Prophetic Word for June 2019 – You WILL Overcome

You Will Overcome Prophetic Word June 2019

I asked the Lord to give me a vision for June Prophetic Word 2019. The Word says, “Ask and you shall receive”. I thank God He always answers our prayers and I praise Him for outlining what is happening right now and showing what to do in each situation. Thank You Jesus! ❤️

Let us pray, ask God to reveal what He wants to tell us through this vision, and apply His steps into our own lives.

Night Vision – You Will Overcome

You came into a house, there was a man sitting at the desk with a laptop. You were looking for that man. Then you pointed at him and said, “You are a scam. You are a scam.” You were withdrawing yourself into another room, while during your withdrawal a woman entered the room where the scam guy was. She heard what you said and she told to the scammer that you did not have rights to call the scammer that name. She said she was going to deal with that. She, demonic correctness, entered the room where you were, but she could not say anything or address the issue. She was not by herself. There was a small crowd with her, and they started speaking in a different language. You understood the language and spoke back. They were terrified because you knew what they planned.

You left, looking for that ‘scammer’. You confronted him, but now you wanted to drive him out of your place. You entered the garden and saw a small ball which belonged to the scammer. It was rolling towards you. There was a man in the garden and He asked a question, “Are you looking for so and so. (He named him but I cannot remember). He is a troubler. Is he troubling you?

During that conversation, you knew exactly where to look for the scammer and you knew he was not alone. You went into your house, opened the door and saw on the right side there was the scammer sitting, typing something on a laptop, scamming people, scamming you. On a couch there was a woman, sleeping – a sleepy or drowsy spirit.

You had so much strength inside of you. You grabbed that scammer and threw him out of your house, shouting, “Get Out.” You also threw the scammer’s belongings too. Then you came to the couch. That drowsy spirit was so sleepy. You felt that on you. But you did not spare. You had Samson’s strength inside of you. You grabbed the drowsy, sleepy spirit and threw her out, shouting, “Get out”.

It was like a movie with a great end. The end of a big achievement.

What Can This Vision Teach Us?

First let’s look at what the word ‘scammer’ means. A scammer commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme, by tricking people. He is a swindler, who uses deception to deprive someone of money or possessions.

  1. God will give you discernment of spirits. As you identified in the vision who was who, you are going to walk in discernment. You will understand what is going on and will interpret their actions.
  2. Those spirits, demons could not harm you. They wanted to bring demonic correctness, but they could not.
  3. The strength, understanding, discernment will come, because of your communion with the Father. The man in the garden is your Heavenly Father. After that communion, you knew exactly where to find your enemy.
  4. You will have supernatural strength, ‘Samson’s strength’. You will not spare. You will command with authority and by force will drive the enemy out of your life, of your house. The strength will come from above.

The Father asked me to visit Swansea in Wales and a small town called, Loughor. Loughor is where the Welsh Revival took place. The Father wants to revive, to restore, to nourish you, to make you whole.  When I arrived at Swansea, I decided to take a walk and on my way, I saw a beautiful rainbow. While I was still walking, I saw two rainbows.

Prophetic Word:

The Father says, “I am giving you strategies from heaven. I am uploading My truth into your heart and you will prevail against all the tactics of the enemy. You are going to walk in My truth and you will see your way will be cleared out.  It is My intention to see you walking in My truth and with My authority driving enemies out of your life.

Your enemies can try to come like a flood at you, but you will not spare. They will try to accuse you, but you will not listen. They will try to intimidate, but you will not be bound by fear. They will be intimidated by you, and they will flee. As soon as you make that decision to resist, they will not fight back, and not answer back. It is you, who tell them where to go. You drive them out. You chase them until no one is left.

You were crying to Me, asking to help you. You were crying to Me asking to deliver you. But I am sending you to deal with your enemies. I am sending you to take the authority I have given you. I am sending you to drive them out. I am sending you to clear out your land from drowsiness, sleepiness, laziness, mockery, fear, intimidation, deception, financial brokenness.  

Be alert. Be prepared. Stand strong. I am the Lord, your Rock. I am training your hands for war, and your fingers for battle. I will encourage you. Make Me your devotion. Make Me your fortress, and I will subdue your enemies under you. I will give you My supernatural strength to deal with your fears.

It is not your time to consider. It is time to act. And you WILL ACT! Oh, how you WILL ACT! Am I surprised? No. Is your enemy surprised? Oh, for sure.

Be strong, and do not fear. Take the shield of faith, and with the authority I have given you, trample on those snakes and scorpions which are coming against you. You will OVERCOME! You will overcome ALL the power of the enemy. And did I not say? NOTHING, absolutely nothing will harm you.”

This vision, the rainbow, the Word from the Father are sending us a clear message, that God will turn it around for your good. He is going to revive us. You are going to be revived in your spirit, soul, body, finances, relationships. You will have His supernatural strength to drive your enemies. For it is not by your might nor your power, but by His Spirit. (Zechariah 4:6)

I hope this June message has blessed you. It has blessed me. You WILL Overcome by the power and strength of God. Amen.

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7 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for June 2019 – You WILL Overcome”

  1. Hello Haly,
    I want so much to believe my breakthrough will be here for me and I will be able to start all over again.
    My faith is now shaken, I heard so many prophecies about my breakthrough is here, but till now I have nothing but disappointment. I dare not even hope in case I am disappointed again. I am weary and tired.
    Thank you for always so positive, when I receive something tangible I will inform you.

    • Hi Josephine,
      Thank you for being you and sending an email, sharing what is in your heart right now.
      You always have to remember that it is God who sends a word and it is God who makes it happen. We are His vessels, but it is God who does it all. Many prophecies to you speak of the same thing, God Wants to bless you. He is a Good Father. You have to remember that, no matter how it looks outside, your Heavenly Father is a good Abba. Jesus showed us the Father. Jesus did only good. This also applies to you.
      As my example, I’ve had many prophecies over my life. Some were fulfilled, some – I am still waiting. If I start questioning, ‘WHY they have not happened yet?’, it will also stress me out.

      When the Word is released into our lives, the process has been started. How long is God going to realign things for that to happen, it is up to Him. Most of prophecies I had, there was a time. They just could not happen overnight. He had to prepare me, people, places… I had instant ones as well, but mostly I had to wait.
      I would suggest, focus on the Giver of the Word. Thank Him for your breakthrough, miracle, things you have in your life, and live. You need to relax for it to happen.
      God wants to bless you, and He will. Be strong, and do not allow disappointment into your life. That’s why it is important to listen to the Word for June again. God did give it for a purpose, because He saw the struggles of His people.
      Blessings to you and your family, Haly

  2. Haly,

    You have such a sweet and tender heart towards The Lord, bless you!

    I too have had a lot of disappointment but I am NOT done, neither is The Lord! I am trusting God for strength in this last battle, thank you for the encouraging word.

    • Thank you William. I thank our Father He does not look at our disappointments, but looks forward to the fulfilment of His promises. No matter how ugly is out there, with God’s help you will overcome disappointments too. We have prayed for you. The Word is: “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” Isaiah 61:7


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