Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – I am Visiting My People

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I AM visiting My people, I AM visiting you. I can come as a stranger. I was a stranger to My disciples on the road to Emmaus. They did not think it was Me who joined them. They thought I was a complete stranger. It did not come to their mind, it could be Me who was talking to them, explaining the Scriptures about Me. When you meet a person who is unknown to you, think about Emmaus story. I can be that unknown person. 

In these last days, you will experience My visitations, be it in a vision, be it in a dream, be it on the road. Your eyes will be opened and your heart will be stirred. When I visit, I will reveal Scriptures to you. You will understand the Word. You think you know it all, but you have not seen anything yet. What you know and have seen is just a small seed, but what is coming from the seed is going to be a huge revelation. You are going to see heaven’s open. What you drew from your well was just a handful of water, but I am filling up your well to the brim with fresh water. You will draw out, drink and be satisfied. It will refresh your spirit, your soul. It will strengthen you from the inside. You will not be the same person.

As I was explaining to My disciples what was said in all Scriptures concerning Myself, I will explain to you what was said in My Word concerning Myself, and concerning the last days. My visitation will never cease. I am God and do what I wish. As you are seated in the heavenly realms with Me and at the same time you are here on this earth. So do I. I am God. I am in the heavenly realms and I am here on this earth too, revealing Myself to people, to just and unjust. The revelation will come from My visitation. You shall seek Me, and you shall find Me. Prepare your heart and get ready to receive Me! 

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