Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – My Faithful One, You are Noticed

Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word - My Faithful One, You are Noticed

The Lord is saying today, “My faithful one. What you do for the Kingdom has not been unnoticed. I see and Heaven sees. What would others call unimportant, in My eyes it is important. You are My faithful servant. Without you, your job could not be done. I do not want you to be identified with your job. Your identification is in My desire for you and My destiny for you. But what I want to say is, even if it is temporary and you will move on and change from where you are and be in a completely different environment, I will still tell you the same, ‘you are noticed.’

It is not about what you do, it is about your cooperation with Me. As you go and serve others, the Heaven will serve you. It is not about titles; it is about commitment. My wisdom will be supplied wherever you are. You will discern and help others not to be trapped in the old ways of thinking. You will help them to see beyond their ‘mindset box’. My blessings will be imparted to you. I will give you everything you need and supply you will all the tools to serve your community. How Daniel had an excellent spirit, knowledge, and understanding of how to solve problems, you will excel in all you do too.  

People around you will be drawn to you because you are My light carrier. They will be drawn to that light. You do not notice, you do not see, you do not understand but others notice and see that you are different. You hug – I hug, you smile – I smile, you touch – I touch. I think all those things are so small and not too important to take notice. But I say to you, they are important.

Well done, My faithful one! You have done so well, and proven yourself to be My loyal and trustworthy servant, My partner. Because you were faithful to manage small things, and you did them so well, now I will put you in charge of much, much more. You are going to be promoted and assigned to a higher position.”

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