Prophetic Word – Joyful Voices of Bridegrooms and Brides will be Heard

Joyful Voices of Bridegrooms Brides be Heard AGAIN Jeremiah 33:11

Great News! Weddings! Wedding Celebrations are ahead! Joyful Voices of Bridegrooms & Brides will be Heard! Started last week what I could hear was WEDDINGS.

The Father always confirms His word before I release it.  On Monday, we received a phone call from a young man asking if we would like some beverages and other things which was left from a wedding party. Have you noticed? – WEDDING party. We thought it was going to be just a few things. A big van stopped at our house. Two young men were bringing in a box after a box filled with staff. In the whole package there was a supply for our staff member who is pregnant and needed a high chair. God is so awesome! We did not know anything about these two young men. We even did not have a chance to ask why they called our number. They unloaded the staff and left. 

On Mondays, I send an email to my subscribers. I included this testimony in a newsletter. I received a reply from one lady, who told me she just came back from her friend’s house and she was offered food which was leftover from a family WEDDING. There are no co-incidents with God my friend. He confirmed, this Word is Yes and Amen – there will be WEDDINGS! Hallelujah!

I feel this word is especially for those who were married but had to go through a traumatic divorce, or who almost got married but it never happened because you were rejected, betrayed. This Word is not for those who jump from one marriage into another. You need a pastor’s help. This Word is for those who went through a very difficult marriage and then a very painful divorce. 

I was reminded of the story about David, Nabal, and Abigail. David sent ten men to Nabal to remind him that his shepherds were not mistreated by his men and nothing of Nabal’s was missing. David requested that Nabal would give his men whatever he could find for them. Nabal’s reply was very harsh and remarks were rude. “Who is this David?”, he asked. David was very angry, he decided to take revenge. He and four hundred men got ready to wipe Nabal’s family off this earth. But thankfully Abigail, Nabal’s wife was a very wise woman. She prepared a large quantity of supplies and sent her servants ahead of her. She managed to meet David and his men before the disaster. She pleaded to accept gifts. David accepted gifts and his anger was turned away because of Abigail’s wisdom and kindness.  He sent Abigail home in peace. Nabal did not know what happened. He came home holding a banquet like that of a king. He was very drunk. Abigail told him nothing and waited until the next morning. Next day when Nabal was told what had happened, he was so terrified that his heart failed him, probably had a heart attack. He died ten days later. When David heard about Nabal’s death, he asked for the hand of Abigail and they got married. (1 Samuel 25)

When I read this story that is what I felt about you. You were bringing your marriage to God. You were praying as Abigail prayed. She was interceding for her husband and her family. You were interceding for your husband, your wife. Some of you were not yet married but were in a relationship, interceding for your future husband, future wife, your fiancé with all your heart, bringing her, him to God and suddenly you were rejected and you felt like your heart left with your fiancé.

The root of the name of Nabal means failure, Abigail mentioned to David that Nabal’s name meant Fool, and that is why he acted foolishly towards David and David’s men.

You feel you have failed. You feel you are a failure. You went through a difficult marriage, not easy divorce because of Nabal or Nabala in your life. At the beginning of your relationship, everything seemed alright and you were so happy, but then the reality hit you. Some of you think that you failed because you chose to marry ‘Nabal’ or ‘Nabala’. You wish to bring that time back and undo everything that was done foolishly. 

The Father wants to encourage you to move on. Stop thinking about ‘Nabal’ and ‘Nabala’ or your past failures. That marriage is failed, it is dead. You were rejected, betrayed, one day loved, the next day was not, was abused. You said that’s it, there’s no hope, no future hope to get married again or get married, but God thinks otherwise. 

The great news is ahead! There will be a wedding. The Father is going to lead you to your David or Davida, to your beloved and loved by God. Do not lose your heart, do not think there is no future. There is a future and there is hope. You will see the light. You will experience a new life with a man or woman who loves God. 

You will have a wedding, a great party, and leftovers from your wedding. Not only your wedding party have abundance, but your life will also be filled with the abundance of God too.

“The joyful voices of bridegrooms and brides will be heard again, along with the joyous songs of people bringing thanksgiving offerings to the Lord. They will sing, ‘Give thanks to the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, for the Lord is good. His faithful love endures forever!’ For I will restore the prosperity of this land to what it was in the past, says the Lord. (Jeremiah 33:11 NLT)

Hope this Word has encouraged you. I am looking forward to receive an invitation 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Joyful Voices of Bridegrooms and Brides will be Heard”

  1. Amen, Praise God for this word sent to us to encourage us and ler us know He has answered. God bless you Haly, may the spirit of the Lord keep refreshing, renewing and blessing you in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Amen, when I read this I thought of my daughter and her failing marriage. She wants him to be a man of God, but he is living in the world. I ask her pray for him and make it work, but she is tired and wants a holy man.

    Then I think is this why I have been alone for so many years. Is it because its not annointed, or the chosen one. I never once thought to be married, but I guess the lord wants different..

    Yes, Haly you will receive an invitation to my wedding. Even if its 10 years from today..

    Cafe Revelations

    • Hi Sonia, God can make a miracle and He can do it for your daughter. Only God can change hearts and I ask the Holy Spirit will guide your daughter’s husband into all the truth. May he will be drawn the Truth, to Christ. Father, Restore!
      I ask that the Lord will bring an update. What was in the old days, it’s gone. Good memories. yes, but the Father wants to move you into new. New revelations about Him. You will have revelation, after revelation about Trinity, Heavens, yourself, God’s Kingdom, there is no end to His revelation. Thank You Jesus!

  3. This is so relevant! Lord Jesus, let all that you’ve spoken come to pass! Rebuild your hedge around us as you restore what was once left in ruins. Little did the enemy know that He was only setting you up, Lord, for even greater glory! I believe this and receive what seems good to you, God. Amen!

  4. Hello and God bless you;Haly. I want to share this with you about God confirmation.Around two weeks ago I heard in my spirit,Are you ready? I heard it a few times.I also was saying the church should be talking about the Bride and the bridegroom coming back for hid church without spots and blemishes and the marriage table.Then shortly after I started seeing a ring on my ring finger.I did not know what to make of it,that it was as though flashes to a camera was going off.I was saying to myself,God I don’t have anyone In my life,are you saying that I am married to the church?But God there aren’t Good men here.Lord you know I will only marry someone who loves you.I had a Nabal and he really was worst the Abigals..Also with the confirmation For some reason I have been bowing my head down like Abigal did and like Batheshebia did to King David.And I would say Like Abigal and Batheshebia bowed down to the King I too bow down to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.And I feel terrific and like something is happening when I bow my face down like this.Thank you so much for being so in tune and in touch and with the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit your articles are on time and on point.Also I saw an intersection sign while I was praying at our prayer meeting with number 12 on interstate sign and then this car moving so fast that it was kicking up the dust on a dirt road.I sais that seems like acceleration. only to discover you have an article on it.I love God so very much and all the my brothers and sister around the world.May God protect each and every one of us and help those who haven’t been introduced to him yet.Thank you for standing In your call and for being faithful.

    • Hi Dawn, Thank you sooooo much for taking your time and share this beautiful testimony and confirmation as well. You have encouraged me. Prayers you prayed, may you receive one hundredfold return. Amen. ?

  5. You are very welcome,Haly.And may God protect you when there is warfare and refill you again and again and again and you Faithfully pour out.And most importantly thank you for the Truth and May God bless you for your servantude 100 fold with increase after increase and open doors after open doors.God bless you and thank you for your kind reply.You too do and have encouraged .Thank you Haly.❤️


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