Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – You are NOT a Failure

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - You are NOT a Failure

The Lord is saying, “Never think about yourself as a failure. Let it never enter into your mind. I have no hold of these kinds of thoughts about you. On the contrary, I have redeemed you from failure and I have made you prosperous in all your ways. Whom I have a hold of is YOU! Even when you stumble on your way, I will pick you up and put you right back on your feet. You stumble seven times and seven times I will continue to rise you over and over again. You will rise over and over and you will become stronger and stronger. You will learn about yourself and who you truly are.

You have My strength to overcome all failures. You have My strong and glorious presence to protect you in all your ways. You have a complete set of armour provided for you so that you will be protected as you fight against all the evil strategies of the accuser. You lack nothing. I have equipped you and I have set you apart to be different. You will stand strong among your adversaries. You shall laugh with the voice of joy and victory! When everything else fails, you will not. You will stand victorious with the force of My power flowing in and through you. You will also help others to rise. As you rise, others will rise with you.

Enjoy the security of My plans towards you. I have cancelled failure, bankruptcy, breakdown, defeat! And I have written into your scroll – Rise, Success, Plenty, Triumph!!!”

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