Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – The Right Time is NOW!

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - The Right Time is NOW

The Father says, “Your right time is NOW! I am encouraging you to step out in faith, believing and trusting Me. Never doubt My mighty power. In Me and with Me, you will be able to achieve more than your greatest request. I said that no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the Kingdom of God. Leave your ‘yesterday’ to Me. If it did not work yesterday, it does not mean it will not work Today. Leave your ‘tomorrow’ for tomorrow. It is only I who knows what tomorrow can bring. Live TODAY, because TODAY is your Day! TODAY is your Salvation! TODAY is your Launch! TODAY is your Healing! TODAY! Do not look backward to your past. Look forward to your future, which starts TODAY!

I have equipped you with all the tools you need. You lack nothing. Everything is provided. And if there is a lack, I will supply. I will supply and provide when you start walking in faith and start making things happen. I will exceed your unbelievable dreams and wildest imaginations. I will energize you. You will see where you are going. You will be able to discern and not be trapped by an enemy. You will be seen by many as wise. Your understanding will increase. You will know My timings – sowing and reaping time. You will know what is in My heart and walk with confidence as Christ, My Son, walked on this earth. You will not have fear. Before any conspiracy made against you, your loved ones, you will know it and stop it.  This is My offer to you. You have the best partnership, Me. Would you accept My offer? I know you will. No time to waste. The Right Time is NOW! Let’s start NOW!”

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