God Shall Restore You: Psalm 23

We have come to a season of total restoration! Psalm 23:3 reminds us that God shall Restore You!

Okay, maybe you’ve heard this so many times. The wait has been long, and the warfare has been intense, especially this past few months or weeks. You don’t know what to believe anymore.

You have heard so many prophecies on restoration, but every time your hopes get high, things come crashing down. If anything, they become worse. 

In those difficult situations, you might feel that God restores someone else but not you. But God watches over His Word, and it is His great desire to restore YOU, and restore you NOW. Will you trust Him?

What does Restoration Mean?

Restoration means to revive or resurrect something.

For something to resurrect, it must be dead in the first place. 

God is about to resurrect whatever has been dead in your life. Our Father doesn’t just care about the active areas of our lives; He is also interested in the dead areas of our lives. He wants to resurrect our faith, hope, finances, relationships, or dreams. God wants to deliver and heal you. 

God will resurrect those dead areas in your life just like He resurrected Lazarus. Nothing is too hard for Him.

1. A Season to Possess your Possessions

Child of God, this is not a season for you to stay down. You need to rise and possess your possessions. Whether you have been waiting for one, ten, or twenty years, it is time for you to arise.

Get up and PROPHESY to the dry bones in your life!  

2. Restoration Starts with the Soul 

How we live and handle situations is primarily based on what is happening in our minds. That is why the Bible encourages us to have a positive outlook on life no matter what is going on. 

Restoration starts with the soul!

The wilderness can be a very traumatizing place. It can cause us to lose our faith. And that is precisely what the enemy wants. But we need to believe in God and His grace even when the future looks bleak. 

He Restores my Soul 

After God has given you rest and stilled your soul, He restores it. He makes it to be alive again. 

How does He do it?

With His Word!

‣ Hebrew Letters for Restore

In Psalm 23 the Hebrew root word “to restore” or “Shub” consists of 3 letters: Shin, Vav, and Beyt. It means “to return, to turn back, to repent.”

The letter “shin” looks like teeth; the letter “vav” looks like a nail or a connection, and the letter “beyt” means house.

To be restored, you need to eat the most nutritious food, the Word of God.

The Living Word will connect your whole being, your whole life with God’s purposes. 

If you’re battling doubt and fear, renew your mind. Go back to the promises of God over your life. 

Meditate on the prophecies that were spoken over you. Focus on the Word of God day and night until they become alive and real for you. 

3. A Time of Radical Obedience

We live under God’s grace, but that does not mean in any way that we should walk in disobedience. 

We need to do what God tells us to do even when it doesn’t make sense. 

Maybe we need to move to a new location or job, start a new business, or forgive someone. If God is leading you to fast, do it. Some of us need to praise and worship God a lot more. 

No matter what God is telling you to do, DO IT!

Yes, no one has done what God told you to do. At least, you don’t know anyone, and it scares you. You don’t know what the results will be. But the truth is your restoration is on the other side of obedience. 

We will never know how significant the promises of God are until we follow God blindly. 

Don’t allow your circumstances to dictate to you; instead, use the word of God to dictate your circumstances.

We need to walk in total obedience.  

 4. The New Season will not be like the Last Season

The children of Israel did not experience God’s best because they focused on the wrong things. They were quick to default to their past whenever a challenge came up. (Psalm 78:1-72)

As we possess our promised land, we must be careful not to look back to the past.

Like Paul, we need to forget what lies behind us and focus on what is ahead of us. We understand that this will not be easy for some of us, but we can choose to let go and let God. 

God can restore what is broken and turn it into something amazing. All you need is faith. – Joel 2:25

Whatever you went through in your last season should not cause you to second-guess what God has promised you now. 

God will give you double for every trouble you have been through. Your latter glory will be greater than the former. 

Yes, the enemy was on a rampage in your life, but God says the enemy will not harm you this season. He will try. The enemy is good at that, but he will fail. Don’t listen to his lies. The same way he came in the same way he will return. If anyone attacks you, it will not be the Lord’s doing, and God promises to protect you. (2 Kings 19)

Let us walk in the way of the Lord so that we don’t open doors for the enemy to come back into our lives.

We understand it may be hard for some of us to grasp this message because all odds are against us. But without faith, it’s impossible to please God. Let us rise and shine in the capacity God has called us.

5. New Mantles and Responsibilities

When Elijah goes to anoint Elisha, Elisha sacrifices all his cattle and even goes ahead and uses the yoke to boil the meat. It may not look like a big deal for us, but it was for him because Elisha gave up his source of livelihood to do what God was telling him. (1 Kings 19:19-21)

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - You are on a New Road quote

He left the familiar behind and walked into something new without intending to return. And that is what God wants us to do in this season. 

This new season comes with a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. God wants us to become living sacrifices. We need to give up what is familiar and comfortable even when we don’t have the whole picture.   

Whether you are an online entrepreneur, career person, or pastor, do not look back. Be like Elisha. You are a pioneer in this season. God is doing a new thing, and He has hand-picked you to be the one to do that new thing with him. Do not be afraid, and do not lean on your own understanding. 

Trust God with all your heart!

The new season is here! Be expectant of the great things God has in store for you, and rejoice in the Lord. 

We need to possess our possessions and step into our new mantles. It does not mean that things will be easy. But they will be simple because you’ll walk with God closely and intimately in this new journey.

I Hope You have been Blessed by Reading this Message. If you Have any Comments or a Testimony, Please Let me Know in the Comments Below. Blessings, Haly 💗

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