God would make you wait for His appointed time when you need the job now, not tomorrow. God has to work things out in your favor, and this may take some time. 

By the time He gives you the job, He will have worked in your heart to heal, grow and mature you. He will give you a job that requires a preparation time before you are ready for it. He wants to bless you with the very best as you patiently wait for Him. 

3. Your Motives

We sometimes don’t see answers to our prayers for a job because we ask with the wrong motives (James 4:3). Some wrong motives could be wanting a particular job because of the perks it offers, the prestige we will have working a certain job, etc. 

You can pray and ask God to show you if you are praying with the right or wrong motive. 

Jim Rohn said these words,

“The only way it gets better for you is when YOU get better. Better is not something you wish, it’s something you become.” 

– Jim Rohn

God wants you to BECOME! 

4. We do not Seek

Also, there is another reason and probably the most important one. We wait upon God to give us a job, but we do not do anything about it. 

Jesus told us that when we seek, we shall find. We need to make some phone calls, send our CVs, tell our friends we are looking for a job. Whatever you can do from your side, do it. 

What I have found out – God usually brings a completely different answer to our prayers. It’s always better, exceeding our imaginations and desires.

Do your part, but trust God’s part!

Find Out What God’s Answer for Your Job Situation

God has answered your prayer for a job. Because you haven’t seen your job manifest, it does not mean that He has not. The question would be, what is His answer? 

When we pray, God gives us His answer as we meditate on His Word. 

  • If He wants us to wait, He will say so. 
  • If there is something standing in the way, He will alert us. 
  • If we are praying the wrong thing, He will show us. 

We usually find it hard to see God’s answers when we are desperate for a job because we just want Him to give us a job. 

What Do You Do When Your Prayers Aren’t Answered?

Cal to Me and I will Answer You Jeremiah 33 3

If you feel that your prayer for a job is not being answered – ask God. There is no other way you will know why you are not seeing an answer. 

God says in Jeremiah 33:3 that when you call to Him, He will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things you don’t know. Armed with the answer, you will know how to respond so that you can see your prayer bear fruit.   

When the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she would conceive and have a son Jesus, she asked him how it would happen. She had not been intimate with a man and did not understand how the Lord’s word would come to pass. Mary didn’t ask because she lacked faith. What she lacked was knowledge (Luke 1:30-35). 

If you don’t know what is happening, ask God. Don’t make assumptions because you may be wrong.

Have You Made a Job an Idol?

Unfortunately, many job seekers have made a job an idol. They want nothing else but a job. You can idolize a job, especially where you have been jobless for a long time, and nothing else seems to matter. Something becomes an idol when it takes over your heart, and you will accept nothing less. 

God says in Isaiah 42:8 that He will not yield His glory to another or His praise to idols. It means that He will not answer a prayer you have idolized. If He did, the glory would not go to Him but to your idol. 

If you want a job more than you want God, repent and yield to God’s desire for you in this season. For His ways are perfect. 

How Do You Know a Job Opportunity is from God?

You may have prayed, and then a certain job opportunity opened up, and you are wondering if it is from God. At this point, prayer will be your saving grace. 

Pray and ask God for wisdom to determine if the job opportunity is from Him (James 1:5). Armed with divine wisdom, you can tell whether to take it up or let it go. The last thing you want is to be in a job that is not God’s will for you. 

God will help you to make the right decision and show you the path to walk on. When we are moving in the right direction, God always gives us His peace that surpasses all understanding.

If you have peace regarding a particular opportunity, it may be from God, but find out from Him first. 

Final Thoughts

Our lives are unique, and the reasons why we don’t get answers to our prayers for a job are varied. 

Only God can enlighten you regarding your situation and point you in the right direction. Sometimes, you are on the right track with your prayer, and you only need to be patient and wait for God’s timing. 

Never give up hope! One day, you will see your job manifest and your heart will be full of joy. God always keeps His word – TRUST HIM!

This teaching of Steven Furtick is very clear and inspirational. God already knows what you need, you just need to ask Him what to do. Hope you will enjoy it.

God, what do you want me to do? | Pastor Steven Furtick

Your opportunity SHALL COME, my friend! 

