Prophetic Word for January 2020 – March with Expectations!

Prophetic Word for January 2020 March with Expectations - Haly Ministries

We are marching into 2020 with great reassurance and expectations! 

What fears and doubts did you have in 2019? There is a choice: we continue doubting and walking in fear, pulling out the long list of excuses, or we remove doubt and fear from our path and enter into the fullness of God’s inheritance. In 2020 we need to remove doubts and fears and march into the new year with confidence and belief that God wants to see us blessed, healed, prosperous, successful, bold and confident. 

That is God’s desire for us. We need to grasp that.

Stop Dwelling on Past Mistakes

Today I did a Bible reading and came across the verse from Ezekiel 36:29. It says, “I will also save you from all your uncleannesses, and I will call forth the grain and make it abundant and lay no famine on you.” (AMPC) 

The Father says here, that if you are willing to walk in expectation, trusting Him, God will remove all those doubts, fears and cleanse you from their past affects on your life. He wants you to forget the former, stop dwelling on past mistakes you made, but look to the Lord, to the future.  

NO More Famine

The Lord will also call forth the grain to produce large harvests, and will make it abundant. You will never see famine again. That famine: famine in relationships, famine in health, famine in food, famine in finances, famine in mental health, famine in childbearing… robbed you for so many years. Do not allow the famine to dictate how you should live. The Lord is saying to us, He is removing the famine. No famine will be brought upon you! That’s it! 

Continue Speaking Blessings

Wheat in the Hands - Wheat Harvest

I made a video about the 5780 Jewish New Year and its significance. The Letter “Pey” represents the number 80. The pictograph for the letter has got the shape of the mouthHebrew Letter Pey - Pictograph. What is the mouth made for? We need it to talk, to eat, to shout, to sing, to chew… Out of the mouth, we can pour out the words of blessings. We can bless our lives and others, and out of the same mouth, we can pour out the words of curses. 

In Ezekiel, the Lord is saying, “I will call forth…” The Lord is calling forth the increase of your harvest. Now, you need to be at one with God and speak blessings too. “Watch your mouth”, we hear a lot. We need to watch our mouth, my friends. 

This new year, wisdom will come from your mouth. God’s words and your words, has already started shaping your large harvest. In 2019 the seed was sown, had to go through the dark place, had to die, but now the new is coming to the surface. In 2020 you will start seeing new things come to light! 

You are Prosperous Because you are Anointed in Christ

Loaves of Bread in the Basket

Do not cling yourself to things. Do not limit yourself with, “I want a car”, “I want a job”, “I want a house”, “I want money”, “I want a husband”, “I want a wife”. If you say this, you put the measure on God’s ability. You measure Him by things of this earth. You can’t measure God. He is immeasurable. 

You have to learn from Jesus, how He brought heaven into the earth. He did not look at limits. He didn’t see just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Jesus knew He was anointed and He saw the fulfilment, the fulfilment of God’s promises. He didn’t just feed a few, but ALL, and there were leftovers. People could take some when they were travelling back to their homes. 

Put yourself into the story. Maybe your wish is to have just a tiny crust of a loaf of bread. This is not the fullness. Father does not want to bless you with just a crust or crumbs. There is more than that. It will be enough for you, for your family, for your friends, future husband or wife, children. He has included all! Why? Because you decided to trust Him, and when He blesses you, the others will be blessed too, because you carry that anointing to walk in prosperity. God’s anointing which is upon you, is not only for you but it will spread to many.

Come to God and ask Him to show you what is His fullness for you? What does He want to bless you with? 

The Right Hand of YHWH will Never Fail!

January is the month of Tevet. It is the 10th month on the Jewish Calendar. It begins with the last day of Hanukkah. This festival speaks about victory and increasing light. 

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1 

Tevet represents the letter “yud” and number 10. Number 10 occurs many times in the Bible. It speaks about Divine order, testing or endurance. The pictograph for letter “yud” looks like an arm or a hand Hebrew Letter Yud Pictograph. It is the smallest letter in Hebrew Aleph-Beth.

  • Letter “yud” talks about man’s hand:

In Hebrews 12:12 it says that we are made strong even in our weakness by lifting up our tired hands in prayer and worship.

When you look at the letter “yud”, it points us to the Creator of the Universe. It points us to the Omnipresent One. It points us to the One Who we must worship, the One and only God. 

When we lift our hands in worship and prayer, we say, “Lord, you are the King. You are the Lord. There is no one like You. Receive our Worship! Receive our Adoration! Receive our Praise!”

Letter “yud” also speaks about giving. We support widows, orphans, those who are in need. That’s what we are created for – to be a giver.

Also, the letter “yud” points from God to the earth Hebrew Letter Yud

  • Letter “yud” talks about God’s hand:

“The strong right arm of the Lord is raised in triumph. The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things!” – Psalm 118:16

In 1 Peter 3:12, it says, that the eyes of the Lord rest upon us, and His heart responds to our prayers. 

There is a unity, love from both sides. We love God with all our being, and God loves us. God’s Love towards us will never change. He is LOVE! He is the source of life! 

When you look at all 22 letters, “yud” is the smallest letter, but it is the most important one. God’s Name starts with the letter “yud”.

Prophetic Word for January 2020

Maybe you think you are small, insignificant. But you are noticed by God. He carries you in His heart. He thinks about you all the time. He knows you before you were born. He created you for success and not a failure. He never sees s failure in you. 

You Can Do All Things Through Christ

As I mentioned before, prosperity does not come by a wish. It comes by you being anointed in Christ. You carry that anointing. You do not need to beg God to prosper you, it is already in you. You just need to start walking in God’s potential. It is God’s gift and you do not need to earn it, you need to believe it. 

The Lord is telling us, that the light is shining brighter and brighter from January 2020. The dark times are behind, the light days are ahead. God is watching over us and He wants us to be prosperous and walk in the blessings of God. 

It is not that the Lord’s hand is shortened that it cannot save or bless (Isaiah 59:1), it is us, who still do not understand that everything, the prosperity too, works by established law.

New Year 2020

The Lord is encouraging us to step in faith and work together – God and us. The one who expects God to do things for him is lazy. The one who responds to God’s call and does what the Lord requires from Him is diligent.

Let us be diligent and walk in the anointing of God in 2020. Let us not settle for crumbs, but go for all. Let us not see ourselves as small, insignificant or powerless. Christ’s explosive power will strengthen you to conquer every difficulty, be it big or small. – (Philippians 4:13)

March into the New Year with Limitless Expectations and you will receive what you have asked for because you trusted in God’s immeasurable ability which removed your incapability and failure.

We hope this word has encouraged and uplifted you to march into 2020 with expectations. May you have an abundant, prosperous year! – Haly

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