God Will Rescue You from a Hidden Trap

“For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.” – Psalm 91:3

God Will Rescue You from a Hidden Trap - Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word

The Father is saying, “Do not be terrified. There will be rumours. There will be illegitimate rulers who will try to overrule My goodness. They might close the whole world but they would not be able to close Heaven. I am on the throne and forever will be. They are on their throne but for a short time.

I see the hearts and I know the motives. They can make it as real and present it as a nightmare show but I say to you, “Who do you listen and what are you afraid of?” I’ve promised to watch over you and help you through difficult times.

My Son showed that you can live in this world and at the same time live as one who knows and understands that there is much more than physical. Christ knew how the Kingdom of God operated and He showed you, you can live in that realm too. You can too, multiply food when there is not enough. You can too, go find money in fish mouth. Others are casting their nets and find nothing but you can cast your nets at any time and will have plenty.

I am challenging you to leave behind the old ways of thinking and start living as a son of the Mighty God. The enemy might try to trap the whole world and he might try to trap you. It looks like you are in the same boat as others and nothing you can do. It looks like you do not have a choice but that’s not true. You have a choice!

A choice to live in fear, thinking the boat is going to sink with no chance of survival and if there is one, the repercussions of that survival are not going to be pleasant, or…  to stay calm in the middle of the storm believing and trusting that I am God, Who can save you from an evil snare and will make you great. No one will be able to trap you unless you decide so. No one will be able to frighten you unless you decide so.

Being in the same boat does not make you think of the same thoughts. You can see yourself trapped or you can see yourself free in Christ. Life can be challenging but though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil, for you know that I am with you. I am with you! Yes, right where you are.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be in dread of pestilence, for I am the Lord Who goes with you. I am the Lord your God Who is in your midst. With My love, I will calm your fears and will drive out all your enemies from before you. I will prosper you, rescue you from every hidden trap and protect you from any deadly disease. Do not fear!”

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