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10th November 2019

I had night vision on the 26th of October 2019. The Lord put me on a deck of a huge ship – Ukraine. The ship lost its stability, listing heavily to the right side. I cannot describe all the emotions on that ship. There was fear, panic, anger, uncertainty, disbelief. Then the Lord took me out and put me on the shore. I saw this vision of the listing ship from the shore as well. It looked like an unbalanced ship on water and needed help.

Sculpture of Archangel Michael, Kyiv's symbol, Ukraine
Sculpture of Archangel Michael, Kyiv’s symbol, Ukraine

I did not understand what that vision was all about. On Tuesday, the 29th of October, I asked the Lord to lead me and show me the meaning of the dream. The same day, I felt I needed to check Ukrainian vloggers. It did not take me too long to find a short video of one vlogger who gave descriptive information about the latest Ukrainian news.

The vlogger said that the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, visited a Ukrainian army and volunteers, who were defending the country from occupants in the East of Ukraine. The president visited them the same day I saw the vision, and he told the Ukrainian army, “I am a normal passenger and we’re travelling by the same train, called ‘Ukraine’.” Then the vlogger added that the nation should not be on a train, but supposed to be on a SHIP! My jaw dropped! It is only God can put all these together, and bring it as one! 

He was so right. Ukraine is the ship. The train does not have freedom, but the ship does. The train goes from point A to point B. It just follows the route. The ship has got much more freedom. 

After the Ukrainian president’s statement that he was just a passenger, it left me with many questions, “Who then is a driver? Who is driving the train? Who has prepared that route for Ukraine? Does it mean, that the fate for Ukraine has been already sealed by someone and the president does not need to be involved in this?”

Through this vision and president’s statement, I understand one thing, there is no captain on that ship and no trusted crew.

Ukraine Breadbasket - Wheat Field

I asked the Lord, “What now, Lord? You can’t just give the vision with the problem and with no promise.

The Lord reminded me of two things:

1. Ukraine’s nickname is “Bread Basket of Europe”. 

This is physical, but also spiritual. The Lord is going to raise many leaders of the Gospel and He is going to send them all over the world. There was a time when many missionaries were from the UK. There was a time when many missionaries were from the US, but Ukraine is going to send future missionaries. 

2. Apostle Andrew’s Prophecy about Kyiv and Ukraine.

St Andrew Church Kyiv Ukraine

Apostle Andrew, one of the disciples, reached the place called now Kyiv and he said to his disciples, “Do you see those mountains. On those mountains, the glory of God will shine. There will be a Great City, and God will build many churches.” Then the apostle ascended the hills, blessed them and set up the CROSS!

If you have been to Ukraine, you know there are many churches all over the nation, and in Kyiv. But the Lord is going to build more and will send Ukrainian pastors to build churches all over the world.

In the last days, Ukraine will birth many missionaries. They will feed the nations with spiritual food and will build many churches around the world. Thank You, Jesus.

What Ukraine is experiencing right now is a spiritual resistance, not political. That spiritual resistance is trying to resist the Ukrainian departure into the open sea, trying to keep Ukraine near the harbour. That “harbour” is the old way of thinking, the old way of living, corruption, financial instability.

But the Lord is saying, that if He started His work in you, Ukraine, He will complete His work. No matter what and who comes against you, the Lord will defend you. 

This is a time of resistance. Not an easy time. During the resistance will come purification. But this is not the end. There will be a time of God’s response. God will send His angels in response to your prayers, Ukraine.

It looks, your ship is stuck in its place, and not stable. But the Lord will bring it back to its stability, and you will be able to move forward, and not only forward but in any direction, led by God’s Spirit. You will enter many international ports, bringing healings, deliverance, speaking about God’s Kingdom! 

Ship Soars with the Wind

Keep trusting the Lord, Ukraine! Nothing is wasted. William Arthur Ward said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” Do not complain, do not expect somebody to do something for you. Adjust and set your sails to soar with the wind! Get Ready!

Because of those difficult times, you will become stronger, you will become more united. Get ready for your new journey. It’s coming and will not be too long! Amen.

Praise the name of God forever and ever, for He has all wisdom and power. He controls the course of world events; He removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.
Daniel 2:20-21, NLT

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6 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for Ukraine – Sailing Adventure!”

      • I would be grateful if you could send daily devotional messages or inspirational words for enlighten our spiritual understanding and growth. Please it is a suggestion am putting across. All the same, I am more delighted and appreciated about the weekly and monthly prophetic word send forth to us. You’re really doing massive and diligent work for Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you!!!

        • Hi Michael, I am so grateful you sent those suggestions. Thank you very much for thinking out of the box and helping us, as a ministry, to see further and beyond. Our vision is to serve our precious community with what God has gifted us – seeing people healed, encouraged and also financially free. Hold on to your seat. Many new things will be up and running on our website… COMING SOON!!! 🙂

  1. Hi, While praying this morning, 4am Nigerian time, I saw something interesting, it was as if some evil men had banded round a shining light with the aim of killing and burying the light, the light was waning and and the place looks like a cemetery. I thought it was a minister of Gospel that was under attack and was about going under cos I was praying for ministers of the Kingdom at that moment. I then began to command that the attack be broken off and the minister be delivered, all of a sudden the light that was about going out exploded and grew into a great tree of light and I heard the word “Ukraine”. This tree of light grew huge and I got the understanding that it is a revival that has began in the country, it’ll spread eastward into Russia and over the world, but the tree of light didn’t last long as it suddenly dissipated.
    This revival is bringing a change to the status quo in the nation’s of the world as I saw an eagle blowing a cleansing wind from it’s mouth over the earth that swept away old systems and structures of evil and establishing God’s agenda for the nations. The much hyped “new world order” by the world leaders is not what they planned or what the world is expecting but it is coming from the Lord. The fear gripping the hearts of many right now will soon be gone cos of this great move of the Lord in the world.
    After seeing this vision, I decided to check up on prophecies for Ukraine and that’s how I stumbled on your site and saw this 2019 prophecy. Hope this encouraged all that will come across it. The great thing is that the Lord told me the revival has started already. God bless you.

    • Shalom Gyang,

      Thank you so much for posting the powerful word about Ukraine. I love what you said about eagle blowing a cleansing wind from it’s mouth over the earth that swept away old systems and structures of evil.

      When I hear prophetic words over the nations, it refreshes me. Neither man’s or satan’s will be done! God’s Word and His agenda shall be established over the nations, and over Ukraine too! Glory to God!

      Stay Blessed!


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