Prophetic Word – God is Mapping Out Your Life

God Guides You Along Best Pathway Psalm 32 8 with a Picture of a Paper Light Bulb Question Marks on Paper Pencil and World Map

During this week God was showing me maps. Everywhere there were maps. Even in WhatsApp, a brother in Christ sent a picture with His Bible and a cover on His Bible was with a map. Of course, I did not pay attention until… On Thursday on my way, I felt to visit a bookstore. I do not go too often to bookstores, ebooks are my thing now. I came to a department where diary books were, and what do you think I saw? I saw a wrapping paper with a map on it. I heard the voice, “Buy it.” I answered, “God, I will buy it on the way back.” Then I heard back, “No, you will not.” Anyway, I thought I would buy on the way back, but God was so right. He is always right. I did not. I completely forgot about it. Then in the evening when I was writing ‘Revive Me Daily Prophetic Word’ for Friday, God reminded me about the wrapping paper and revealing me why He showed me maps. It was like rivers of water started flowing out from within. I thank the Father that He gives us many chances. God is so good! When we do not grasp it from the first time, He will show us again and again till we get it. So, on Friday I went and bought a wrapping paper with a map on it. 

Why is a map so significant? 

The enemy has taken you off a map. He has taken you off and brought disease, hopelessness, failure in ministry, broken family, poverty. You felt like you went through hell. But the enemy’s plans will not succeed. God is mapping you back. 

God is mapping you back and He is mapping out your life. “To Map up” means  “to plan the details of one’s future”. God is planning the details of your future, every detail, small and big, to get you out of mental torment to your freedom. He will lead you to places you’ve never been to before. God will lead you to people you’ve never met before. In the future, you will see the whole world will be opened before you. 

You were living in your little town, little world, your own world and thought you were insignificant. “I am not even on the map”, you say. God is taking you out of your world mindset and capacity and will place you into His world and His capacity. What you understood, it was just a glimpse of what God is going to show and reveal to you about your future. This is not going to be just a display for you to look at or window shopping. This is going to be so real. This is shopping time. You walk in – you see, you get advice, you choose, you get your promise. SEE – GET ADVICE – CHOOSE – GET PROMISE. 

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the BEST pathway for your life, I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8 (NLT) God will teach you and tell you the best way to go and how to get there. God has promised you that if you listen to His advice, wherever you go and whatever you do, you will be blessed. 

  1. God maps you. You will know who you are, your position, your destination, Who you are in Christ.
  2. God maps out your life. The Father plans all the details, big or small.
  3. God enlarges your visionary map. He will widen your vision. You will not live in your small world anymore. God will widen your dreams, visions, understanding about God. 
  4. God maps a Bible verse for each season. The whole Bible is great – read it, meditate on it, but this will be Rhema, word for now. Open your heart to receive the word, memorise it, meditate on it, print it out and put it everywhere that it can remind you about your mapped out future. The Word is very important. Do not neglect the Scriptures concerning you. 

The Father says, Even when you feel like the rope of death entangles you and the grave wraps its rope around you, I will rescue you from all their schemes. Do not be beaten by failure, but strike a failure with My Word. Do not be beaten by sickness, but strike a sickness with My Word. Do not be beaten by depression, but strike depression with My Word. Do not be beaten by suicidal thoughts, but strike those thoughts with My Word. The enemy threatened you, but those days are over. You will not be defeated, because I am your God who watches over you and watches over My Word. I will raise you up above all your turmoils and you will defeat and drive all your enemies out of your life with My Word.

You felt insignificant and thought there was no good you could bring in, but I say, that I will show you the true meaning of your life. You will go and be fruitful in every area. What you touch will be blessed. Your dead dreams and visions will be brought back to life. I will revise them and breathe My life into them. 

You thought no one would accept you and no one would receive you. But I say, you are accepted. You are received. You are significant and purely loved. Believe My Scriptures, trust in Me and take My Word as the final authoritative word over your life. 

I am taking a clean piece of paper and I start writing and drawing how I see you and how I see your life. This is your map, the map of your life. I will not miss a thing. There is everything on it. I am enlarging your heart – you will understand who you are in My Son. I am enlarging your territory – you are going to rediscover new things. Old borders cannot contain what I am going to do in you and through you. I am enlarging your vision – you will dream bigger and not be satisfied with your small world. I am enlarging My word in you – you will hear Me and have wisdom for every situation. 

Many will notice you are not the same and your life is not the same and compare two – where you were and where you are.. and they will marvel as it is written, “For no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who loves Him.” 

Thank You Father for this wonderful Word. Thank You that You are mapping us back, mapping out our lives, enlarging our visionary map and changing our spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, financial world through Your Scriptures, through Your Rhema Word. We glorify you. Let it be according to Your Word our Father. Amen.

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Tell me in the comments your dream, your vision, the Word of God for this season. I am looking forward to read them all.

