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Do you see Victory in your life or do you live “victim Me” life?

I feel right now many are tired. You were prophesied about your victories but instead, you see losses, failure and defeat. We look at life and only see negative news, negative reports, negative outcomes. It is so easy to be lost in negative events and outcomes. But that is not the heart of God for you or your loved ones.  

Even in the middle of bad world news and negative headlines, you can still be successful and prosper in all things. There are no boundaries for God to move mightily in your life. Those boundaries are your mindsets. You receive the word from God with gladness, then you hear something contrary to what you heard from God and you are back to the same “victim me” point. 

As You Think, So Are You

We all have choices. Our choice determines our future. The biggest problem is so many see themselves victimised by their circumstances. Are you one of them? Do you want to live this way? Are you satisfied to see yourself as a grasshopper in the middle of your circumstances? 

Father does not see you this way. Jesus does not see you this way. The Holy Spirit does not see you this way. Angels do not see you this way. Why do you see yourself as a victim?

There are so many great things the Lord has prepared for you. The vast majority of God’s blessings you have not seen yet. Why? Because you look at your life and think your breakthrough will never come. So as you think within yourself about yourself, about your life in your heart, so are you. 

God Favours You!

Your country or city you live in, your job, your family does not determine your breakthrough, your future. God alone determines where and upon whom His favour rests. God favours you! If you just think about it and meditate on this day and night, it will change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

God’s favour brings promotion and power. He desires to promote you and anoint you for greatness. He wanted to do that to Israel sending them the first time to the promised land, but 10 of them did not want to believe that God’s favour was upon them. They looked, they saw and they doubted. They saw it with their physical eyes, heard with their physical ears. Negativity was brought into the camp. 

See your victories from the inside out!

But Joshua and Caleb knew that nothing and no one was able to stand against their God. The giants for them were like grasshoppers because they did not see from the outside in. What they saw was the Lord’s mighty power could overthrow their enemies. They saw victory from the inside out. That was the difference. They were not victimised by their circumstances. 

If you use your physical senses looking at your situations from the outside, you will store not good things in your heart. But when you look with God’s eyes on your problem, it will not be a problem anymore. You will see a VICTORY in Christ! Because it comes from the inside out. 

Do not fear your giants! See your victories from the inside out and believe your victory is nigh!

What about you? What do you want your future to look like? Do you want to be free from “giants”? What do you believe about yourself or your family?

Shalom & Blessings!


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