You are Under the Protection of God

You are Under the Protection of God - Bride on the Wing of Aircraft

“When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High.” – Psalm 91:1

The Father is saying, “You are seated with Christ in the Heavenly Places under the shadow of Shaddai. Do not play “weak”. Arise, take your position. Your strength does not come from you, it comes from Me. It comes from abiding in Me, spending your time with Me. Worship Me, and you will experience the shadow of My protection, My strength, My provision. 

I did not promise an easy life. I warned that those who follow the truth and stand for the truth would go through persecutions. Those times are not to bend you until you break but make you stronger, bolder, wiser. 

When weaknesses, insults, difficulties or hardships come in your way, I will give you strength to overcome. I am with you during your difficult times. I am with you during your hardships. I am with you during persecutions. I am with you when you are joyful and satisfied.

I am not a silent, curious visitor. I am El Elyon, God Most High, who abides in you, and Who will never abandon you. Never. You could not see but I have been always present. Many times you could not hear, but I always gave the words of wisdom and encouragement. I always said you could overcome anything because you put your trust in Me. 

I am inviting you into My secret place, where these three remain – faith, hope and love. It’s only in Me you can find rest for your soul. It’s only in Me you can find refreshing for your spirit. It’s only in Me you can find faith that moves the mountain. It’s only in Me you can find hope that sees the future. It’s only in Me you can find love that covers over a multitude of sins. 

Do not dwell on your past mistakes. Do not dwell on your fears. But dwell on the help of El Elyon, your highest God, who is Greater than all other gods and Who is able to heal you, Who is able to restore you and Who is able to help you. Only through Me that you live, and move and have your identity. Many do not recognise that but you do.  

Because you have chosen Me, I will come to your defence. You shall dwell under the protection of your God, God of Most High. El Elyon is your place of safety. Rest in Me! Rest in My Sovereignty!”

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