In God We Will Trust

“I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress: My God, in Him I will trust.” – Psalm 91:2

In God We Will Trust - Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - Man on his Knees Praying

“I’ve been watching. Can’t you see? The Holy One watches over you. Which god always watches? They can’t speak, they can’t hear, they can’t respond. Not so with Me. I can speak, I hear, I respond to the cry of those who are in trouble and in need.

Which god is able to shelter and protect? Which god is able to give hope that holds you? There are many gods in the world but only One Who knows everything, is present everywhere at the same time, has unlimited great power and influence.

Can money help? Will a man be able to save? Can you say about a man, “he is my fortress, in him I will trust?” History can give you lots of evidence that you can’t trust in money or a man. But if you put your whole trust in Me, in God, Who is Able and always Available, you will live in the protection of God Most High.

Today, you see locusts are chewing crops, but I am powerful enough to remove them far from you the same day. Now they are, and now they are not. When chaos challenges nations, I am able to protect those who put their trust in Me.

I will take you out of that chaos and draw you to Myself. If you make Me your hope, I will hold you. I will be your Stronghold to shelter you. If you place your trust in Me – I will fight your battles, I will protect you from an invader, I will challenge those who harass and afflict you and remove them far from you.

Even when you see the calamity, you will escape because you did not waver, you were not frantic with worry, your soul was not affected by the bad news.

Why? Because My Son paid the price for ALL. Don’t you see yourself in the word “ALL”? Some choose to believe that but some choose not. Their belief does not change the sacrifice My Son has made with one perfect offering. My protection is for all but only a few who choose to live in it. You are “a few”. Then reap the benefits and live in the shelter of the Almighty. How? 

Have peace within yourself that I know how to defend those who trust in Me. Nothing else is needed from your part. Be confident in Me and My ability to fulfil the Word, because I AM the WORD!” 

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