Trust God’s Navigation – Prophetic Word

Trust Gods Navigation

Are you making some decisions right now and thinking, “How can I get there, Lord? It looks like an impossible mission. Will I be able to reach that? Shall I move? Shall I stay? Shall I leave?” There is so much confusion in your head.

This Way That Way SignPost

The picture which can describe this period of your life is the post with many sings on it: straight, turn left, turn right, maybe, question mark, empty sign, God Help!..

God is not God of confusion and I would like to highlight four points which can be very helpful on your journey.

1. You Will Get There

God told Abraham to leave his country and go to the land God will show him. Abraham was not stressed out, turning from one side to another on his bed, thinking, “Am I in the right direction? Are you leading me, Lord? Is it the right city? Was it really You Who told me to leave my land and go to another one?” Abraham was confident, trusting the Lord in His leading, but not in Abraham’s feelings or emotions. He knew that at the end of his journey he would be in the right place, at the right time.

There are so many stories from the Word, telling us the same. Israelites were lead by God. Joshua was lead by God. Wise men were lead by God and they found the King of kings in the manger. Paul and his companions were lead by the Spirit.

You should not worry that you miss your turn on your journey. God commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell them, that if they didn’t repent, they would be destroyed. Jonah did not obey, and went his way. At the end he still ended up going to Nineveh. One story after another tells us, that God is interested to get us where we should be. Ask God to show you how to Face Your Fears

2. Trust in God’s Time Zone, not Yours

When the Holy Spirit navigates you, it is not according to your time zone, but to His time zone. God’s time zone is not going to exhaust you on your journey. If you feel exhausted, panicking – this is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, your navigator is gentle. He is the one who will encourage, build you up, but not tear you down.

Waiting time can get you. Especially if you live in your time. Trust in God’s timing. This is the best and secure time. God never tricks, but He builds. You have to remind yourself that God is working. You are sleeping, He is arranging things, places, right people coming your way.

3. Put Everything Into God’s Hands

Put everything into God’s hands, believing and trusting that no matter what is outside there, God is going to fulfil His word. Let us leave 50/50 and go for 100% trust in our Heavenly Father.

Once I visited my friends in the US. I’ve used to how transport operates here in Europe. It is so easy. I would just take the train through the tunnel, and in two hours I will be in Paris, or in four hours in Brussels. It is so easy to travel using public transport in Europe. But not so with America. Without a car you could be cut off from the civilised world.

So I had to put all organisation and travel arrangements into my friends’ hands. I am the one who likes to organise my travel before I go. I want to know what I am visiting. But during my stay, I had to trust my friends totally. The most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever experienced. I had to trust what they wanted me to see. We got into the car, and here we went. “Where are we going?” The answer was: “Surprise!”. Did I enjoy it? Of course. I still remember places we visited. But for the first two days, it was a real struggle for me. Till I let go! I said to myself, “I am here to enjoy. Haly, Enjoy!” This life example taught me a valuable spiritual lesson – put my planning down, trust God’s planning and His navigation and enjoy the journey.

James 1:6 ‘But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.’

4. God Will Protect You on Your Way

A Story – A Father and a Son

I was walking and in front of me, there was a father and his son. The father was at the rear guard, but still watching what his son was doing. Then suddenly the son swirled from the pedestrian pavement towards the main road. The father quickly changed his position from the rear guard, to the side of the main road, protecting his son from danger.

Trust God’s Navigation – Prophetic Word

The Father says, “I am at your rear guard and I am by your side. I am navigating you towards your next destination, and I will make sure you will get there. My Spirit is sent to you to help you on your journey. He is guiding you and making My Word over your life fulfilled. He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.

I always have the best for you. There is something has not surfaced yet, but everything will be ready for its arrival. As a mother prepares herself for her baby to arrive into this world, I am also getting everything ready for you to arrive at the next stop of your journey.

On your journey, there will be many stops. And I see it as a marvelous opportunity. I would like you to see this as an opportunity too. You will move from glory to glory, from one stop to another, from one transformation to another transformation. You will look at yourself, and think, “Is it me? I do not react to the same situations the same way.” Exactly. Where there was anger, there will be forgiveness; where there was strife, there will be harmony; where there was fear, there will be boldness; where there was rejection, there will be acceptance. My Spirit who is guiding you will produce good fruits on your journey. I can do anything, far more than you could ever imagine.

You desire to see the fulfilment of My Word over your life. You desire a good thing. My promise to you is this – you will be liberated. It will impact your life so much, that you will go and liberate others. You are on this journey to be transformed, and you will also see people around you are transformed too. I am navigating you and transforming you, transforming your life, your financial resources, your health, your ministry, your family, your colleagues, your bosses. And do not forget, I always bless with extras. Extra blessings are on your way too.

Trust Me and trust My Spirit. Trust My Time. You are in good hands. Your Dad.”

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4 thoughts on “Trust God’s Navigation – Prophetic Word”

  1. This was a very good and timely word from God! And I especially appreciate the ending…’Your Dad’. Thank you!

    • Father, thank You that you going to show your perfect way to Heidi. All Your promises prove true – Heidi will see that in her life and her family. Arm Heidi with strength, and make her way PERFECT! Thank You for Your navigation. We glorify You. Amen.

  2. Wow! I am to hold a meeting of women and the theme is Prophetic navigation for year 2020.

    In my search o found your article. It’s really a blessing. God bless you


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