How to Trust God in Difficult Times

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In life, there will always be good times and not so good times. The bulk of the world population have one thing or the other that will pop up at certain times to test their peace; difficulties can be challenging. 

The reason why men experience difficult times is they come across things that are beyond their capacity and may be new to their understanding. Hard times can come in different forms; this could be health-wise, relationship issues (either family or loved ones), financial. 

Though God gave a man some ability to solve some problems on their own, men should understand the limitations of this privilege and know which difficulties they have power over, and the ones that overpower them. 

Why do we need to know that? It will help us not to carry an unnecessary burden and help not to lose our peace altogether.

When we acknowledge that we can’t solve all our problems on our own, and look to God for help and depend on Him, His word assures us that God will strengthen us during difficult times and He will help us. 

God made man in all his complexities and knows all difficulties, troubles, problems that we can face. He is not oblivious to the challenges that stir up against us, especially against His children. 

God desires that we are saved and restored wholly from all our troubles. He is not going to be quiet about it. He will guide us continually and send someone to help us. 

Whenever you are faced with a difficulty, you need to ask yourself these questions as a starting point to a solution:

  • Is this a test?
  • Do I have a solution to the problem?
  • Can men help me?

Some Reasons Why We Face Difficulties

When we are walking through hard times, we must remember that no matter what the reason for our problem is, God loves us, and it is His power that protects us. 

Let’s look at some of the ‘facing difficulties’ reasons:

1. Tresspass 

The Solution – Ask for Forgiveness of Sins

First, you need to know if the problem faced is arising out of something you may have done, because if it was as a result of your trespass, then you need to ask for forgiveness of sins. (1 John 1:9) 

Even though this doesn’t sound like popular knowledge nowadays, it is a reality that sometimes we get caught in problems because of our trespasses. 

In Ecclesiastes 10:8, it talks about how he that breaks the wall of protection by sinning will definitely be attacked by the serpent; the devil. 

Peter also speaks of this in 1 Peter 2:201 Peter 3:17; 1 Peter 4:15; as it is a possibility that even we as Christians can suffer for the wrongs that we do if we let the devil have his way.

2. A Test

The Solution – Seek God’s Help

Secondly, if this perhaps is not a problem you may have a hand in, then it must be a test that you can overcome with the help of God. 

Calling on God with a heart of confidence is what you should be doing, because He says, “Call upon Me and you will be saved.” (Psalms 55:16)

It is in His power to rescue you. 

3. Neither a Test nor Trespass

The Solution – Ask God to Send Help

Thirdly, if this is something that you know has not come up because of something you did, then what is the way forward? Ask people to help you. 

It is not a crime for men to turn to men for help on matters that bother them. In fact, the Bible encourages believers to be burden-bearers for each other (Galatians 6:2)

We are also taught that we can be helpers of men who seek our attention at their point of need (Luke 6:30). We can be the answers to some people’s prayers in their times of difficulties.

Put God First in All Your Decision Making

However, we should never become totally dependant on what man can do for us. Man has limits, but God can help you to go beyond the limits; because He has no limits. 

The danger is when we begin to seek the attention of men at every instance and forget that it’s actually God Who makes men arise for our needs to be met. We should always first make our requests known to God and trust Him to deliver us from the times of oppression or difficulties, and then see help from man. 

We must learn to balance things out. Thank God we have people around us who are willing to offer their help, but it should not stop us from asking God what His will is for our situation. We revere God when we involve Him in everything we do. 

In all the conditions that we have examined, we must understand that we need God in all the solutions applicable. God is the center of it all!

When we find out the cause of our problem or difficulty, the answers are still tied to our trust in God, not men.

How to Trust God in the Middle of Difficult Times?

So, how do we trust that God will deliver us in times of difficulties? When the storms keep raging and it looks like things are getting worse rather than getting better even after you have prayed all you can, what do you do while waiting?

Pray Without Ceasing

Man Praying

Prayer in the life of a believer cannot be overemphasized. It has been an age-long tradition; the Jews did it in the old days, the prophets, Jesus did, the apostles did, and every person since the creation of man who knew God, knew that prayer works. 

Prayer is supposed to be two-way communication. He knows your heart, your need, your struggles, your pain. If you are aware that His presence is always with you, you will talk to Him as to your friend and listen to Him as to your friend. 

We are limiting ourselves by not listening to God and what He says about our difficult situation. He is the best encourager. When you are in the midst of difficult times, God will edify, inspire, uplift you. He will give you hope and will strengthen you. That’s how the prayer works. You come in despair and leave with hope and joy. 

It is in the place of prayer that our answers come. It is in the place of prayer that we receive the peace that surpasses our human understanding. Prayer is much more than we think it to be. It brings the power and presence of God to our immediate need. The Bible teaches so much about praying that every believer must pay attention to its working.

