Can God Actually Talk to You?

Can God Actually Talk to You

Can God actually talk to you? Or does He speak to special people only? Well, if you’re struggling with this question, know that you’re not alone. 

Some people believe that for God to speak to someone, they need to have a special calling in their life, but that is simply not true. God speaks in one way or another way, but not many recognize it. As a matter of fact, God looks forward to talking to you every day, because He wants to have an intimate relationship with you.  (John 10:27-28)

But for you to start hearing God clearly, you need to know the things that hinder you from hearing His voice. Not just that, but you also need to know how God speaks to us. And that is what we are going to look at in this article.

So let’s begin: 

Hindrances to Hearing God’s Voice

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1. Selective Hearing

There are times when we want God to help us. Although we want to hear from Him, we expect God to answer us a certain way. Or it could be that you want God to talk to you, but expect Him to speak to you audibly or the way he talks to your friend. 

Well, God may not tell you what you want to hear or how you want to hear it, but that doesn’t mean that whatever He is telling you will not work for you. God is not a man that He should lie. Neither is God a selfish father that He will deny you good things. Be willing to listen to Him the way He wants to talk to you, and you will hear Him clearly. 

2. Sin

There are those things or sins we struggle with. Sin in Hebrew literally means “miss the mark.” We find ourselves doing them, yet we hate them so much. Well, we are fallen beings, and we sin from time to time. But some people live in known sin and are not willing to live righteously.

If you live in known sin and wonder why you can’t hear God, know that sin blocks you from hearing His voice. God does not leave us when we sin, but sin itself makes us distance ourselves from Him. It makes us like Adam and Eve, who hid from God though He had not condemned them for sinning. (Genesis 3:8-11)

You can’t hear God speaking when you are busy running away from Him. 

3. Distraction 

It is in the stillness that we can know God and hear His voice. Unfortunately, most of us are busy chasing after the world’s things that we fail to hear God’s voice. It is not that God is not speaking. We are the ones that are busy and not listening to Him.

See, God is a gentleman. He will not force himself on you. He wants you to go to Him and listen to what He has to say willingly. 

Now that you know some of the things that may hinder you from hearing God’s voice, let us look at the different ways that God speaks.

How does God Speak to Us?

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Through His Word

To unbelievers, the Bible is just a book written by religious people. But to us believers, the Bible is the word of God. Through reading it, we get to know God’s nature, character, and our purpose in life. It is also through reading it that we get to know how God wants us to live. 

God has given us so many precious promises in His Word. It is also through the Word that He reveals His secrets to His children. The more time you spend in the Word, the easier it becomes for you to commune with God and hear His voice. 

In a Still Small Voice

Does God talk to people in an audible voice? Yes, He does but not regularly. The most common way that God talks to His children is through a still small voice. He speaks to us by the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. (1 Kings 19:9-12)

That is why we need to stay away from things that distract us so that we can hear his voice. 

Through Other People

Often, people hear that God speaks through other people; they think it is only through pastors and those working directly in ministry. But it is not true. God can use anyone, even a child, to speak to you. 

I experienced it so many times in my life. When I needed to make major changes and I was not sure if it was me or God leading me to new things, the Lord sent people my way. 

It was in different settings. People unknown to me started talking about the subject which I had been pondering for some time. Little did they know that they gave me clarity on my next step.  

Yes, the Lord uses pastors, but He can also talk to you through your family, friends, strangers, children. There is no limit to how God delivers His message to people.  

As we have already seen, God is not limited by anything. If He wants to pass a message across to you, nothing will limit him. He may give a friend or even a stranger a word of knowledge concerning you.

They may not know what they are telling you, but you will understand the message because it will be an answer or confirmation to a question you asked God or that has been disturbing your heart like it was in my case.

But we need to be careful. Don’t run around seeking words of knowledge from different people. Some people may seem spiritual, but in reality, they may be representing the kingdom of darkness.

Visions and Dreams

One of the ways God spoke to people like Joseph and Daniel was through dreams and visions. He still speaks through visions and dreams to His people today. While we should not make a big deal about every dream that we have, we should also not ignore the dreams God gives us. (Job 33:15)

You may be missing out on some great things and revelations God is trying to reveal to you. Ask God to help you understand your dreams and visions. 

Through Nature

God also speaks through nature. One of my friends told me a story of how he came to the realization that God was real. 

He was a seaman specialist, away from home for six months or even longer. He said in his early years, he did not believe in God. He thought God was a myth made by people. 

But one day when he was on his duty alone on the upper deck, he looked at nature and something changed inside. He started asking himself questions and came to the conclusion that the beauty of creation, the seas, everything that moves in them, and man could not exist without God. In God’s hand is the life of every creature and breath of all mankind.

 I thank God, He drew my friend near to the throne of grace through nature. We are all different and God will speak to each person in a different way. God knows what is the best way to reconnect us to Him.

How do You Know when God is Speaking to Your Heart?

When God speaks to our hearts, He always answers our questions or He reconfirms something we were pondering for a long time. God brings His peace, joy, love with His answer.

When we do not hear God, it’s like a light bulb with no power coming to it. But when God is speaking to our hearts and we recognize His voice, it’s like someone has turned the light switch on, and the light bulb lights up, illuminating the world around you. 

You know it because the power of God connects you to Himself and your view of your life, your situations, God are changing from dark to light. 

Ready to Enjoy an Intimate Relationship with God? 

For many Christians hearing from God is really challenging. But with the tips written above, you will not only hear Him clearly, but you will also enjoy an intimate relationship with Him. 

God speaks to all His children. Unfortunately, only a few of us listen to His voice. And I ask God you will be one of those few, who recognize the Father’s voice.

Find out what is hindering you from hearing Him and ask Him to help you overcome it. Ask God for discernment so that you can be able to know whether what you are hearing is from Him or not. 

I hope my message and the message of Dr. Charles Stanley will help you to recognise Gods voice easily. Enjoy this video!

God Speaks Most Through THIS – Dr. Charles Stanley

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