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7 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – God is Mapping Out Your Life”

  1. Sorry, this is a longer comment. On July 4, during worship, the Lord gave me a vision. It was a sequence of 3 or 4 visions. What stands out to me here is “enlarging your heart.” During the second vision, I am standing face to face with Jesus, and I cannot look away from his eyes. There is so much passion there. He places something in my hand, and I look down to see a golden heart, small and like a charm for a necklace. In the vision, I wasn’t sure what to do with the golden heart. I consider eating it, like John with the scroll in revelation, but I shrug that idea off. Then, I think about sticking the small heart underneath my foot because “how beautiful are the feet of those upon the mountains who bring the good news” but shrug that idea off and stick the charm in my pocket. Then I take Jesus’s hand, and he walks me to a large wooden table. Here, he sits at the head of the table, and I sit on his side. (In the natural realm, we’d begun to partake in communion as this portion of the vision was playing out.) I look at the end of this long table and see somebody that I have been praying for reconciliation and restoration with. He’s alone on his end and looks timid or uncertain, kind of sheepish. I look back at Jesus, who is watching me. I look down at the table again, and my facial expression asks Jesus if we can invite him to come sit with us at the table. Jesus nods, so I excitedly jump up and start to walk toward him. It hurt my heart to see him sitting alone and uncertain, and in that moment, I get the idea to give him the golden heart! About halfway toward my friend, however, I look back at Jesus and then run as fast as I can to Jesus. I place the small golden heart in the palm of his hand. He motions with his hands, kind of like a person doing a magic trick, and then opens it and hands me back the golden heart, and it’s much bigger this time! HE ENLARGED THE HEART! He hugs me, smiles, and nods, and then I run back to my friend and give the golden heart to him. He joins us at the table and sits on the other side so that Jesus stays at the center of us, and we begin to laugh and fellowship and have a good time!

    • Thank you very much for the vision Samantha. That is beautiful. I feel you really desire to know Jesus, His Word. You are praying to expand His Word that you can understand. And He will. You will go really deeper into understanding the Father’s heart and His mysteries, the secrets of His Kingdom. Your heart will be enlarged to God’s truth and also towards men, especially to those who are lonely. You will invite them to sit at Jesus table. Jesus is the centre of your ministry. God is sending you to your mission trip. It does not mean you have to leave and live somewhere else. Your mission starts where you are. May the Lord bless you on this new and exciting journey. May He expands your dreams and visions! May God bring you to people who need a word of encouragement. May their hearts be enlarged to God’s Word, to His truth! Amen.

      In Psalm 119:31-33 it says, “I cling to Your testimonies; O Lord, do not put me to shame! I will run the course of Your commandments, For You shall enlarge my heart. Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes, and I shall keep it to the end.”

      • This is such affirmation for what God has been doing in this season. It has hurt to be apart from the one in the dream that I am trusting God to bring reconciliation and restoration with, but I see how through placing distance between us, God has realigned my focus back on Him and His heart. He has been increasing my love for Him in this season, and I am trusting that although I cannot see it naturally, that He has also been healing and maturing my friend, as well.

        I like how you said, “Your mission starts where you are.” There have been times that I’ve gone to God in prayer asking Him to bring the two of us back together again because there are certain missions that God has given us to accomplish together. But what a great reminder to seek first HIS kingdom! There are other things God is leading me into that I can do WITHOUT being reconciled with my friend, and in the past couple of weeks, I’ve really been stepping out and into those purposes and ministries!

        This is so encouraging to me! Thank you!

        • That is so encouraging Samantha. I love what you said, “God has realigned my focus back on Him and His heart”. There is always the right time. Sometimes we can rely on someone but I love that journey when He takes our focus off that person and brings our focus unto Him. Then we realise it is by Him and with Him only we can do Kingdom things! I thank the Father He is helping you to step into God’s purposes and ministries! Hallelujah! I pray for reconciliation and restoration.

          • Thank you for praying! I appreciate it. Spiritually, the Lord has been pointing me toward a swift reconciliation–that soon we’d be worshiping Him together again, writing books about spiritual insights together, even going play softball! The enemy is attacking right now. My friend messaged me for the first time in three weeks with a question about his bank account. I prayed earlier for God to have him reach out to me first, so I found the courage to ask him to call me when he had an opportunity. Then in wisdom, I realized that I wasn’t in the best place for a phone call, so I sent a message that explained how I missed him, prayed he was doing well, and apologized if for some reason he had recently felt abandoned. I shared a Bible verse God had used to speak to me and wished him a good night. He hasn’t responded. I refuse to allow myself to give into discouragement. I believe that it isn’t what it seems, and that there is no separation in the Lord between the two of us. Whatever may rise against either of us or our friendship will not prosper in Jesus’ name. Even now, the Holy Spirit is working in both of our hearts and making HIS way. Please pray for my peace as this friendship is the most significant friendship I’ve had aside from Jesus himself. And pray that I would continue to trust God and walk by faith and not sight.

          • Hi Samantha,
            We ask the Lord, you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything you can understand. May His peace guard your heart and mind as you live in Christ Jesus! (Philip. 4:7) May every peace of a puzzle come into its own place, and you will see a bigger picture. Thank You Jesus.

  2. I know this was written several years ago but I had part of a dream tonight about a map and the map felt very important. This word hit me like a bus. I almost felt as if the Holy Spirit was talking directly to me as the words were jumping off this page. And I have been searching about it. In my personal life I have been constantly seeking the lord and Holy Spirit to show me the right path. To guide me daily. But I feel directionless. I thought I was on the right path and then confusion it.

    “…. I left and went through the stop light and was driving almost on top of this giant map. At one point it was so close to my face but I still didn’t know where to go I was frustrated. I didn’t understand why it was so close and it was hard to tell where I was going. It would show me a possible destination that I could go if I went a certain way and kept changing as I was moving. Boston, Pennsylvania etc. I saw this straight and then dotted lines with a circle attattched to a specific place. But i could not see where to go. I saw the lines of the states divided…..”


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