Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Holy Wins!

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - Holy Wins

The Father says, “From early morning to early morning I watch. I see people’s goings and people’s comings. No-one is unnoticed. It may seem nothing is changing, nothing is happening, nothing is moving forward. It may look like everything is all right and life is normal. But I look at the foundation of men’s hearts. There is so much pain. The earth is in pain.  I see brokenness. So many broken hearts are out there.

I, the Holy One Who Watches. I am watching over you. I have created you to win. You see yourself weak and unable. You might see your life is not stable. You might see yourself shadowed by death, pain, tears or hurt. You did try to break through that, but it has gotten even worse. You have tried to break through those dark days and see the light, but pain reminded you again and again that you could be hurt and it’s not worthy to fight. This life disabled you, bruised you, tricked you, unfairly treated you. You were bruised, but no more.

I am, the Holy One Who heals. I am the Holy One who wins. I am stepping in, and calling you out. I am calling you by name and saying to you, “My child, you are able. Get up and walk. Walk in My truth. Know the truth, walk in truth and My truth shall set you free. Come to Me, and I will bind up your wounds. Come to Me, and I will heal your heart. Hear what I hear, see what I see, and watch what I will do.

I have travelled on the wings of the wind and I hear:

I hear the sound of change – I see a change is coming your way!

I hear the sound of triumph – I see a restored hope come your way! 

I hear the sound of a newborn – I see a womb is restored, strengthened to conceive and bear. I see a new birth come your way!

I hear the sound of joy – I see your mouth is filled with laughter, your tongue with songs of joy. I see a song of victory is coming your way! 

I hear the sound of healing waters – I see health is coming your way! 

I hear the sound of angels singing – I see them holding you up with their hands and you are not hurt, the protection is coming your way!

Past might not treat you well, but you have Me. If I am for you, who can ever be against you? I freely offered My Son up as the sacrifice for you, and I, Your Father, certainly will not withhold anything from you. I am your provider and I am the answer, Holy Wins!”

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