Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word – God Maps Out Your Life

Revive Me According to Your Word O Lord Water and Water Drop

The Father says, Even when you feel like the rope of death entangles you and the grave wraps its rope around you, I will rescue you from all their schemes. Do not be beaten by failure, but strike a failure with My Word. Do not be beaten by sickness, but strike a sickness with My Word. Do not be beaten by depression, but strike depression with My Word. Do not be beaten by suicidal thoughts, but strike those thoughts with My Word. The enemy threatened you, but those days are over. You will not be defeated, because I am your God who watches over you and watches over My Word. I will raise you up above all your turmoils and you will defeat and drive all your enemies out of your life with My Word.

You felt insignificant and thought there was no good you could bring in, but I say, that I will show you the true meaning of your life. You will go and be fruitful in every area. What you touch will be blessed. Your dead dreams and visions will be brought back to life. I will revise them and breathe My life into them. 

You thought no one would accept you and no one would receive you. But I say, you are accepted. You are received. You are significant and purely loved. Believe My Scriptures, trust in Me and take My Word as the final authoritative word over your life. 

I am taking a clean piece of paper and I start writing and drawing how I see you and how I see your life. This is your map, the map of your life. I will not miss a thing. There is everything on it. I am enlarging your heart – you will understand who you are in My Son. I am enlarging your territory – you are going to rediscover new things. Old borders cannot contain what I am going to do in you and through you. I am enlarging your vision – you will dream bigger and not be satisfied with your small world. I am enlarging My word in you – you will hear Me and have wisdom for every situation. 

Many will notice you are not the same and your life is not the same and compare two – where you were and where you are.. and they will marvel as it is written, “For no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who loves Him.” 

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