18 Days of Fasting (Day 2) – God Revives the Dead

Today is the 2nd Day of Fasting. Our focus is on God Who Revives the Dead.

“You, O Lord, are mighty forever, You revive the dead, You have the power to save. You cause the wind to blow and the rain to fall.

You sustain the living with lovingkindness, You revive the dead with great mercy, You support the falling, heal the sick, set free the bound and keep faith with those who sleep in the dust. 

God Revives the Dead Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word
God Revives the Dead

Who is like you, O doer of mighty acts? Who resembles you, a king who puts to death and restores to life, and causes salvation to flourish? 

And You are certain to revive the dead. Blessed are You, O Lord, who revives the dead.” – The Amidah (2nd prayer)

A few days ago, I came to the Lord with my heart opened to receive an answer to my question, “Why do I not see many healings, miracles, Lord?” 

Maybe you have the same question as well. Maybe you prayed and saw people could not recover from their sickness. Maybe you saw your friends, family members die prematurely. We are all seeking the answer. I do not want just the word ‘Christian’ labelled over my life. I want to be a ‘history changer’. What about you? Are you tired of religiosity? Are you tired to live a life fulfilling your own desires? Or would you rather see lives changed? 

Jesus Destroyed Death

The Lord gave me in a vision number 18, which means “life”. Please read the story of how this 18 days fasting began

You know that we have entered a new era where we will see more and more people revived from the dead. Jesus has overcome death! “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” – 1 Corinthians 15:55-57

Death itself is not a pleasant word. Death separates us from our friends, family. From my childhood I never liked funerals. I tried to avoid them as much as I could. Sadly, we deal with death constantly. I am not just talking about physical death, but it could be the death of a relationship you are facing right now or the death of a marriage. But Jesus did not leave us there. He came not only to meet death face to face, but He completely and utterly destroyed it. 

Jesus Took Pain Into His Heart

I love the story about the widow which is recorded in Luke 7:11-17. Jesus with His disciples and a large crowd went to a town called Nain. When He approached the town gate, a dead person was being carried out—the only son of his mother, and she was a widow. 

The widow lost her husband, now it is her son. On that road, she experienced loneliness for the first time. Yes, the crowd was there, but the crowd was for a short time. It couldn’t replace her only son. 

What about you? Do you feel your hope is dead and there is no one who can revive it? Jesus who is full of compassion says to you, “Don’t cry, My child. Everything will be alright. I am here.” Jesus took the pain of that widow into His heart. Your pain is in His heart too.   

In this story, something remarkable had happened. Jesus and death met face-to-face. Jesus touched the coffin and said to the corpse, “Young man, I say to you, get up!” And immediately, the young man sat up and began to talk.

That touch! The Lord who supports the falling, Who heals the sick and sets free the bound, raises the dead is touching your life today and says, “Get up!”

There is nothing too hard for the Lord. Smith Wigglesworth knew that. That man walked by faith and not by sight. God healed so many people through his ministry and raised 14 people from the dead. 


Lord, I surrender my entire life to You. I do not want my desires, my will, my choices, my reasoning. I want Your will, Your desires, Your choices, Your reason. Teach me, Lord, what ‘life’ means. We know just a tiny portion. Reveal that life to me that I can do what Jesus did – heal the sick, raise the dead, bring back hope to those who had none. And if there is anything dead in me, revive it. Blessed are you, O Lord, who revives the dead! Amen.

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