Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Your Life is Not a Game

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - Your Life is Not a Game

The Father says today, “Your life is not a game and I am not playing a game with you. I am not hiding anything from you. The deck of cards is opened. There is nothing hidden from those who love Me. And if I play, I play by the rules. My rules are not tough. One commandment I have given you is Love. There is no other rule, no other hidden requirements.

People make rules, more rules, and more rules to put burdens on My people. I want to urge you not to follow the old path. Come out of them and follow My path. There is nothing for you there. Follow Me, your Shepherd who does not put a heavy load on His people. On the contrary, I am inviting you to come to Me as you are, for I am the only One who can refresh your life and restore it to its fullness. Come to Me, for My burden is light. It is easy to bear. Come to Me, and I will remove the spirit of heaviness and give you joyous praise.

You are created for more than a game. You are My image; you have My DNA; You are My Spirit carrier. You are not in the hands of someone who cares less. Your life is precious and it is in My hands. You are not just a chance but a living display of My glory. The thief can play his games with your life, treating you as a game. But Jesus is the One who gave you life. He is your true Shepherd. He gave His life for you and rescued you from all the snares of the enemy.

If someone says, you are not worth anything remember what I said, “You are worth it and the Cross proofs it.” 

I Hope this Word has Encouraged You. Please Let me Know what Speaks to You Most.

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