Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Be Strong and Never Give Up

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - Be Strong and Never Give Up

The Father is saying, “Be strong and never give up! I have given you My strength to overcome ALL the obstacles in your life. I have given you the power you need to overcome ALL the enemies in your life. I have never given you the spirit of fear and timidity. You are not barehanded. You have the equipment, all the tools you need to overthrow fear, rejection. You have the mighty power of My Spirit, who raised My Son from the dead, to go, speak and mountains will obey! Go, Speak and Mountains will obey! They will be removed! You have the power and right to act. Would I leave you with nothing?

If you just grasp what I have said, you will not need to plead Me, to beg Me to do something because YOU will go and do something about it. You were a child, you acted like a child. I was there for You, making sure you are looked after. But I do not want you to stay there. Of course, I will continue to watch over you. That is never going to change. But if you continually rely on others, you will never grow, you will never rediscover your true potential and why you are here.

You need your confidence back. Confidence in Me and what I have said about you and to you. But… even if you had the heart of Gideon, hiding in your threshing floor, I will still come and encourage you.  There is no discouragement in Me. I do not see as man sees. I do not observe as man observes. I look into your potential which has not been discovered yet. YOU can give up on yourself, but not Me. I will pick you up from where you are, and will encourage you to move in faith to where you are supposed to be. You will get there in My strength. Always Love you, Your Dad.”

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