18 Days of Fasting (Day 5) – Return to God

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Today is the 5th day of 18 days of fasting. We are focusing on the 5th prayer of The Amidah – Return to God or God Delights in Repentance.

“Bring us back, O our father, to your Instruction; 
draw us near, O our King, to your service; 
and cause us to return to you in perfect repentance. 
Blessed are you, O Lord, who delights in repentance.”
The Amidah – Prayer 5

As I mentioned in my earlier writings, life – חי in Hebrew sounds like the English greeting “Hi”, but with more emphasis on the first letter – “hhai”. חי also represents number 18. The same number was given to me in the vision. That’s why this fasting is for 18 days. 

Before that vision, I came to the Lord with a sincere prayer. I told Him I did not want to pray and see little results from prayer. It did not mean the Lord did not answer prayers. I saw Him answering, but that evening was the cry of my heart to see more of His will be done on this earth as it is in Heaven. Jesus did exactly that. He was always connected to the Father. He knew how to bring Heaven to earth, bringing health to the sick, raising the dead, touching the untouchable, driving out demons. I want that. Don’t we all? 

Jesus Goes to the Lost

I like the Scripture which says Jesus went to the lost. He also commanded His disciples to go and find the lost. Matthew 10:6

Do you feel you are lost? So many things came up at once. You were overloaded with grief, disappointment, sickness, hopelessness, fears, guilt, unbelief. 

The Lord is encouraging you today to turn away from those things which made you miserable and turn back to Him.

What is Repentance?

The word “repentance” in Hebrew is “techuvah”. Here are the related words:

  • Shuv – turning back to God
  • Nasham – regret (emotion)

God’s desire for all of us is to have a fullness of life. In Ephesians 3:19 in Message Bible, it is written to live FULL lives, FULL in the fullness of God! I love that command! 

To live in that fullness we need to reach out to Christ and experience that fullness! We must cling to Christ Who is the giver of Life! We should turn away from disappointments, fears, shame, guilt and turn back to Him! We can’t operate in the new if that old is still dictating how to live and how to act.

Jesus has set you free. And if Christ has set you free, you are free indeed!

Flock of Sheep

Prophetic Word – The Father is Saying,

“Return! Return to Me! Many worries were trying to tear you apart, to bring you down, to stop you from fulfilling the desires of your heart. You felt empty and lost. You came to the point where there was nowhere to go, or no one to turn to. 

“Where is My Saviour?”, you cried. “Where is My Rescuer?”, you wept. You decided to hide, to be in a place where you were not noticed. You decided to be a shadow in the day and ghost at night. You could not carry on with life because your life seemed awful to carry on. 

You looked at your life and thought you would never see yourself free from anxieties and panic. You tried to hide your inner fears. You even tried to be cheerful and show others how you cared, how you loved, how happy you were. But can you hide from Me? You know you can’t. 

Glorious Sky

My hands are healing hands. I have a hold of your right hand and I say, “Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you. Although you feel like you are unworthy, I will still help you. Your help comes from Me because I love you. I will fulfil My word. You will look for your old enemies and you won’t find them. 

Where are those fears? Where are those old anxieties? Where are those disappointments? I blow with My breath, and the sea will cover them. They will sink like lead down into the mighty waters. 

The Wonder-Working God will not leave you walking like a shadow in a day or like a ghost at night. I will refresh you on your journey. I will put the song of deliverance into your heart! By My power, you will push back your enemies! In My name, you will trample those who rise up against you! You will crush the oppression of the wicked and put them to flight. I will build you from within and wake you up! You will be awake to the miracles! The whole entire YOU will be awakened!

Return! Return to Me! Awake, awake and put on your strength! Put on your beautiful garments washed by the Blood of the Lamb, My Mighty Warrior!

Return and Live a Full Life! Be filled with My fullness! Be filled with My Life! Be filled with My Spirit! Be filled with Christ!”

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