Receive God’s Promise of Refreshing: Psalm 23 

Receive God’s promise of refreshing – the season of refreshing is here!

A lot has been happening in and around us, leaving us weary. I do not know about you, but March was a really difficult month for a lot of people I knew. And it’s only by Passover we felt relief and breakthrough. 

So, it sounds exciting to know this is a new season, but because of what some of us have been through, we remain guarded. 

We are afraid of getting stirred up with excitement for fear of disappointment.

But it will not be like that this time round. 

In this season, we are going to see the full manifestation of Psalm 23:3. We are going to be refreshed!

What does Restore Mean in Psalm 23:3?

It means to bring back to mind, recompense, recover or deliver.

This is a season when God will bring us back from captivity. He will restore all the years we have lost. We shall be delivered from whatever bondages or prison walls we have been in. 

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Not just that, it is going to be better than before. Your latter glory will be greater than the former glory.

It is time for us to recover all that we have lost. (Romans 13:11)

Still, struggling to believe?

Here are a few signs to show you that the season of refreshing has come:

‣ You will Find Joy in Unlikely Places

Finding joy in the last season has been hard. You’ve been going through hard times, and your soul is weary. Some of us would rather isolate ourselves from the rest of the world because no one seems to understand the transition we are going through.

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                        Today Choose Joy! - Prophetic Word

But this season, we will find joy in unlikely places and things. God knows you’ve been through a lot, but He doesn’t want you to remain in that state anymore.

God’s desire for you is that you shall start enjoying life again. He is giving us joy in unlikely places to strengthen our inner being and refresh us.

‣ Things that Used to Bother you don’t Anymore

Difficult seasons cause us to lose track of what it is like to enjoy even the simplest things in life. Many things bother us, and we easily become irritable, even by people or things we love.

The Christian Life is Not a Constant High - Billy Graham Quote

But in this new season, you will start to enjoy life again. God will bring meaning to your life and open your understanding so that you can understand why the last season was tough and why it was important for you to go through it.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will start to connect the dots and see why things happened the way they did.

‣ Word of God Through Prophetic Messages and Preaching

Before God takes you into a season, He will always prepare you. This will be through prophetic voices or bible teachings that you receive in church or watch on the internet.  

It may look like something has suddenly happened to you, but when you take time to analyze things, you’ll notice there was a form of preparation. 

Preparation is not only for those about to go through difficult times. Even in great seasons, God will prepare us through prophets, pastors, and teachers. We will keep hearing messages around the same theme or topic. Why?

God wants to prepare our hearts to receive the great things He is doing in our lives. A lot of what is being talked about by prophets, pastors, and apostles right now is restoration. This a great sign that should encourage us to keep hoping and standing in faith.

How does God Refresh us?

1. By giving us New Strength

Most of us have been weary because of the many things we’ve been going through spiritually, mentally, and physically. When God refreshes us, He gives us new strength. This is not just a spiritual thing; even your physical body will start feeling refreshed. (Isaiah 40:31)

In places where you’ve been dragging your feet to get things done, you’ll start to operate in supernatural strength, and things will move faster. If you’re still struggling to do what God has told you to do this season, ask Him to refresh your strength so you can get all those things done.

2. Through Other People’s Testimonies

Another great way God refreshes us is through other people’s testimonies. It could be that you’re in your season of waiting. 

Maybe there’s an area in your life where great things are happening, but you have to wait in another area until you see the full manifestation of God’s word in your life. 

God will connect you with people experiencing the blessings He has promised you so that you can be refreshed. 

The worst thing you will do to yourself is to be offended that others are blessed and you are not. Do not get offended by the blessings of others, no matter how long you have been waiting. Instead, celebrate with them joyfully. 

You will become refreshed by genuinely celebrating the success of other people. 

3. Through Fresh Revelation and Manifestation of His Word

One of the things that cause us to be frustrated and tired in the wilderness or waiting season is God gives us very great promises, but we don’t get to see the full manifestation of these promises when we are going through such seasons. 

We keep declaring and trusting in God, for we know He will fulfill His word, but nothing seems to happen in the physical realm. 

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Sometimes we become angry because things are not working out according to the promises of God or our timing.

But when the time comes for God to refresh our souls, He will give us a greater revelation, and there will also be manifestations of His word in our lives, which will cause us to become refreshed. 

4. By Vindicating Us

In our past seasons, some of us were told to take drastic steps, which made us look ridiculous in the eyes of men. We had to lay down our businesses, move to new places or walk away from certain relationships. 

I had to do those steps too. And there were some who could not understand why I had to take this or that step. Even though they were involved in ministry, they could not grab what God was doing in my life. Me neither! I had to trust the Lord and His plans. 

But here is the thing your season of vindication has come. (Deuteronomy 32:36)

People will see that it was God all along, and you were a faithful servant to Him even when things didn’t make sense. You obeyed Him but got judged for that, but now God will vindicate you publicly. Be excited!

Cooperate with God in this season. 

Do not sit there and do nothing. Instead, let us work with God in bringing everything He has promised us into manifestation. Yes, God is the one who refreshes us, but we need to follow Him and practice what He is telling us. 

Open your heart and tell Jesus that you are weary, rest in His finished work, and unplug from everything that may be stealing your joy and faith in God. Pray without ceasing, and do not stop praising God because victory is already yours in Christ Jesus. 

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4 thoughts on “Receive God’s Promise of Refreshing: Psalm 23 ”

  1. Ooooh thank you so much for these messages, they are so propheting in terms of what I’m currently going through and have been going through, God is speaking loudly in this season and I will remain strong in the Mighty name of Jesus. Hallelujah 🙌🏽 God bless you abundantly Mighty woman of God, Amen.

    • Hello Thobeka,
      So glad the message spoke to you in this season. In the Bible it says that weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. Your joyful morning is coming! Stay focused on Your heavenly Father, Who is Good!

  2. Haly, thank you for your encouraging messages! I am reading about David this week in the Bible and came across a wonderful scripture, 1 Samuel 25:29, in the King James Version. Abigail is speaking to David: “Yet a man is risen to pursue thee and to seek thy soul: but the soul of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God; and the souls of thy enemies, them shall He sling out, as out of the middle of a sling.” Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are also, like David, bound in the bundle of life with our Good Shepherd, our Lord, and He casts out our enemies. What an encouragement this scripture has been for me, and I pray it will encourage someone in this community also. God bless you, Haly. 💕

    • Shalom Antonia,

      Thank you for the message and the Bible verse. That’s very encouraging to know that our lives are safe, secure in the care of our Lord. And all our enemies, be it fear, disappointment, sickness, life threat, depression – they will all disappear by the Word, like stones shot from a sling! Glory to God! Our Shepherd is Good and He will lead us to victory!

      Love and Blessings,
      Haly 💗


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