Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Change Your Focus

I feel the Lord wants to tell you that your focus is the wrong focus. You think that the cause of a problem is the problem, but the cause of the problem is somebody who is behind your problem, a spirit of the problem. 

Disciples thought that the cause of their problem was a stormy sea and crashing waves. They were battling and battling, but nothing seemed to work. Maybe they cried to God the Father, “Father we pray do something.”

You think, “I am attacked by the devil”, “I am still not healed.”, My arthritis is giving me pain”, “I cannot get a job”, “I cannot hear God”, “I still fear the heights”, “I have prayed God would deliver me from this addiction, but I do not see result and still struggling”, “I am so tired”… You are focusing on a stormy sea, you are focusing on stormy waves. 

You are in the same boat with disciples. They were struggling, and they lost their hope, strength and desire to fight back because… 

They fought the wrong enemy.  They fought with waves. Disciples decided to include Jesus in their warfare. Jesus woke up, the first thing He did was, He rebuked the wind. Who did Jesus rebuke? WAVES? Were they waves? No… WIND HAD TO LEAVE first. The wind was the one which caused those stormy waves. FIRST He rebuked the wind and THEN He said to the waves, “Silence! Be still!” Suddenly the wind stopped, and there was a great calm. (Mark 4:39) Probably you would expect Jesus to tap them on their shoulders and say, “Oh, I am so, so so sorry guys. You went through a tough time.” No, He asked them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Why are you afraid? What are you afraid? Who are you afraid?

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My friend, if Jesus is your Saviour, get up and do what Jesus commanded you to do – rebuke your circumstance. Rebuke the spirit of fear, rebuke the spirit of poverty, rebuke the spirit of spiritual deafness, rebuke the spirit of cancer, rebuke the spirit of (name) addiction, if you cannot get a job – rebuke the spirit of failure and rejection and then command those circumstances to leave, to stop, to be silent… Command a healing to come, command a job to come, command freedom from addiction to come, command strength to come.

You can do this because you are His disciple. Jesus gave you authority and power to rebuke and command. Never fight with a problem, fight with one who has caused the problem. And your fight should not be with many words. A simple prayer but with authority is MORE than enough. Learn from Jesus. Shout if you are fed up, but do not spend hours, days, months, years.

One minute prayer with authority will change the whole atmosphere and your entire life. 

I speak over you that you will not be overcome by evil. You will not fear bad news, because you confidently trust the Lord who care for you. You are confident and fearless and can face your foes triumphantly. Amen.

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