Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – The Darkness is Almost Gone

Revive Me According to Your Word O Lord Haly Ministries

Do not be afraid of them. Can the darkness hold the dawn? The darkness is for a moment. Eventually, it will leave and give way to the light. It seemed like you were walking far too long in the darkness, trying to find an end in a tunnel. You thought there was no end of it – no end to the darkness, no end in the tunnel. You thought those calamities would continue forever and never leave you.

As darkness leaves when the dawn breaks through, your calamities will leave too. The depression will leave, and the joy of the Lord will fill your heart. When anxiety overtakes you and worries are many, My comfort lightens your soul and gives you renewed hope. When you see everybody has left you, there is the One Who never leaves and never forsakes. When you feel your strength has left you, I will give you My strength and increase your power.
I am not who gives birth to a child and forsakes. I breathed My life into you, I saw you growing, changing in your mother’s womb. All the days of your life were recorded in My Book before ever they took shape. I know your yesterdays, today, and your future. Be confident in your Father. Who will be able to snatch you out of My hand? Who is powerful enough to do that? Nothing or no one will be able to steal you from My hand.

The darkness is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here. Prepare your heart, prepare your mind. In daylight hours you can’t afford to waste a minute.

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