Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Go and Do Not Look Back

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - Go and Do Not Look Back

The Father says today, “I spoke to you and you heard My voice, but there is still an uncertainty in your heart. I told you to leave and take a path which would lead you to greater things. You should not worry WHERE you are going. The important thing is WHO has sent you and WHO is going with you. “But where?” you ask. My lead is simple. You take the first step and I will show you the rest. The first step which matters most. It is a step of faith. If you continue figuring out where you are going, you will never get there. I want you to enter into YOUR promised land and enter it by faith. When you step in by faith into the unknown, all other doors will be opened.

You can look at your future and see a path full of giants, or you can look at your future and see a path full of victories. I see you victorious, and what about you? Would you believe your emotions or Me, Who knows all things? I know you. I know that you are brave and you can overcome all fears. Those fears stopped you to proceed but now you will have a different spirit, a spirit of my son Caleb, who did not think about himself as an elderly and did not see the obstacles. All he saw were possibilities and he took the best of the best. He said, “Give me this mountain!”

Go and take your mountains! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid of what others say! It is not about age, it is about trust. Trust Me! I will show you the pathway to life. You will get to your hill country and you will drive Anakim, your giants, out of your land. You are doing it not only for yourself but for your family, your next generation. Your close ones might be thinking, what you are about to do is the craziest thing, but later they will come and thank you for this.

I am excited and Heaven too! I am proud of you. I am saying to you, “GO and do not look back”. I am leading you to a place others could only dream of. What you had in the past is nothing in comparison to what you are going to have in the future!”

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