When Jesus was troubled, He went to the garden to pray. Jesus was aware of the power of the presence of God. He didn’t only pray when things were becoming tougher, but He prayed in the good times as well; He prayed always. (Matthew 26:36-46)

This should be the character of every believer who has come to know God and trusts in His power to save.

Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). He understood what prayer could do for a man. However, prayer must come from a heart of understanding, knowing the power you are appealing to and what it can cause. The Psalmist says his help comes from God, the maker of the heavens and the earth; he understands who he must look up to. (Psalms 121:2

We should also have a deeper understanding of whom God is if we want to have a fruitful prayer life.

Know God by His Word

Woman Reading Bible - Proverbs

The word of God shows us the acts of God. It teaches us His character, His Ways, His promises towards His people. The Word of God tells us of His love towards not only those who fear Him, but to all men. (John 3:16)

He loves all men, but those who have made Him and His ways a priority have a special place in His heart. They are called the righteous, not by their own will or power, but by His grace and mercy. (Romans 5:1)

When we give time to the word of God and the knowledge that we gain from it, it helps us have a better understanding of what to expect, and in return gives us confidence on our journey with the Lord. 

God’s Word teaches us the things that we need to know about Him, and one of those things is that He wants us to overcome every difficulty that comes our way. He has made promises and statements that assure us of His will for us: His plans are of life and peace to us (Jeremiah 29:11); He can give us all things (Romans 8:32); He has blessed us with heavenly blessings, and all things that pertain to life and godliness (Ephesians 1:3) 

When we know things like these, they give us hope and confidence to keep on trusting and awaiting the light at the end of the tunnel. It is only the Word of God that can build up the faith we need to have in God (Romans 10:17)

When we come to make the Word of God the basis and foundation for our lives, our everyday go-to for direction and comfort, then we sustain the strength to trust God in our difficult times.

Fasting – Focus All your Attention on God

Fasting - Glass of Water and the Cross

While many believers may not see the use of fasting nowadays, it is still a powerful tool that helps us when engaging the presence of God. 

A fast is not only a time when we deprive our bodies of food, but is also a time when we focus all our attention on God undividedly, to hear what He is saying in clarity. 

Fasting in combination with prayers will awake your inner man, and connect you with God. Fasting is like a statement that says, 

“It is my time of complete trust and waiting on God. God is my Deliverer and I believe that He will deliver me from all my troubles. He will send help on my way and satisfy all my needs.” 

Be in the Company of Believers

Group of People by Fireplace

In times of difficulties, it is more destructive to hear and believe contrary opinions to that of God. One of the things that hinders believers from a quick breakthrough at the appointed time is contrary opinions that water-down faith.

Being in the company of believers who really know God is a strategy that pays off, because they will build-up your faith even when you seem to be weakening.

This is why Paul encourages us not to neglect or undermine the gathering of the brethren. We are encouraged or discouraged by what we hear and the people we choose to associate ourselves with. (Hebrews 10:25)

Speak Positivity

Scrabble Word - Encourage

The power of the words we speak can hold sway over us. Either we speak positively in line with the will of God or we speak negativity according to the way we feel or imagine. 

The Bible teaches us that there is power in our tongue, and God acts on what we say. Surround yourself with only things that speak of God’s faithfulness. It is not the time to hear how this-and-that happened to so-and-so believers, but a time to speak the ordinances of God over your life in faith. (Proverbs 18:21, Numbers 14:28)

As believers, we must also sustain the spiritual ability to know what we are faced with, why we are facing it, and what we can do about it. Being ignorant is a big disadvantage on the journey of faith that we have embarked on. Not only are we awake to knowing when things are not going right, but knowing the solution to apply in those times is also a big step. 

Final Thoughts

So, when we are faced with difficulties, as we may expect from time to time in the walk of faith, it is important that we know that only God has mighty power to save. 

“But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits,” says Daniel 11:32

Trusting in God is knowing God, but how do we trust Him if we haven’t learned about Who He is from His Word?

Do not go places where all you hear is how people are having one problem or the other. While we relate with people and sympathize with them, it should not be an avenue to cry like people who have no God, but we should encourage each other in our ordeals.

Fasting is an added advantage to the prayer offering. It is a sacrifice that God respects and answers. It is always good to fortify prayers with fasting.

All these are ways that you can keep your faith alive and healthy while you wait on God. He will save and be able to bring you out of every difficulty you face today. Just trust in Him and every Word that He has spoken to you. 

God can revive your life according to His Word, and He can make your joy complete. By returning and resting in God you will be saved. In quietness and trust in Him, you will be made strong. The laughter will return to your home. (Isaiah 30:15)

I hope this Message Has Been Helpful. Please Let Me Know in the Comments Below. Blessings, Haly

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