Revive Me – Prophetic Word – June 17th 2019

Your Voice Will Regain its Strength

Revive Me According to Your Word O Lord Haly Ministries

Judges 15:15-19

In the book of Judges, we read the story about Samson and who he slew 1,000 men, Philistines with just a jawbone of a donkey and he proudly said that with the jawbone of a donkey he had slain 1,000 men. He also named that place ‘Jawbone Heights’.

Then he became so thirsty that he prayed to the Lord and said, “You have given this great deliverance by the hand of Your servant, and now shall I die of thirst and fall into the hands of the uncircumcised?”

And God split open the hollow place and water came out of it. And when he drank, his spirit returned, he found his strength again and was revived. He also renamed that city to ‘The Spring of him who prayed.”

This story reminds us of two things:

  1. It is God who gives us victories, wealth, health, abundance
  2. It is God who revives us

Without God, we can do nothing and could not last for a moment.

Samson won the battle and thought it was him who won it, but when the need arrived he realised that it was God and only God who could give him that victory. It was God who answered his prayer and gave those 1,000 men into his hands. He even renamed the place. he recognised it was by prayer alone God could give into his hands his enemies.

The Lord showed me that you have to come back and rename those victories. It was by your cry and prayer alone and by prayer and cry of others you are where you are. Give glory to the Lord for what He has done for you. A life goes on and we take it for granted. Things come into our lives and we take them as they are and leave the day, go into another day.

You might say, “But I am not where I want to be”. Did Samson want to be where he wanted to be? He was in the midst of his enemies but in the midst of his adversaries and adversaries of his people God gave him victories. It is not where you are, it is Who you are with.

We don’t live in a world which is free from oppression, depression, fears, suicidal thoughts. This world is full of those enemies, trying to destroy you, destroy your peace, destroy your family, end your life. Maybe you are shaken inside and do not know what the next day will be like. And the cry of your heart is as Samson’s cry was, “Shall I die of thirst and fall into the hands of the enemy of this world? Are You Lord going to abandon me?”

The Lord said that He is with you ALWAYS, to the very end of the age. He did not abandon you, He is not abandoning you, and He will never abandon you. He is with you and He will bring victories into your life. And with those victories will come God’s strength. God will strengthen you and revive you.

There is only one place to be strengthened and revived, it is in Christ. Do you feel like you have lost your voice? You even cannot speak anymore because of what you and your family went through. You feel like your mouth is dry. Maybe you proclaimed your promise scriptures over and over again and you still do not see your victory. Your Voice Will Regain its Strength. You will burst with laughter. You will be filled with joy. God will revive you. You will have your voice back. Your voice is not going to be weak and trembling. Your voice is changing. You will speak with authority, God-given authority. There is nothing to fear. Your enemies fear you because Who is in you is Greater than who is in this world.

Also, you are in a time when many people become more and more thirsty for God. There is a big harvest ahead. People are searching, thirsty to get the truth, the real truth. God wants to strengthen you, like He strengthened His son Samson, and deliver your families, your neighbourhood, your land from the oppressor. You will see the deliverance and you are the one who will take your part in it. You will see the answers to your prayers.

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2 thoughts on “Revive Me – Prophetic Word – June 17th 2019”

  1. This message blessed my spirit, especially about restoring .y voice. I shall speak again, but this time with the authority of God

    • Amen, Tracy. We agree with you. God is so faithful. His goodness and mercy follow you every day of your life. (Psa. 23:6).
      Our prayer for you – May the Lord restore and heal!
      Shalom and Love,


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