Whatever Jesus says to You, DO it!

whatever-jesus-says-to-you-do-it-man-looking-at-the-starsWhat is God saying to you right now? What is He telling you to do? Do you feel an urgency to fulfil it, but some disruptions come your way and all stays the same as it was a year or a few years ago?

We need to really get serious about not only wanting things to happen, but desiring them and taking actions.

What can We Learn from the Wedding in Cana?

Jesus, His disciples and Mary attended the wedding (John2:1-11). The hosts started running low on wine, and Mary called out for Jesus, told Him wine was on a low. It was interesting that Mary was involved in. Some suggest she was a hostess. It was usually on the shoulders of an aunt of the groom to host a Jewish wedding.

Mary asked Jesus for help, but His response was not what she would expect. He said it was not His time, but Mary did not stop there. She did not say, “Oh well, my son does not want to do a miracle, because it is not His time and He doesn’t want me to push Him before His time. Then, I have to leave it as it is.’ She approached this situation in a different and remarkable way. She told the servants, ‘whatever He tells you, do it’. She made the act of faith, believing that her son would not leave the wedding guests without wine. She was not commanding Jesus what to do, but she released her faith and faith alone. ‘Faith’ means a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. She completely and utterly trusted her son, and was so confident in Him that He was able to perform the miracle, that He had to back up His mother’s action of faith. Mary was expecting Jesus to do something.

Jesus did not start praying over the wine to be multiplied. It would be a miracle too, but He asked for water which was used in every household. Do you remember when Moses told God, Pharaoh would not believe him or listen to his voice. The Lord asked Moses what was in his hand. Moses said he had a staff and God told Him to use that staff for future miracles he was going to perform before Pharaoh.

Centuries later, Jesus used what they had at the house, water, and asked vessels to be filled in. If you were there, how would you react to His request? ‘Water? Hey, we need wine, not water. Jesus, do you not understand we have enough water, but we are low on wine. Water is good, but do you hear us? We need WINE!!! Jesus! All guests want wine.” We can have so many excuses. We can find so many obstacles. We rationalise with our mind so much.

What is Jesus looking for?

  1. Obedience

We need to learn from those servants, they were obedient. They did not argue with Jesus or questioned Him. “OK, if you want water, we will fill the pots, even to the brim and see what you are going to do with those pots filled with water. All our eyes are on you, Jesus.”

2. Wholeheartedness

Servants not only were obedient, but they were doing it wholeheartedly. They filled huge vessels to the brim, not half. They approached Jesus’ request not half-heartedly, but took it seriously, with all their hearts.

3. Patience

And He said to them, “Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast.” And they took it.” The servants had patience. They followed Jesus’ instructions one step at a time. First, they had to find the vessels. Then, they had to fill them in. Afterwards, they had to bring those vessels to the master of the feast and draw out the water into his cup. Many of us want it to happen now, this minute, but the Lord is teaching us through this story that with obedience, wholeheartedness and patience we need to take one step at a time.

Then when the master of the feast tasted the wine, he called out the bridegroom and told him that everybody begins with their finest wine first and after the guests have had the cheap stuff. He was surprised that the best wine was saved until the end. The master of the feast did not know Jesus turned water to wine, but who knew? The servants did. How would you feel, seeing the first glimpse of Jesus’ glory of water turning to wine?

The Father is saying to you:

What do you want me to do for you? It is not hard for me to do that. I can, but I am waiting for your response to my calling. I am your Healer, but how badly do you want your healing? I am your Deliver, but how badly do you want to be delivered? I am your Peace, but how badly do you want your home to be put back together again? I am your Provider, but how badly do you want my provision?

I know your need, but I want you to desire it. When you have the right attitude of “I really want it Lord”, then action has to be made. Do not procrastinate any longer.

Always remember that you cannot put me into a religious box. I love doing things differently, not your way and not how you are expecting them to happen. The simple things matter. I like taking simple, and from simple to make something BIG, a miracle. Your miracle is on its way, desire it, then go and make it happen. Yes, exactly, you go and make it happen! When you start moving, I will move with you and backup My word by making miracles on your path. When I send out my word, it does not come back empty-handed. My sent word will complete the assignment I gave to it and it will accomplish what I send it for.”

Whatever Jesus tells you today, Do It

Jesus wants to manifest His glory in your life. He wants to create a miracle. You need to desire it and you need to take step by step action with obedience and with all your heart. Whatever Jesus tells you today, DO IT and you will see a MIRACLE!

If this word has encouraged you, please leave your comment below. If you have a miracle story, I would love to hear that. Thank you 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “Whatever Jesus says to You, DO it!”

  1. Very encouraging, thank you. Step-by-step obedience, doing that which seems crazy on the surface, such as filling pots with water. Very encouraging…

    • Thank you Nathan. Yes, this is the Kingdom of God. Jesus always did something that elites could not understand.Jesus Himself said to his disciples: “You are permitted to understand the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, but others are not.” Those who were obedient understood the secrets & followed Jesus’ directions. Blessings 🙂


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