Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Happy Birthday Letter from God

Revive Me According to Your Word O Lord Water and Water Drop

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has fully imagined what I am about to do in your life. Those things are beyond your ability to imagine. They were stored for you and kept to be released in My time. The time of that mystery has arrived. It is going to be released. I love doing things My way and I love to surprise.

It is like a birthday present. You are looking forward to that day when you can open a box and see what is inside. This is the same. I have wrapped a birthday gift and ‘Surprise’ written on it. When you open it, there will be an expression of wonder on your face. “Father, is it really for me? Is it delivered to the right address? Are you sure I deserve that?” 

There are many things I have in store for you. This is only the beginning, this is only a small present, small surprise. You will see more, you will walk in My blessings. You will be covered in the cloud of blessings. My blessings will overtake you. You will not only hear about them, you will experience them. You are blessed. Your life is blessed. 

There are some of you never liked your birthdays. You tried to ignore that day, hiding and telling no one you had a special day. Life was like a hurricane in the past, and you did not want to do anything with your birthday. But now, I am healing your wounds. You will WANT to have a birthday. You will be like a child, enjoying every moment of it. There will be parties, there will be celebrations. 

This day is important. It is significant. I was in that room where you were born. When you felt abandoned, not loved, not nurtured – I was nurturing you. I was holding you, I was singing over you, I was there for you. During all these years I was there for you. In hurricanes, during happy days, during mourning, I was there. And I still am. I do not change, and My love towards you does not change.

SO…  Get Up! Time to get ready, time to put the best clothes, time to celebrate. Happy Birthday!

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6 thoughts on “Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – Happy Birthday Letter from God”

  1. Ameeeeen I accept and receive all of the blessings attached with this special Birthday word from my Daddy God., My birthday was on the 7th of July and already Daddy God had provided me with the 1st birthday present in the form of a new job with a pay rise and promotion. I am soooooo ready for the remaining. He is and always will be faithful. Hallelujah. ?????

  2. It is overwhelming to receive the birthday greetings and blessings from the Lord our God Jesus Christ
    It is true that I am the one who never like my birthday and often .try to ignore ,hide and refrain from telling any one about the special day.
    Infact I always try to keep calm and quite and don’t feel like anything to do or celebrate on the occasion of my birthday which falls on 21st July..
    However I am thankful to the Lord our God Jesus Christ for showering his blessings on me and my family.

    • Hi Solomon,
      We wish you Happy Birthday! I see a sword. When you take the sword and touch a person, there will be an instant healing. God is going to give you words for others which will bring healing into their lives. When you release the sword to heal, you will experience it also in your own life. You will see a healing will take place. Glory to you Jesus! We are all God’s ministers, no matter where we are. May the Lord bless you, your family and your ministry!

  3. Thank you, for such a wonderful word. I received it in Jesus mighty name, as my birthday is on the 29th of July. 🙂

    Sonia(Cafe Revelation)

    • Hi Sonia, We wish you a Happy Birthday! The colour I see is green. You will see growth and prosperity in your life. Of course the first thing we need is to seek His Kingdom. You will experience spiritual prosperity, Kingdom prosperity. I pray the Kingdom prosperity will come here to the earth.
      You missed it in the past, you might say, but the Father says that you should not be worried. You missed once, twice, even 100 times, but you learnt. In the next year you will not miss a thing. In Deuteronomy 1:11 it says that God will bless you as He promised. There will be no ‘miss’, there will be no ‘hit or miss’, there will be ‘hit and succeed’. Thank You Father.


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