Have you prayed for a job and have not received an answer yet? Is there anything we can pray for? Please share with us in a comment below.

Shalom & Blessings,

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13 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer for a Job – The TRUTH”

  1. I had taken a career break in 2018, but had got a job in 2020. In 2021 I had got a job offer but had not gone for the interview even though the salary was good. Shortly afterwards the company I was working for sacked me. I realized that God had sent me the job, but I had ignored it. Now it has been nearly 6 months that I am repenting for my sins, by ignoring Gods divine providence.

  2. I just need Gods help. I am physically hurting and I can’t afford the insurance. So would you please touch and agree for a better career with benefits. Thank you sincerely.,
    Min. Jonathan Rodgers

  3. I have been widowed a little over 2 years. My income has been drastically reduced. I have a full time job, but I need a better job. I need both a pay increase & benefits. I have been at my current 7 years. I’ve only had one raise, there are no benefits. The atmosphere is hard. Profane words, sexual talk, racist comments are the norm. It sickens me. I have tried to ignore, by wearing ear pods & listening to Christian music. I’ve tried telling them I find their talk degrading & offensive. They ridicule me. Some days I actually cry it’s so bad. I can’t just quit. I desperately need the income. I sometimes wonder if God wants me to be a light for these people. I am the only one there that is not a participant in the vile conversations.
    The have applied for a much better job with benefits & where I know this sort of language & behavior is not tolerated. I pray & ask you to pray with me that God will make a way for me. If the job I’ve applied for is not where He wants me, I pray He shows me where He does want me.
    I thank you for your time & prayers.

    • Hello Angie,

      Thank you for posting your story. I like this quote by Roy Bennett, “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”

      Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Also trust God that He has great things stored for you. There is no lack in God’s Kingdom!

      We all go through valleys in our lives, but that’s not to make us weaker, but stronger.

      I believe you can overcome all the difficulties, because you can. And I pray that you do not pay attention to outside voices, but know who you are in Christ.

      You are amazing, you are loved! May you find joy, the joy of the Lord that is your strength!

      I pray that God’s benefits come into your life!

      May you prosper in ALL things!

  4. since 2020 i lost my job, my wife has been the bread winner. i have applied to countless organizations to no avail. we both have prayed, fasted bot individually and together but i keep getting rejections after rejections. the last job i applied for i prayed and fasted, in fact the night of 24th march i was up praying that a breakthrough would happen but i got a rejection. its very obvious god does not answer prayers and does not hear us. from this point on i rely solely on my own strength so i know if i fail i fail on my own not believing on someone or something that would fail me!

    • Hello Ibe Chinedu,
      Thank you for visiting this website and reading the message.

      I do not want to push anything as I write things from my experience, and I know others experienced it too.
      It’s up to you to believe that God exists or not, or He answers your prayers or not. You speak from your life experience.

      But the one thing I want to say is bitterness is toxic, but gratitude heals. You may go through quite hard time right now and you gave up on everything, even on yourself. But there is a way. Start focusing on positive and be grateful for what you have rather than for what you do not.

      When you reject yourself and feel unworthy, others will feel that and they will reject you. Allow healing into your heart and mind. How? You need to see yourself worthy, accepted, loved and forgiven. Start speaking about yourself positively.

      If you do that, you will see the changes, first in you and then in things around you.

      My prayer for you that you will find your peace in the midst of uncertainty and that your job opportunity will be found too.

      Stay Always Blessed!

  5. I am a single mother of one. I was unfairly let go from my position in 2015 and have been unable to find employment since. All business that I have tried have failed I have sold everything I had to survive. I apply and pray continually for a job/work to no avail. I am at a loss of how to go on Please pray with for and with me that I may be able to find work so that I can fullfil my responsibilities. Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Lynn,

      Thank you for leaving a message.

      I feel there is no clarity.

      I have got a few questions for you. What job would you like to have? What is your role in your job? What organisation would you like to work for? Where do you see yourself?

      You need clarity on what you’d want to do. Just stop, take a piece of paper and put all the points you want to see in your future job. Then start being thankful that you have already got that job, or that position. Do not question how. Everything will realign with your vision.

      As your vision about your future become clearer, it will be easier to see your next steps. You will be in places you need to be, meeting people you need to meet.

