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I hear what you are saying. I hear you. I have created you in My own image, in the image of God Himself you were created. Can you grasp that truth? Do you think that you have emotions, but God does not? I have emotions too. Look at My Son. He had emotions. He was My representative here on this earth. He showed what was in the Father’s heart, He showed the Father. He said, “I do what My Father does.” He saw Me healing, He was healing. He saw Me feeding the hungry, He was feeding the hungry. He saw me releasing the oppressed from the bondage into freedom, He released the oppressed. He did nothing by Himself. He looked up, He saw, He acted.

That’s why I said, “I hear you.” I am not emotionless God who ignores the cry of My people. I am always moved in compassion. I am a Compassionate God. Is it an emotion? Yes. You heard again and again in My Word that word ‘compassion’. You read that I am full of compassion. Have you ever grasped the meaning of that word? It means to go through together. It means to do something for your friend, a person you love above and beyond. When you see someone suffers, your immediate instinct is to help. Do you think I am different? I am the helper. I am the One who moves with compassion when I see the need.

When you go through a tough time, I am going through with you. We are going through it together. I am not only going through with you, but I am bringing a relief, a solution to you. I am sending relief to anyone who needs it. I hear you, I am sending My relief. Cheer up for your salvation is near!

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