Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – You are on a New Road

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - You are on a New Road quote

This is a Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word, “You are on a New Road.”

The Lord says, “There are many roads, and among them there is one that is true to your heart, to your ambitions, to your role to play. On that road, there are new discoveries, new opportunities, new acquaintances and new friends. Walk the road I am showing you and do not let your heart be troubled by the things of this world. 

In the past, I prepared the road before you and for you, but now you shall prepare the road for yourself. Get ready and evaluate what is needed on your next journey. You mustn’t carry that heavy burden. The best you can do for yourself is to leave it behind. Everything that was bothering you, or was laid heavy on you must be left at the Cross. You will not win if you continue carrying old staff, hurts, unforgiveness with you. 

There is no turning back. You will win your battles. You will go from strength to strength. You will receive healing and restoration of all things. Even in the midst of trials, you shall triumph over them all. Even in the midst of your enemies’ whisper, their voices shall be silenced and they will not triumph over you. For I have made you to be more than a conqueror in any situation. My demonstrated love is your glorious victory over everything! Do not fear them, but walk confidently in your way, and you will not trip or fall.”

I hope this word has helped you and encouraged you. If you have any questions, thoughts or story to share, please leave your message in the comments below. Thank you. Shalom, Haly.

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2 thoughts on “Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – You are on a New Road”

  1. Hello sister Haly :
    I opened the daily prophetic word now (You are on a new road) in a very critical time for me , as I started a 3 month sick leave from my job which I have been working for 23 years , but this job drained me physically, emotionlly , mentally and of course spiritually. I was praying that The Lord will clarify to me if it’s His well for me to go back to work after the sick leave? Or quiet and spend the rest of my life for The Lord and His Kingdom?
    When I read this words. .it really touched me and I felt the Holy Spirit is comforting me .
    But I need more clarification and confirmation which way I should proceed according to His plan for me. Please pray for me sister . Thank God for ur ministry that it has been always right on words fresh from the Father’s Heart to me.
    Many blessing Haly.

    Thank you.

    • Shalom Viola,

      I hope you have subscribed to our newsletter. I think the word which I sent today was also for you. The Lord is telling us right now that it is “The Beginning” of a new thing. You see, everything is coming together – new road, the beginning, new thing.

      Of course you have to make that decision to go back to work or find something else, but I feel the burden is too heavy.
      We pray you will make the right path. Good you took a break, but now is the time to come out of hiding. In Joshua 8:7 it says, “Then you will come out of hiding and capture the city. The Lord your God will give it to you.” You will capture that new thing, which is from God! The Lord Himself will give it to you, Viola.

      We believe with you for a new thing!
      Stay Blessed!


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