      God is watching over you and each of your step. So, do not fear!

      I pray that your vision will be clear and you prosper in every way and that you continually enjoy good health!

      May you, your beautiful child, and your family be always blessed!

      With Blessings,

  6. Hello,
    I have been a Widower since 2011. I had to finish raising
    our 3 girls. I was forced to leave my family’s business in order to provide. I have been in 3 different positions that were toxic and full of non believers. I viewed these struggles that God was wanting my light to share with others. I have been fired from my last 3 jobs. I believe that Satan is testing my will and my belief! I am so behind on my house that it’s almost in foreclosure. I am behind on everything and face legal problems due to not having a job. I face legal matters in which I have been accused of committing a crime that I didn’t commit! I’m behind on a loan that I mortgaged my car and my daughters car and cannot seem to make the payments. My unemployment is due to run out this coming month! I am looking at being homeless and without a car if I don’t get a good paying job! I hold a Masters degree with recommendation letters, certifications and years of job experience!
    I have attempted suicide 3 times and God has always brought me back! I suffer from trauma, ptsd, depression and anxiety from the harm of the loss of my husband and my toxic, challenging, and being surrounded by people that are non believers! I live each day as though it’s my last! I always have! I have 2 amazing friends and a Father that loves me unconditionally! I have placed him with my financial problems due to him trying to save me!

    Please I beg and pray for God to deliver me from this horrible life. I have applied for jobs all over the place and all I have gotten is rejection!
    I see others prosper and yet I am left struggling to keep my head above water. I feel as though I am drowning in quick sand. I have prayed for guidance, clarity, as to why my life is this! I have prayed for signs as to what God wants me to do. I am so desperate and I am running out of time! My physical health and my mental health isn’t good either!

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong and for God to answer my prayers now!

    I don’t know how much longer I can hold on…. 😥

    • Hello LaDonna Hare-Girdner,

      Thank you for visiting our blog, and posting a comment or the cry of your heart.

      You fought to be born in this world and you won. What and who is stopping you from winning again? You came to this earth with a purpose. Why not find the purpose again?

      And even if you don’t feel you have any strength to win again, God gives you the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

      You are not alone, even it seems like. You are not a defeated human being, even it seems like.

      And it’s only you, who can look in the mirror and say, “Enough is enough. I am not a pitiful life. I am full of life.”

      You described yourself from other people’s opinions. But how YOU see yourself is more important than anyone’s opinion.

      Do you see yourself a winner, prosperous, healthy, joyful, peaceful, successful in your career?

      God’s love for you is unconditional and His love never fails.

      Laugh in the face of adversity for you will triumph even in your troubles, love yourself unconditionally and learn to enjoy your everyday life.

      And give all your worries, anxieties, all your concern to God, for He does care about you. (1 Peter 5:7)

      We pray that your life will be full of God’s blessings!

      Haly Ministries 💗

  7. Dear Haly Ministries,

    My wife and I lost our contract in December 2022 and have been looking for Outsource Work or Hybrid Work. We have been praying for work since October 2022 when we were informed that our Contract will be ending. We have been sending Resumes ever since, but have not had a break-through. We have made this a matter of intense prayer.

    Please pray for us for a break-through. We would like to continue working for ourselves.

    Thank You.


    Steve & Ann Cronje

    • Shalom Steve & Ann Cronje,

      I understand the difficult situation you and your wife have been facing since losing your contract in December 2022. It’s evident that you’ve been putting in a lot of effort into finding work and have been praying intensely for a breakthrough since October 2022. The job search process can be tough, and I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles.

      We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers. May you find the strength and perseverance to overcome these obstacles, and may the right opportunities come your way soon. May you be granted the chance to continue working for yourselves and find success.

      During this challenging time, it’s essential to stay positive, continue sending out your resumes, and explore different avenues that might lead to new opportunities. Sometimes, unexpected doors open when we least expect them. Keep believing in yourselves and in the power of prayer, for miracles can happen.

      Wishing you both strength, hope, and resilience as you navigate this period of uncertainty. May the future hold brighter and better prospects for your professional and personal lives.

      Sending you our heartfelt prayers and best wishes for a breakthrough and success.



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