Prophetic Word – You WILL Laugh and Rejoice!

God’s Promises Will Never Fail

Before I move on to a Prophetic word I want to encourage you with these words, “God’s Covenant of Blessings will never be broken.” While I was preparing the word, I heard, “Look at the window! Rainbow!” I saw this beautiful rainbow. This is the sign and reminder to all of us. God’s promises for you will never fail but stand unshakeable! Let your heart take courage during your difficult time!

14:5 Dream

Gods Promise Rainbow

Two days ago, the Lord showed me a vision. In that vision, He revealed the numbers 14:5. In my spirit, I knew that at 14:05 we should Laugh! It was an invitation to all but not all will take that invitation. I saw a train approaching and I was telling people on the street to get on the train. The train would bring them to the cinema where God was going to show the best film cast called “You WILL Laugh. The film was going to release laughter and joy to the houses. From that laughter would come healing, wholeness. We all needed to hurry because it’s going to happen so soon.

Numbers 14 and 5

The Lord loves revealing His mysteries thought numbers. It does not mean that’s the only way. God speaks to us differently. He will speak to you differently.

Let’s look at the blueprint of this story through the numbers the Lord has given me.

90Number 14 consists of two numbers 7 and 7. “Zayin” is a Hebrew letter of the numerical value of seven. In the pictograph, it looks like a plow Hebrew Pictograph of Letter Zayin. Letter “Zayin” comes from the word “Yazan” which means ‘to feed’. It talks about food, harvest, nourishment.

Another variation of number 14 is numbers 10 and 4. Number 10 is “Yud” and it looks like an arm or hand Hebrew Letter Yud Pictograph. It talks about worship, work. Number 4 is the Hebrew Letter “Dalet”. In the pictograph, it looks like a door or entrance Hebrew Letter Dalet Pictograph. This letter is encouraging us to move.

Number 5 is the Hebrew letter “Hey”. In the pictograph, it looks like a “man” Hebrew Pictograph of Letter Hey. It corresponds with 5 senses. It represents the divine breath, revelation and light. “Hey” means “Look! Behold!” 

There was a magnificent change that happened in Genesis 17:5. God changed two names. Abram Hebrew Name - Abram – “high father” into Abraham Hebrew Name Abraham– “father of the multitude” and Sarai Hebrew Name Sarai– “my princess” into Sarah Hebrew Name Sarah – “mother of nations”. When you look at their new names, you will see the letter “Hey” was added to their names. With the change of their names, God transformed their DNAs. The Lord breathed His LIFE into their mortal, aged bodies to be able to conceive, BE who God has called them to be and fulfil their destiny. 

Through those two numbers, the Lord is saying to you to look, to behold, to come and receive His revelation, His double harvest through the door where the real worship is. It is there where there are seraphim day and night never stop saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty the whole earth is full of his glory.” 

In Revelation 3:20 Jesus is inviting us with the word “Behold”. “Behold”, He says. “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone (letter “Hey”Hebrew Pictograph of Letter Hey) hears my voice and opens the door (letter “Dalet” Hebrew Letter Dalet Pictograph) I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” Jesus is standing at the door and waiting for your action (letter “Yud” Hebrew Letter Yud Pictograph ) to open that door. When we open the door, Jesus will come in and eat with us (letter “Zayin”Hebrew Pictograph of Letter Zayin). All four Hebrew letters which I mentioned in the beginning are involved in this passage. There is so much depth in the Word of God. Every number and letter is weaved together.

When you behold Him and surrender to Him all your senses, you will experience double harvest, double nourishment. The Lord will breathe his life into you, like He did for Abraham and Sarah. The Lord will enlighten the eyes of your heart, will illuminate the eyes of your imagination, flooding you with light until you will see and experience the full revelation of the hope of your calling. (Ephesians 1:18). 

Small portions will never be able to feed you. Someone’s food will never be able to nourish you. Only Christ can bring the fullness and in that fullness there is everything you need.

Do you want that?

God's Glory in the Sky

The Train of God’s Robe

The word “train” intrigued me in that vision. In Isaiah 6:1 it says, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple.”

Rejoice! God is ALIVE! Our God is in complete and absolute authority. He is on His throne. God is omnipotent. His throne is high and lifted up! God is superior in power, superior in authority. He is our refuge, our strength. Salvation is found in no one else but Christ alone! 

And the train of His robe fills the temple. We are God’s temple and the Lord wants us to be filled with His presence. We all have difficulties, battles, shortcomings, but through this verse and numbers 14 and 5, the Lord is telling you to surrender your struggles, your battles, your senses to God, for He is your victory, He is your portion, He is the Lord of your harvest! You are covered by the train of God’s victorious robe. Every struggle, battle, problem, sin, weakness, sickness, anxiety, fear, bareness, loneliness is dealt with on the Cross and covered by the Lord’s blood, glory, grace and love!

Look! Behold! Jesus has won! In the midst of your struggle, battles, mental or emotional exhaustion, Jesus will give you victory. You will triumph over them ALL, for God has made YOU to be MORE than a conqueror. 

“Uzziah’s Time” has to GO!

Leave All Behind - Man Enters New Things

Isaiah never saw the Lord until Uzziah died. Uzziah was a very successful king, the king of Judah. He brought success, prosperity to Israel. He was a very well known king. During his reign, he had a very strong army. He built it up. He invented new things. He was the king who loved the Lord, walked with the Lord. Of course, those years were the best for Judah. Peace, prosperity, security were in their lands. What else do people need? Isaiah probably was enjoying his life under the king of Uzziah. 

