Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – From Sorrow and Grief to Joy and Peace

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - From Sorrow and Grief to Joy and Peace

The Father says, “My child, how can I forget you? I have not forgotten you. I kept track of all your sorrows, I remember each tear. In the midst of uncertainty, problems, death of your beloved one, I was there with you. When you cried your heart out to Me, I was there as Your comforter. You did not feel My presence. I seemed so far away and you thought your cry was not reaching Me. But it is not about a feeling, it is about the reality of My love towards you and My presence which is always with you. My love is tender and gentle. I’ve never left and will never leave you. This is My promise, My everlasting promise and who can change that?

There is still uncertainty and it is hard to move on from sorrow and grief but I do not want you to stay there. I do not charge you to forget the past but I encourage you, as the most loving Father could do to His child – not to dwell on the past but move on into your future which is set before you by Me. You won’t be able to do it by your own strength but you will be able to achieve more and infinitely more with Me.

I am promising that I will recompense. I am taking off the clothes of sorrow, grief and putting on the clothes of joy and peace. You will experience My peace. What I am going to do will exceed your human understanding. I am building you up, I am healing the wound of a shattered heart. I am bringing you to My living waters where you will find refreshment to your soul. I will make My answers known to you. You will experience My peace and you will hear My voice. Do not fret and do not look back. I AM, Who is your safe place and your Comforter and Who is always available whenever you need Him, will help you!”

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