You are Not Barren, but Fruitful

You are not Barren, But Fruitful Happy Family

In the Old Testament, when God gave a prophetic word He asked prophets to do something. For example, he told Jeremiah to buy a clay pot, speak the Word of God, and then smash that pot in front of people. That was a very strong word for Israel. I thank God, Jesus was smashed for all of us. But Jeremiah had to buy that pot – a physical action; then God spoke through Jeremiah to His people – spiritual action. They went hand in hand. It often happens to me. God asks me to participate or do something, and then speak His Word.

For example, last year God asked me to put an opened door padlock on a chain, go to a church and He would tell me what to do with that. I thought it was going to happen during a meeting. There was a call asking if we had anything in our hearts for that church. “Oh that is the moment to share’, I thought; but I felt that was not what God sent me for. Then after the service, I wanted to say ‘Hello’ to one lady, and I started prophesying to her and telling her about that padlock which represented the opened door for her future. She was in tears because she felt God wanted her to go to Israel and serve Him there, but she did not know where to stay, what to do. No doors were opened at that point. In a very short period of time an opportunity for joining a team in Israel came up, a visa was granted. Hallelujah!

During these few days, God is speaking to me about His people are staying in their ‘caves’ or ’tents’ for far too long. I even gave this word to my subscribers last week. I thank the Father, He always confirms it with Scripture, events, people…

We received an email from one Christian organisation asking if we could come and help them with selling their books during a leadership conference. They were short of staff. I looked at that invitation, then to the word God had given me ‘Get out of your cave’. They implemented each other. I knew it was God speaking to all of us for this season.

Why am I telling you this? There is a connection to everything. The Father told me to go and help that organisation – ‘get out of that tent’, that action will open a door for others to get out of their ‘tents’. So, I did.

Then during these few days, a man who worked for the organisation told me that the lady who moved to Israel gave testimony about the prophetic word I gave her. That lady worked for that organisation. Not only that, that conference was held in the Royal Hall. Do you remember the Word for April? I was talking about Banquet, and then a concert hall. In April God told me to visit the Banqueting House. I did not know anything about that one. I had a free membership and was looking at what to visit and then I learned there was a Banqueting House in a city, and I could visit it for free. In May, I also visited a Royal concert hall, the most beautiful and treasured building in the UK, and that visit was free.

Through all these events, God is saying, He is going to fulfil the word for April, also a prophetic word for May, because they link to each other. And not only that, He will lead you out of that ‘tent’ you have stayed for a long time.

God had to take Abraham out of his tent too (Genesis 15:1-4). God appeared in a vision to Abraham and told him not to be afraid. Are you afraid of the future? God said He was going to protect Abraham, and his reward was going to be great.

The Father is telling you the same. You will be protected, there will be a reward. Then Abraham started doubting. We all do, especially when we are in our ‘tents’. He said he still did not have a son who could inherit all his wealth, and because God had not given him descendants of his own, so one of his servants would be his heir. God answered, “No, your servant will not be your heir, for you will have a son of your own who will be your heir.”

Then the Lord took Abram outside and said to him, “Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have!” (verse 5)

This is the word for those who did not see too much movement, and for those who were barren and could bare a child.

The Father knows how to reach each one of us. The Lord took Abraham outside his tent. The Lord is taking you outside your ‘tent’. Abraham’s ‘tent’ was limiting God’s possibilities. Your ‘tent’ is limiting what God can do in your life too.

What can be your ‘tent’? Religion, worries, self-pity, unworthiness, they all can be vision blocks, blocking your vision of understanding of Who God is truly is, and what He can do in your life.

Prophetic Word:

You are Not Barren, but Fruitful – Video

Here is what the Father says: “You have not seen it yet. You have not experienced it yet. That tent blocked your vision, My possibilities, My availability for you, but I am removing that affliction away from you. Bitterness is no longer be near you. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward. I am calling you out and I am taking you out of your ‘tent’. I am blessing you beyond measure. I am removing the blockages out of your way, and making My way! I am taking you on a new journey of health and wealth. I am bringing you from a place of bareness into a place of fruitfulness.

I am calling you and say, ‘Be fruitful! You will bear children. Be fruitful! Your quiver will be full. You and your children are going to be blessed because of My covenant with you.’

You will bear fruit, because I have chosen you. You will bear fruit, because I have appointed you.”

The Father is taking you outside your ‘tent’ and your life will never be the same. He will show you dreams, visions, He will speak to you concerning your future. The Lord your God enlarges your land and extends its borders. He will restore your inheritance and you will bear fruit, and prosper in all you do. Amen.

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  1. I look forward to the fulfillment of this prophecy in my life. Please Lord increase my faith and show me what is outside of my tent


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