During “Uzziah’s time” we could easily become so sluggish, accustomed to the way we live that there is no spiritual progress, no spiritual movement in our lives. 

Our “Uzziah” could be anything – our church, job, friend, bank account, our trust in something or someone. During the pandemic, churches were closed but this should not stop us from experiencing God’s presence. On the contrary, the Lord is inviting all of us to SEE Him. As Isaiah saw the Lord, we can see the Lord too. The time of “seeing the Lord” has begun. In the last days the harvest of beholding the Lord is going to increase. The Church has never experienced that before. 

The Latter Days will be Glorious

Heart with Fingerprint

Isaiah went through emotional stress. The king was dead, the people felt unsettled, the future was not too bright. But during that time, the Lord had appeared to Him to comfort Him, saying, “I am on the throne. I know your pain, your concern. Come up higher and see what I am about to show you.”

Do not fix your eyes on man, church, fellowship, ministry, job, money, politics, news, but fix your eyes on Christ, on Yeshua Ha Mashiah. You are Yahweh’s temple. You do not need a building to taste, see, hear the Lord, feel the Lord’s presence. It can be where you are right now. Let us take this invitation seriously! 

In these last days, more and more people will experience a close relationship with the Lord. Not only that, but they will also understand their inheritance – who they are. They will explore their gifts, and start walking in their destiny as sons of God. And you are one of them. It will not come because you go to a church once a week. It will not come because you go from conference to conference. It will come because of your desire, your perseverance to go, see and BEHOLD! 

Laughter will HEAL

Baby Boy Laughing

The Lord has promised not only a double harvest, His enlightenment, revelation, His comfort, but also LAUGHTER. 

What laughter can do for you? It can boost your mood, keeps you focused, helps to forgive and release that anger, brings back hope, restores you, strengthens your immune system, brings wholeness, healing. There are so many great benefits. 

Abraham and Sarah were too old to have kids, but when God changed their names, something changed in them. Their whole identity was changed. The Lord revealed their destiny and what they were made for. 

With that came the promise, a seed. God promised and the promise was fulfilled. Isaac was born. “Yitzchaq” means “He laughs/He will rejoice” Laughter is going to be in your house too. God will heal your bareness and you will be fruitful. Even in the land of affliction, the Lord will cause you to be fruitful. Yahweh is going to bring healing through laughter.

Take Out Precious from the Vile

God told Jeremiah these words, “If you take out the precious from the vile…” (Jeremiah 15:19) 

Prophetic Word for May 2020 – You WILL Laugh and Rejoice!

Who is precious? Unto us who believes Christ is precious (1 Peter 2:7). The Lord Jesus wants to fill you with a vision of Himself.  And He also has granted to you His precious, magnificent and very great promises, so that through the power of these tremendous promises you can experience partnership with God. (2 Peter 1:4)

This invitation is open to all who listen. In Proverbs 1:5 it says, “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.” In another version it says, “he that understandeth, shall possess governments.” The Lord does not want you to live with your slave mentality, but His desire to see you succeed in all you do and possess governments. 

What is the meaning of the word “government”? Government means “the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office”. The Lord is inviting you to govern them. 

My Invitation 

Through the Prophetic Word for May 2020, the Lord is telling us that we will experience the double portion of the harvest. The Lord will fill up our storehouses with good things and we shall LAUGH!

I believe 14/5 are very important numbers and we as a ministry will gather on the 14th of May at 14:05 and laugh as a sign that we are ready to enter into a season of a double harvest, with laughter and joy! We are inviting you to do the same as a sign that you are serious and will not give up! 

No matter what is happening around you or around the world, continue fixing your eyes on Jesus. As you do, your struggles, fears will decrease, but your Mighty, Powerful God will increase in your life.

Go, Laugh and Rejoice! This is God’s promise and He will fulfil it. 

I hope this word has blessed you! 

Blessings to you and your family!


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10 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – You WILL Laugh and Rejoice!”

  1. We claim it Almighty Father, Lord Jesus Christ ny the Holy Spirit. Thank you! All for your glory. Thank you Haly for your ministry.

    • Amen, Iryna. I love how Old Testament and New Testament work as one. But the main thing is the depth of God’s love towards all of us. In Psalm 139:17 it says, “How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!” Let us get deeper into knowing Him, having relationship with Him. May our thoughts towards God be vast!

  2. Thank you for the prophetic word. I claim it this month and for eternity in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen

    • Hi Stellamaris! Yes, thank God that we can rely on Him. He is trustworthy, and there is no shadow of turning with Him. May the Lord bless you and will do abundantly, above and beyond all that you could ask for or think. Have a blessed day in the Lord! – Haly

  3. I am so amazed when you said, ‘The Lord is inviting you to govern them’.
    In May 11, i hoped to YAHWEH that i can sit in a level with kings/rulers. And you feel the same words from Abba Father. But, i don’t know how it will happen.
    HaleluYAH! Praise YAHWEH and YAHSHUA! Shalom.

    • Isn’t that so awesome, Joshaphat! YHWH is awesome and He has started revealing His mysteries to you. If He speaks to you about governing, then He will guide you towards His mysteries. There will be a great journey ahead!
      Yes, God’s intention for us, His sons to start ruling and governing, being His representatives on the earth.
      Check Ian Clayton’s ministry. He teaches about how to sit in a level with lords and kings and how to govern.
      Have a Blessed Week!


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