Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – You are Not an Orphan but Adopted and Destined for Glory

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - You are Not an Orphan but Adopted and Destined for Glory

The Father is saying today, “I have not called you an orphan. You are My child. I have adopted you. I do not just took you into My house for a short period of time to give you a foster care. This is not for a season, it is for eternity. You are Mine. All the papers of adoption was signed by the Blood of My Son. The full legal custody and rights over your life are Mine. The paper was signed and it was sealed with My ring. Care for you is entirely the responsibility of your Adoptive parent. I am responsible for your well being. I am your Parent,  Provider, your Guardian. I called you out of the crowd and asked you, “Would you like Me to adopt you? Would you like to join My family?” You responded to My call. 

This world is cruel in many ways because of disobedience. You were not treated well, abandoned, forgotten, despised and rejected. Death separated you from your earthly parents and you think you are not needed here anymore. This is a lie – reject the lie and follow My advice, the best advice you would ever get is Mine. I do not want you to follow the footsteps of your earthly parents, follow My footsteps. Because I have adopted you, you carry a new identity. You act, live, become as Your Heavenly Father. 

There was an exchange made on the Cross. Christ took your orphan spirit and gave you life. You received My Spirit instead when I adopted you as My own child. You have received the spirit of full acceptance. You have received all the rights My Son has. He has a full access to Me, you have a full access to Me and to all My treasuries and good things.

There is no divisions, there is equality. You are loved. You are nurtured. You are received. You will never be cast out as you were in your past. You will never feel as an orphan. My Spirit is sent to be your teacher, your helper, your leader, your guide, giving you wisdom and revelation about who you are in Me and who I am to you. My Spirit makes My fatherhood real. He will make it real in your life. For the first time, you will experience it and then live in it. You are My beloved child and you are qualified to share all My treasures.”

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