Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Listen to God and Not Man

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - Listen to God and Not Man

The Lord is saying, “All those voices whispering to your ear, “You are not good enough,” are a complete lie, they are not from Me. They are from the enemy of your soul who wants to put you back into bondage. We saw the need and made the plan to bring you out from under the burdens and once and for all to rescue you from their bondage. That is why My Son came, not to put on you more regulations, what you must or must not do, but to deliver you out of them all, to rescue you from self-righteousness and give you His righteousness. You have the righteousness of My Son. 

You could try to observe the law but if you stumbled on one, you would be called guilty. That’s why the redemption was needed, the death of the Lamb was needed to deliver you out of that heavy yoke. No-one could fulfil the law but Christ did. He came and washed all your stains, all your sins. You are like bright, new-fallen snow. There is no spot or wrinkle. The blood of My Son did that.

Then somebody comes, sees your freedom and then tries to turn you from living in the Spirit and bring you back into the legalistic bondage of religion. They give you rules, man’s regulations, backing them up with Scriptures and saying, “The Bible says so. You must obey.” Must? Then what? The death of My Son was for nothing?

I do not count what you did for Me, or how many good things you have accomplished each day. My relationship is based on pure love. I love you. Let your focus be Love. If someone comes to you and says, “To reach God you will have to observe this or that.” Ignore. You have a FREE Pass! You can reach Me at any time, anywhere, in any condition. You are accepted. And when you feel not worthy, think about the Cross. The Cross nullifies ‘not worthy’ statement. You feel it or not, you are worthy, you are righteous, you are accepted, you are loved. No one can change that.

Do not do what Adam did, hiding himself from Me. Continue walking in the wonderful liberty and freedom you have in Christ. Come as you are. I will never reject you. I will receive you and bless you.”

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