Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – The Lord’s Arm Will Save!

Isaiah 59:1 “Listen! The Lord’s arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear too deaf to hear you call.

Do not be discouraged, do not be dismayed. No matter how tough your life is right now, the Lord is with you and He will help you. Believe that this season you will put your enemy to flight.

You have been pushed around for far too long. You thought it was your misfortune. You treated your life, thinking that’s the way it should be because you didn’t know better.

It’s hard for you to trust, to believe. Too much hurt, too much pain and too many misunderstandings were on your way. You wept, you mourned, you thought it would be better not to be born, not to be alive.

Those are dangerous thoughts coming from the darkness. Do not listen to the enemy. Do not try to understand life, but choose to change a life.

The Lord’s hands are opened and always were, to receive you. You are not a backslider, how many would interpret it, looking at you or your life. You are chosen, created for a purpose. You can’t see yourself fit for anything, but the Lord is saying that you are fit and you carry that purpose in you.

So, what is now? Shall you continue thinking about your misfortune life? I know it will not be so because the Lord is stirring your heart – you are longing for God’s presence, desiring Him above all things.

God is stretching His mighty hand towards you, your situation and He is removing the enemy from the land where your inheritance is. The Lord’s arm is not weak to save you and your family. The enemy’s hand will dry up but the Lord’s touch will bring healing and deliverance into your land.

The Lord had stretched His arms on the Cross to bring salvation, freedom, restoration, healing into your life. Do not be weakened listening to your adversaries, but be strengthened by what the Lord is saying to you through the Cross.

You will look back and think, “Why did I fear? Why was I anxious? Where are my adversaries?” That’s exactly what is going to happen. Your adversaries will vanish.

Take this day as a new start and believe that the Lord’s right hand has already won the victory. Now you need to live in that victory. Live it up!

Shalom & Blessings!

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